Starting tonight, the uncertain Melbourne is about to stabilize! Stable rain for the next week!

The strongest rainstorm in 20 years!

For the next whole week, Melbourne will be soaking in the rain.

The probability of rain every day is 70% or more!

The Victorian Meteorological Bureau said that starting from tomorrow, the southwestern part of Victoria will usher in an extremely heavy rain!

Along with heavy precipitation, there are of course strong winds, lightning, or large hail.

The Meteorological Bureau has also issued an early warning of flood disasters.

Richard Carlyon, spokesperson for the Victorian Bureau of Meteorology, said:

"This time will be the strongest rainy season since 1993. I believe many historical records will be broken!"

Yesterday, the temperature in Melbourne once again exceeded 34 degrees, and it has become the 13th spring to exceed 30 degrees before this summer, which also broke the history of the hottest spring since 2009.

But with the arrival of tonight, wrap your quilt tightly and get ready for a stormy week!

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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