WorkAir tickets for Qantas, the safest and best-known airline in Australia, have always been relatively expensive.

But what many people don't know is that Qantas has one flight every year, whether first class or economy class is completely free.

And Qantas has equipped this flight with top-notch pilots and service teams to ensure that all passengers can enjoy super 5-star treatment.

As of this year, this flight has been flying for 44 years without interruption.

It is the "Jumbo Joy Flight" of Qantas once a year.

A flight full of joy, dreams and hope.

This year's Junbo Joy Flight took off at Sydney Airport last Saturday.

Let’s take a look at the preparations made by the crew in order to receive VIP guests on this flight:

The serious deputy captain made a cartoon face.

Be a clown

The senior flight attendants, who originally only served first-class cabins, also began to change their costumes, putting on exaggerated eyes and decorations to make themselves funny.

In order to make the passengers feel comfortable, even the uncle captain who has never shown up specially greeted him on one knee at the door.

Each guest's full boarding procedures are accompanied by a dedicated person and go through one-on-one.

There will be someone to accompany you on the way including registration.

Not only that, in order to make the passengers feel pleasing to the eyes, even the technicians in charge of cleaning the planes in the airport also came out to play.

They used high-pressure water guns to create a rainbow outside the window. Just to let these passengers see and be happy~

With such a noble enjoyment, the whole airport, whether ground crew or flight attendants, serve these guests wholeheartedly. What is the origin?

In theory, Uranus superstars do not receive such treatment, right?

In fact, the passengers are not so mysterious, just a group of children.

But these children are more or less special.

Because of some inborn or acquired factors, the lives of these children have become very difficult.

For example, some of these children have some physical inconvenience due to genetic inheritance or acquired illness. Some children have never experienced what it feels like to stand up.

There are also some children who look very healthy, but have serious autism or other mental illnesses.

The surrounding crowd is very scary for them. The world in their eyes has always been dangerous and unknown.

The last type of children are very healthy physically and mentally, but they have never seen their parents and become orphans. I have never experienced the taste of family affection, nor have I experienced the care of my parents.

For these children, their lives are flawed and their lives are incomplete.

Maybe they have been living in claustrophobia at home for a long time, spent a long time in the hospital, or lived in an orphanage.

These children have one thing in common, they have not seen the outside world much. There is no happy and perfect childhood. Not to mention flying.

Physical barriers and mental barriers prevent capable children from flying. Although children in orphanages can fly, they do not have the financial resources.

Therefore, basically these poor children have the only impression of an airplane on the TV or a strange-looking iron bird whizzing overhead.

The experience of these children is heartbreaking and can't help but sympathize.

People want to tell them that in their lives, there is more than just pain and suffering. There is also hope and longing.

Qantas’ Jumbo Joy Flight hopes to let these children experience things that they have never been able to experience before. I hope but Qantas wants to tell these children that there is always hope in life, and there are always people who understand them and are willing to help them.

You may think that this is just a simple free flight experience.

But for these children with defects, this may be an important experience to open their hearts, or even the most precious memory of a lifetime.

Likewise, this event is an unforgettable memory for the parents of these children.

A father named Morgan said: "This is the most commendable event I think."

His two children are passengers on this special escort flight. Two lovely little angels, unfortunately, both suffered from Down syndrome.

Originally Morgan was also a licensed pilot. There is this job that everyone envy. But because of the misfortune of the two children, he had to quit this promising job and concentrate on taking care of the children. Even if the salary is reduced and the life is hard, he is still happy, only hoping to accompany his children to grow up.

He often talks to his children about everything on the plane, what kind of experience it is to fly, what kind of blue sky you see when you fly into the sky, and how beautiful the scenery above the white clouds is.

Show the children the airplane model they have collected.

But it is a pity that my children have never been in contact with airplanes, and flying is a luxury for these two poor children.

Until that day, the charity called and told him that his two little angels, Dylan and Gwyneth, were given the opportunity to take a special Qantas flight. He was overwhelmed with excitement. The wish for many years is finally coming true. My two babies can finally experience it,How it feels to fly, let the children see with their own eyes how beautiful it is.

