On Saturday, November 11th, the Australian Bureau of Immigration proposed amendments to the immigration law, including: a. Addition of clause 4 that restricts temporary visa applicants owing to the Australian government for medical expenses; b. Amendment of clause 8620 to make most temporary visas more amended It is easy to be cancelled due to crime or violence; and c. Increase the prosecution period of the PIC8303 clause to 4020 years, and include visas withdrawn in the past. And made it clear that the revised bill will be officially implemented on November 10.

At the same time, on November 11, the MIA announced the details of the amendments to the relevant immigration regulations. The most influential one is the amendment to the PIC 6 clause involving fraudulent application materials, increasing the retrospective period to 4020 years, and will affect including the withdrawal Visa.

How powerful is this PIC4020 clause?You can see through your visa. Almost most visa categories in Australia, such as skilled migration, business migration, temporary immigration, student visa, etc., have this clause. As long as there is any indication that you have violated this clause, the refusal is basically a foregone conclusion.

The old PIC4020 clause was like this:

(1) If the applicant has provided falsified materials or false and misleading information to the Minister of Immigration, Visa Officer, Arbitration Tribunal, evaluation agency or federal health officials in the following circumstances, he will not be able to meet the requirements of this clause:

(A) During the visa application process

(B) The applicant holds a visa or within 12 months before submitting a new visa

The terms of (1)(b) are now changed to:

If the applicant holds a visa or has provided forged, false or misleading materials in the 10 years before submitting a new application, the PIC4020 clause is not met.

The change of this clause also means that any false information and materials that have been submitted to the Immigration Bureau, career assessment agency or MOC will be taken into account. Even if the visa application has been cancelled or refused before, it will be considered for review. Within the scope.

Therefore, the editor has to remind everyone that meeting the requirements of PIC4020 clause is crucial for visa applications. Before submitting the materials, you must strictly check what you fill out, and you must be too responsible for yourself. In addition, this change will take effect on November 2017, 11, and will apply to applications submitted on or after the same day, but will not take effect on applications submitted before November 18.

If you still have questions about this clause or your visa, it is recommended to consult an immigration agency.


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