The number of meningitis patients in Victoria has skyrocketed, the government urgently calls on people of the right age to be vaccinated

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According to many local media reports, with the approach of summer, the number of meningococcal disease (meningococcal disease) patients in Melbourne and Victoria has seen a surge.Compared with the same period last year, the number of patients this year has soared by 30%.So far, 5 people have died and more than 70 people have been infected.

This disease has a rapid onset and extremely dangerous condition.If you cannot get timely treatment, the mortality rate is as high as 50%!

After infection, bacteria enter the meninges, triggering the body's immune response, causing a large number of immune cells to enter the nervous system, causing a rapid increase in intracranial pressure, blood is difficult to enter the brain, brain cells become hypoxic, and a large number of deaths.

A previous child in Australia lost consciousness 20 minutes after the onset of illness.

In addition, bacteria may also enter blood vessels and travel throughout the body, causing large amounts of subcutaneous hemorrhage throughout the body and organ necrosis.

Australian boy Robbie Buchan is a rare survivor of meningitis, but he still lost his limbs due to a systemic infection caused by the disease.

The Minister of Health of the Victorian Government, Jill Hennessy, issued an urgent appeal for this, and all persons of the right age should immediately contact the health agency or GP near their home to obtain the vaccine.

"If you haven't gotten it yet, please register for the vaccine immediately. It can effectively protect you and your neighbors," Jill Hennessy said.

Her deputy Brett Sutton expressed concern about the epidemic: "In the past year, the meningitis epidemic has increased significantly in Victoria. We have discovered new strains, which have caused illnesses and deaths throughout the state."

"The meningitis vaccine provided by the state government can combat all four deadly meningitis strains"

In Victoria, statistics show thatAmong young people aged 15-19, the number of people carrying Neisseria meningitidis is as high as 20!This is one of the reasons why the state government provides free vaccines to people of this age.

What is bacterial meningitis?

According to the official website of the World Health Organization, bacterial meningitis is caused by serious meningeal infections caused by bacteria.The disease can cause serious damage to the brain,The mortality rate of bacterial meningitis is as high as 50%.

In Australia, the main outbreak is caused by Neisseria meningitidis type B. It is a possible causeMass epidemicBacteria!

How is bacterial meningitis spread?

Pathogenic bacteria are spread from person to person through droplets of the carrier’s respiratory tract or throat secretions. Close contact and prolonged contact, such as kissing, sneezing or coughing at others, or living close to an infected person (carrier) (such as living in a dormitory, sharing dining utensils), can easily cause disease transmission. The incubation period is 4 days on average, but can vary from 2 days to 10 days.

Sometimes, for reasons that are not fully understood, germs can break through the body's defenses and spread the infection to the brain through the bloodstream.

What are the symptoms of bacterial meningitis?

The most common symptoms are stiff neck, high fever, sensitivity to light, confusion, headache and vomiting.These symptoms are like a cold, right? But it may be meningitis!

Usually, these symptoms mean that bacteria have invaded the brain!

Meningococcal sepsis is a more serious (usually fatal) form of meningococcal disease, which is characterized by a hemorrhagic rash and rapid circulatory failure.

thereforeEven if the diagnosis is obtained early and appropriate treatment is started, 5% to 10% of patients usually die within 24 to 48 hours after the onset of symptoms!

Bacterial meningitis may cause brain damage, hearing loss or learning disabilities to 10% to 20% of survivors.

Finally, if you have relatives or family members in Melbourne and belong to this free vaccination group, remember to remind them to receive the vaccination in time, you can apply until December 12 this year!
If you think you need to be vaccinated, you can contact your GP or go to the Victorian Department of Health website Get more information.

News compiled from "Herald Sun, 9 News"


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