This is another small passenger, only 3 years old this year. Cute, innocent, but suffering from severe autism, everything around her will make her feel anxious. The child's mother said that she rarely sees her daughter's smile.

For a limited number of times, my daughter was in a daze in the yard, and when she saw the plane in the sky, she showed a yearning smile.

At this time, my mother knew that her daughter liked airplanes.

However, the noise and people coming and going at the airport prevented my daughter from boarding the plane normally.

This time, my daughter had the honor to board the Jumbo Joy Flight.She really flew into the sky and saw the beauty of the sky.

The mother said that this was the first time she saw her daughter, this cute little angel laughed. I kept talking about everything I saw, felt, and experienced on the plane.

This mother even left moving tears. She really thanked Qantas for giving her baby such an unforgettable memory!

There are many children in similar situations. For various reasons, this is their first close encounter with an airplane and boarding an airplane.

Some volunteers said that seeing these children enter the airport tremblingly, to look curiously at the beginning, then to the cheering at the gate, and finally to the excitement on the plane, sour and sour. There is a feeling that they don’t know how to express. Flying by plane is a super common thing for us, and even for many normal children. But this ordinary thing, for these special children, turned out to be a kind of great happiness.

Healthy children are placed in economy class. For everything on the plane, they are so novel.

Disabled children are placed in first class and business class. The seats on the plane opened their eyes.

It turns out that there is such a comfortable chair in the belly of this iron bird that can fly into the sky.

The door of the captain's room, which had been closed to passengers, was also opened for these children.

As long as you think, children can take a look at any time, what kind of experience is a cool pilot!

In just 90 minutes of flight, 400 seats on the plane were filled with these special children and their parents.

From the moment the plane took off, some children exclaimed because of a strong sense of pushing their backs, and everyone fell silent.

They are all looking at the land that is getting away from the window, and the distance is gradually increasing, until the plane flies into the sky and passes through the clouds.

They saw the scenery they had never seen in their lives: through the window, they could see the blue sky, and the white clouds were just under their feet. The beauty is like a fairy tale.

Gradually, the children woke up from the silence........

I started talking with my parents in a low voice, and then showed a happy smile.

Finally, on this special flight, laughter and laughter were everywhere.

The innocent smiles on the faces of these suffering children are both intoxicating and heartbreaking. Laughter, what a simple thing, but for these children, it is really so easy to see.

Qnatas has been running such heart-warming activities for children for 44 years.

Since 1973, the purpose of the first "Jumbo Joy Flight" is to allow every child to see the sky, experience the freedom of flying, and see a broader sky.

Because there are too many groups of children, and most of them have happy childhoods of their own, when the activity was founded, it was intended to help children with obstacles and defects.

After an experience, Qantas was surprised to find that the effect of the event was higher than they expected.

Since then, many children have changed surprisingly. They have become more cheerful and willing to communicate. Of course, this is not the kind of change that is effective at once, but for these children, the first step is the most important!

So for 44 years, this activity has never stopped. Being able to participate in this event has become a kind of pride and honor for the employees of Qantas.

Only the best people can be qualified to serve these children. Become a guide to help them get out of the shackles.

In addition to the free flight experience once a year, Qantas has set up a special fund to help these children, live, and treat, and do their best to let them experience a better life and let them feel the color of life and the meaning of life.

This year's "Jumbo Joy Flight" was interviewed by 9News. Remember to witness the whole process of the child from tension to relaxation to full of laughter.

The smiling faces deeply touched her heart. She bluntly said that this is the happiest and most sad airplane she has ever done in her life, and it is also the most meaningful flight in her life.

When the 9News interview was published, the likes and comments on Facebook broke through thousands in an instant. All praise Qantas for his kind deeds

As the slogan of Qantas says:

The Spirit of Australia

This is an airline that dares to call itself the spirit of Australia

What Qantas does is just like what we can see in all corners of Australia, helping others, helping each other, giving a smile to strangers, and extending a helping hand to those in need.

Never laugh at people with disabilities, but support patiently and enthusiastically.

Of course we all admit that there are more or less dark sides in every place, but I can guarantee that Australia is definitely more kind and honest people, and more people are willing to help others selflessly.

This may be an Australian spirit ❤️

News compiled from "9 News"


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