Starting in April next year,Victoria's first driverless busWill be tried out at La Trobe University!

Yes, you read that right, it is the first in Victoria.

This driverless bus is enough to accommodate12Ride at the same time and stop at the three locations on Science Drive, the final stop is David Myers Building.

Passengers can choose where they want to get off through the screen, and then the bus will20kmGo at the speed of the hour.

If an accident happens, there is an emergency button on the car, and there is a controller like Xbox for manual control by relevant personnel.

The staff of La Trobe University has been preparing for this pilot project since June this year. Part of the funding for this program comes from the Smarter Journeys Program of the state government.

This project unites VicRoads, RACV, Keolis Downer, HMIT and ARRB, and the bus was tested last month.

The school’s students Sarah Gonzalez and Charlotte Usher think driverless buses are really cool and say they will definitely become "frequent customers."

"Rather than walking on a tram, we prefer to take this driverless bus. Because it's really cool, isn't it? We can have such advanced technology and use it personally, instead of throwing it in the laboratory. "Charlotte said.

Although last week, an accident occurred less than two hours after the driverless bus made its debut in Las Vegas, La Trobe University’s official website still stated that the driverless bus is safe and equipped with a 360-degree camera and N multiple input sensors. Used to identify obstacles.

The school’s technology application director, Ani Desai, said that if the trial is successful in April next year, it will further promote the use of driverless buses.

In addition to driverless buses,self-driving carThe trial operation plan in Victoria is also on the agenda. The government has started to improve the Road Safety Act the day before yesterday and will discuss relevant legislation in Parliament.

In fact, driverless cars have already been tested on EastLink, but they are not completely driverless. Due to current regulations, someone must keep one hand on the steering wheel at all times.

When the new treaty is passed, no one needs to place their hands on the steering wheel.

For this emerging technology product, the netizen's reaction is this:

"This way more people will lose their jobs. I think this plan should be stopped."

"If machines can complete more and more traditional physical tasks, how can we create benefits in our lives?"

"Why not first develop tracked vehicles such as driverless trains or trams! This trial bus will not have good results. Who can be responsible for the death of passengers caused by the collision?"

In fact, driverless vehicles have been tried in China, the United States and Switzerland before. Developers think that driverless driving canReduce driver's labor intensity and reduce unsafe factors in the city

But last week in the "Gambling City" in the United States, an unmanned shuttle bus hit the road less than two hours before a slight collision with a towed truck. The police determined that the truck driver violated the regulations and was solely responsible for the accident.

So this is the legend "I can't make mistakes, but I can't stop "others making mistakes"?

Do you think driverless cars will replace manual driving cars in the future?

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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