Last week, the Australian Mathematics College Entrance Exam was officially opened in NSW!in the past,After the exam, everyone should be happy.Because if you pass the exam,Then you don’t have to learn math anymore,But after this test,The students became taciturn...

Many teachers are more anxious than students after the students have finished the exam, because when the teachers saw the exam papers, they basically realized that,Their students will definitely not be able to do these questions, and even many of them are struggling to do them.

After finishing the exam, some students said with tears in their eyes:

"I have worked hard to study mathematics for a long time, even on weekends, I am also studying very hard, and I find a teacher to let the teacher help meExtra time coaching, To help me answer all kinds of questions, we really worked very hard. The teacher also encouraged us to say that the exam questions should not be too difficult.But this exam,I can't understand many questions!

And it's not just me, basically all the classmates don't know it, these topics are far beyond our ability!

The teachers and principals were even more angry, saying that the NSW Department of Education asked such a question, which is simply torturing students.

Let Australian children grow up with low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence, and let their hard work be in vain. It is disrespectful to students!

The principal of Thomas Reddall High School has now joined the principals of many schools to jointly protest the NSW Department of Education.

Anyway, no matter how you say it, in the past few days, the high schools in the new state have been immersed in the anger of the math college entrance examination, with overwhelming blaming sounds one after another, students scolding, student parents scolding, media scolding, teacher scolding, principal scolding.

They think the mathematics test of the NSW Department of Education is historical, devastating, and a mistake!There are still many schools requiring re-examination!

In the face of the repeated protests, the NSW Department of Education finally couldn't bear the pressure and made a statement:

"We have already said that we hope that students can combine practice and theory to solve problems, instead of just one question and one answer, especially in algebra in mathematics. Many people still think that mathematics should be one question and one answer. That kind of thinking is wrong.

Our questions may be difficult, but they are all made by a group of experienced teachers.So the question is okay, don't retake the exam! "

Many students who have now been promoted to the university also expressed their opinions when they talked about the exam.

They think that exams are actually difficult. Everyone complains. This is not surprising. This kind of exam is just like shit. It is impossible for students to do well. Because high school maths they learn are all superficial and never flexible, they are basically theory. No practice.

They also believe that Australia’s mathematics education currently has serious problems.It must be combined with practice and be flexible.

Then the question comes-

What is it that makes the Australian education community mourn? (NSW 2017 High School Mathematics Entrance Examination Original Questions:)
1. What is the median of these numbers?
2. 在随意选择的200位12年级的学生中,有180位使用社交媒体。根据这个结果,在75000位12年级的学生中,大约有多少人在使用社交媒体?
3. Tom made 1025 Australian dollars a week. If he is exposed to toxic substances, he can still receive an additional $87.5 per day in subsidies. Assuming that Tom has been working for two weeks and he was exposed to toxic substances on 5 days, how much salary can he receive in total?

The following questions 4 and 5 are the more difficult questions in this exam!

4. According to the above formula, when M=26.55 and R=3.07, what is I equal to?
5. As shown in the figure, this is a right triangle. Based on the known data, what is the degree of θ?
6. What is X in the formula?
7. 10000澳元被投资4年,每年的年利率为3%。以下哪个公式能表示4年后的总值?
8. Which option is equivalent to the equation in the question?
9. There is a point P that moves at the same distance from the two fixed points A and B anyway. How to describe the location of point P?

Put another copy of last year's (2016) NSW high examination questions,Feel free to feel it:

The area of ​​a rectangle is x²+5x-36, what is its side length
If the side length of this square is 114cm², what is the value of x
Jake and Mele deliver the newspaper together. Jake has more newspapers than Mele. If Jake gives Mele 23 newspapers, then they have the same number of newspapers. If Jake gives Mele 7 newspapers, then Jake has twice as many newspapers as Mele. Excuse me: How many newspapers does each person actually have?
Prove that the two equations are equal
Find X
The trajectory of a parabola is y=3x²-5x+7. When x=2, what is the value of y?
When (x-3)(x+3)<(x-4)(x+2), what is the range of x?
P is an integer, how much is it?
Describe M with N
Janine drew a triangle, as shown in the picture, the upper number is the sum of the lower two numbers. If you change the order of the numbers in the first row, will the numbers in the fourth row change?
Use algebraic methods to describe the relationship between the first row of numbers and the fourth row of numbers
If the number in the first line is 4 consecutive numbers, do you think the number in the fourth line can be divisible by 4?
If the area of ​​a rectangle is n²-4n-5, n is a positive number. If the length of one side of this rectangle is n+1, use n to represent the length of the other side.
Find the range of n
The area of ​​one slice of a round pizza is this equation, what is the radius of the pizza?
Find X
Find X
In a game, there is a groove to make the ball roll back and forth in it. This groove can be represented by Y=x²-4x, and the unit of x and y is cm. What does y mean?
When the vertical height of the groove is 3cm, what is the percentage of the maximum horizontal width of the groove?

Do you find it difficult?

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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