When it comes to buying furniture in Australia, my first reaction is the following

In fact, Australian furniture looks like this:

(Some chain brands)

In order to clarify these various furniture brands, today I will tell you which chain furniture brands are on the Australian market. Don’t just know to run to IKEA next time you buy furniture~

Low and medium price

The low- and medium-priced furniture led by "IKEA" is a "good heart" for many students. After all, it is cheap. Even if it is difficult to "second-hand" go out after graduation, it will not feel too distressed about the wallet~


Among the many furniture brands, "IKEA" from Sweden is cost-effective and well-known. Every family will have their products more or less, and the strong Nordic style is very attractive.

The size of IKEA furniture is generally not very large, suitable for friends living in an apartment; but the quality is average, like the "Toyota" in the furniture industry~

Official website:http://www.ikea.com/au/en/

In addition to Ikea, the following two furniture chain brands also belong to the category of higher cost performance:

2. Fantastic Furniture 

The price-performance ratio of this brand is comparable to that of IKEA, and there is a bench for 9 dollars:

There is a three-story bookcase for $29:

Or 69 dollars for a single bed:

There is also a high score of 4.6 on Product Review:

If you are tired of shopping at IKEA, you may wish to check out this one, which has stores in all states of Australia.

Official website:https://www.fantasticfurniture.com.au/

3. Matt Blatt  

Unlike the above two brands, Matt Blatt is not very cheap, but the furniture here is much better and the quality is better.

As we all know, the furniture designed by famous designers is expensive, and most of them are limited editions or no longer manufactured. However, at Matt Blatt, you can find all kinds of fakes designed by famous designers.

(Answer: The right one is the genuine one.)

For example, the above office chair was designed by the famous office furniture design company Eames Group. The original one costs $2,900, while the one from Matt Blatt only costs $385. Can you tell the truth?

There is also this six-drawer wooden cabinet designed by the famous Danish designer Arne Vodder (died in 2009). It is priced at $2,395 on Matt Blatt's official website, and the authentic product (below) is $6,395.

Official website:https://www.mattblatt.com.au/

Mid price

If you have a looser budget, you can choose furniture at this price. Here are 8 chain brands, and there is always one near your home~

1. King Living  

Founded in 1977, it has won the Australian furniture design awards for large and small, and there are discounts throughout the year. Recently, it has 80% off!

I especially recommend their sofas, which are good in style and quality.

Official website:https://www.kingliving.com.au/

2 Freedom  

Freedom is the Australian furniture brand with the most chain stores and has a good reputation among Australians~

Freedom is also on crazy discounts recently. For example, the 4-piece outdoor furniture has dropped by $400!

Freedom also provides customized sofa service, you can customize a unique sofa according to your preferences:

Official website:https://www.freedom.com.au/

3. Domayne  

In this price range, Domayne is more atmospheric and luxurious, and furniture pricing is also more expensive than Freedom.

Maybe you know that your own items are not cheap. You can also pay in installments for Domayne furniture. You can get 750 months interest-free for purchases of $50.

Official website:http://www.domayneonline.com.au/

4. Focus On  

Focus On has a large inventory of furniture, so you don’t have to worry about waiting in line due to lack of stock.

Focus On has also acquired another mid-priced brand Dare Gallery. Fans of Dare Gallery can find their furniture on the official website of Focus On.

Official website:https://www.focusonfurniture.com.au/

5. Harvey Norman  

Harvey Norman, which has 43 stores in Melbourne alone, is the parent company of Domayne. As for the difference between it and Domayne? I don't know either~

In addition to furniture, Harvey Norman also sells various home appliances and electronic products.

Official website:https://www.harveynorman.com.au/

6. Forty Winks  

Forty Winks is a bedroom expert. Various styles of beds and bedding (pillows, duvet covers, mattresses, etc.) can be found here:

Official website:https://www.fortywinks.com.au/

Mid to high price

1. Ozdesign 

Ozdesign has a strong sense of furniture design. It is a furniture design brand that Australians are very proud of. It was founded in Sydney in 1979 and currently has 28 branches across Australia.

Its coffee table can definitely light up the entire living room.

If you think the furniture is expensive, you might as well buy some small decorations with a strong sense of design and high cost performance, such as these small flower pots:

Official website:https://www.ozdesignfurniture.com.au/

2. Nickscali  

Nickscali has a 50-year history and is one of Australia's largest imported furniture brands, which means you can find famous furniture brands from other countries in its home, such as the following 100% leather Italian retro armchair:

There is also this marble dining table from Italy:

Official website:https://www.nickscali.com.au/

High price

Insist on seeing the wealthy people here, furniture at this price is worthy of your luxury house~ Among the following 5 brands, 4 are from the world-class furniture design big brother-Italy, with Easter eggs at the finale.

1. Fanuli

The founder of Fanuli immigrated to Melbourne from Italy 60 years ago. He started as a wardrobe artisan and opened his first store in 1976.

Different from the styles of all the above brands, Fanuli's furniture is of its own kind.

Moreover, the size of the furniture is relatively large, and it is really hard to fit in a small home~

Official website:https://www.fanuli.com.au/

2. Poliform  

Poliform, also from Italy, pays attention to simplicity and practicality. It is said that many Chinese furniture on the market copy their designs.

And the style is also very obvious, because: at first glance, it is the home of the rich~

Official website:http://www.poliformaustralia.com.au/

3. Natuzzi  

I clicked on Natuzzi's official website. I didn’t know that I thought it was a certain fashion brand. Every year, a new series was released and a model was also used to take photos of the furniture:

The small objects in the house are also very beautiful, and when you put it freely, it is a work of art.

Official website:http://www.natuzzi.com.au/

4. Space Furniture  

Space Furniture is probably a "turbid current" among Australian high-end furniture brands. The website is made like a graphic design company rather than a furniture brand. Recently, it is still doing a 5% off "big sale". Can't guess that it actually sells high-end goods.

As for why it is so expensive, because it is a designer model~

Official website:http://www.spacefurniture.com.au/

5. Mark Tuckey 

The finale Mark Tuckey is the only local Australian brand in this price range. It is not a chain brand. Australia has only one store in Melbourne and Sydney. The style is very different from that of several other Italian brands. Let's call it "Australian style".

The main reason why Mark Tuckey is so expensive is that all of their furniture is made in the Melbourne studio, and they are not mass-produced. The finished furniture can clearly see the raw materials.

Official website:http://www.marktuckey.com.au/

With this "Australian Chain Furniture Brand Guide", you will know how to visit furniture stores in the future~

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