There are thousands of restaurants in Melbourne, and there are hundreds of good restaurants among them. I really want to say the best, as the editor who is a difficult choice is afraid it is difficult to choose. At this time, you can only ask authoritative scoring agencies to come out and use the data to help everyone. July to September each year is the season for the announcement of the rankings of major restaurants. Among them, the editor is most concerned aboutTime-outThe result of the score.

Different from national or even global rankings such as The Age or Australian, Time Out chose to rank restaurants by city every year, which also makes this ranking more accessible and practical.

This year, Time Out is even more invitedMore than 250Melbourne's senior chefs and professional food critics participated in the scoring and selected the best restaurant of this year from thousands of Melbourne restaurants.

This year's results were announced on September 9th! Come and join the editor to see which Mocun restaurants are on the list in 18!

Restaurant of the Year Best Restaurant of the Year

Nominated restaurant

Atlas / Attica / Cutler & Co / Embla / Igni / Kisume / Minamishima / Osteria Ilaria / Ricky & Pinky / Tulum

Winning restaurant

Osteria Ilaria

Maybe you are rightOsteria IlariaNot very familiar, but you must have heard his brother's name:Type 00The two brothers are stationed side by side on the little bourke. Even at noon, you can see the crowds of these two restaurants, so lively.

Regular customers of Osteria Ilaria must order this dish every time they sit down'nduja octopus. It looks very simple, but it is full of delicate thoughts. The best part is the flame-colored sauce.The sauce is made from salami sausage, whitebait and olive oil, The rich sauce and smooth squid complement each other, biting and sucking when eating, make people want to stop.

Address: 367 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9642 2287

Best Casual Dining Restaurant Best Casual Restaurant

Nominated restaurant

Bang Bang at the Rifle Club / Camus / Osteria Ilaria / Ramblr / Tulum

Winning restaurant


As the most suitable city in the world, Melbourne has an endless stream of excellent restaurants in casual dining. The reason why Tulum can win is that itWhile keeping up with the trend, the price is close to the people, and the dining environment even reaches the standard of fine dining. The most popular casual dining restaurant in Melbourne in 2017, Tulum deserves its name.

As a modern Turkish restaurant, Tulum’sAppetizer cilbir (boiled tender egg) and dessert sutlac (rice pudding)Not to be missed. If you can order another palatable glass of wine, it would be perfect.

Address: 217 Carlisle St, Balaclava VIC 3183

Phone: (03) 9525 9127

Best Fine Dining Restaurant Best Fine Dining Restaurant
Nominated restaurant

Attica / Cutler & Co / Kisume / Stokehouse / Vue de MondeWinning restaurant

Cutler & Co

In fact, Cutler & Co restaurant no longer needs to use awards to prove itself.It has won the Australian Restaurant of the Year title several times.The restaurant environment renovated with the old factory building is not luxurious, but it tastes really good.

The chef of this restaurant loves Chinese food and has also studied in Hong Kong, so he adds the essence of Cantonese cuisine to Australian cuisine.The duck meat actually has the taste of Beijing roast duck, and the crab meat soup has white fungus, which is very delicious.Recommended dishes are crispy pork with XO sauce, crabmeat and fungus corn soup and lamb chops.

Address: 55-57 Gertrude St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Phone: (03) 9419 4888

Best New Restaurant Best new restaurant
Nominated restaurant

Atlas / Camus / Long Chim / Ricky & Pinky / Wilson & MarketWinning restaurant


Coming to Atlas for dinner is like going on a willful journey with an uncertain destination.When it first opened, the themed dishes were still Vietnamese. Later, they flew to Israel, then to South Korea, and now to Mexico.Charlie Carrington, the chef who loves to travel around the world, has turned his restaurant into a space-time machine. I wonder where is the next destination?

Atlas has indeed become more and more mature, and every change of themed cuisine has brought the entire restaurant to a higher level. The 5-course set menu now costs $65, which is surprisingly refined. In Atlas,There is no "changing in response to the unchanging", only "changing in response to the ever-changing".

Address: 133 Commercial Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141

Phone: (03) 9826 2621

Best Cheap Eat Best Friendly Restaurant
Nominated restaurant

Just Falafs / Kalimera Souvlaki Art / Moroccan Deli-cacy / Red Sparrow Pizza / Sunshine Social

Winning restaurant

Red Sparrow Pizza

Red Sparrow is different from ordinary vegetarian restaurants. In addition to vegetarian pizza, it also offers French fries, beer and other food. It is all vegetarian production, full of creativity and inspiration.

In the store, customers can enjoy classic pizzas, such as the aboveMargarita pizza sprinkled with fresh Italian cheese,You can also choose "spicy sausages" made from gluten and organic tofu. The chef also uses tapioca flour and coconut oil to make mozzarella cheese to meet the needs of different people. Cheap prices, healthy recipes, what reason do you have to say no to Red Sparrow?

Address: 406 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3071

Phone: (03) 9417 1454

Best Cafe Best coffee shop
Nominated restaurant

AU79 / Babajan / Gilson / Kelso's Sandwich Shoppe / Terror Twilight

Winning restaurant

Terrort Wilight

The owner is a rock lover, so the style of the shop is also rock. Floor-to-ceiling windows and greenery increase the lighting of the restaurant, making dining a kind of fun.

The biggest feature of Terror Twillight is the self-selection of dishes, choosing the soup and side dishes that suit your tastes, and your own spirit is alive. This may be why it captured free Melburnians.

Address: 13/11-13 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066

Phone: +61 94170129

Drinks Serice Award Best bar

Bar Liberty / Bar Lourinha / Dinner by Heston / Embla / The Recreation BistroWinning bar

The Recreation Bistro

The Recreation Bistro is the baby born of top chefs and managers in the restaurant industry. This restaurant is a bar restaurant, where you can have a drink or have a perfect dinner.

They are also very confident in their grilled fish,The whole gar is served with champagne sauce, pine mushrooms and fried walnut bread,The taste is novel and perfect.

Address: 162-170 Queens Parade, Fitzroy North VIC 3068

Phone: (03) 9042 2707

People's Choice: Best Restaurant Elected Best Restaurant
San Telmo

If you like the nutritious and healthy Argentine flavor, you must try San Telmo's steak.The beef from the cattle raised in O'Connors Ranch is grilled on a Parilla-style charcoal fire unique to Argentina. It is very delicious.

Although the steak is very tempting, the editor still recommends that you keep a little appetite and try the dulce de leche flan dessert here. You will never be disappointed~

Address: 14 Meyers Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9650 5525

People's Choice: Best Bakery Elected Best Bakery
Candied Bakery

Candied Bakery is a well-established bakery in Melbourne. Here, you can eat meat pies and lamington cakes with local and Australian characteristics, as well as various forms of American doughnuts, or fluffy and crispy croissants!

Since opening, her family’sLindmington cake, fruit bread, organic bread and cookiesAll well received. Of course, exceptsurfaceCandied Bakery also provides breakfast. The combination of goat cheese, tofu, eggs, and bacon ensures that you can replenish the energy you need throughout the day! Here, what you eat is not bread, but soul!

Address: 81A Hudsons Rd, Spotswood VIC 3015

Phone: (03) 9391 1335

People's Choice: Best Fast Food The best fast food
8 bits

8 Bit is basically the most popular burger restaurant in Melbourne. Everyone who has eaten his burger will be conquered by it. The meat in the burger is tender and juicy, the bread is just right, and the price is not expensive.

If you want to try some different flavors, please try his Fatal Fury. It is made of jalapeno, cheddar cheese sausage, cheese sauce and chili beef sauce. It will taste better if you add some pepper to it!

Address: 231, Swanston Street, CBD, Melbourne

8 Droop Street, Footscray, Melbourne

360 Collins Street, CBD

Chef of the Year Chef of the Year
Andreas Papadakis

Compared with the chef who has received many interviews and exposures, Andreas Papadakis's low-key is very different. Most people have never heard his name. But by telling the restaurant behind him, you will know how important his position is.

Andreas Papadakis is now the chef of Tipo 00 and Osteria Ilaria. Before that, he worked in the Vue de Monde restaurant for 4 years.

Andreas Papadakis has a calm and calm personality, and his attitude towards every dish in his hand is even more meticulous. It's time to pay tribute to this low-key scene who dedicated top-notch cuisine to Melburnians.

Legend Award Legend Award
Supper Inn Chinese Restaurant Supper

In today's fast-paced society, how long do you think a restaurant can survive? 5 years? ten years? Or is 20 years already the limit?

Now I want to tell you the time when the supper Inn nightclub was standing in Chinatown——40 years.

For a restaurant, being able to stand tall in Chinatown for 40 years is equivalent to becoming the emperor of the restaurant industry.

What’s more legendary is that Super Inn is still behind the loud voices,

No advertising (never advertise)Don't rely on social media (never operate)Not relying on decoration (now still maintaining the style of 40 years ago)

Even the menu is in tatters, and it feels like I am going to use it for another ten years.

So what does Super Inn rely on?

It only depends on the quality of the dishes and the reputation of the population.

If the fast-paced and successful restaurant is one in a hundred, then like the Super InnIf you go against the trend, you can't fail for 40 yearsThe restaurant can only be said to be unique.

The Supper deserves the legendary award.

Address: 15 Celestial Ave, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9663 4759


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