OnAttention to those travelling in City: Victoria Police are currentlyThe area of ​​Little Collins Street and Bourke Street and Elizabeth St in Melbourne CBDChasing a man on the roof of a buildingThief with Asian Face!

The thief stole a house located at about 1 o’clock this afternoonLittle Collins St and Bourke StreetThe shop in between, then fled to the roof.

It is reported that the man may have escaped from the hole in the picture to the roof.

The police also found a duffel bag on the roof of My Chemist.

Then the suspicious bag was mentioned to My Chemist.

The man, it is reportedHe wears black clothes all over his body, with an Asian face, and he is about 20 years old, May also be related to another theft in city today.

Victoria Police spokesperson Jess Brennan said: "Police and air forces have been dispatched to search the city, but no thief has been caught yet."

The police not only tracked down on the roof, but also dispatched a helicopter:

The police also ran to the balconies of residents in nearby buildings to monitor:

Nearby passers-by posted statuses on the Internet, and no one knew what happened:

"There are helicopters near Bourke St. Many police officers are dispatched!"

"This police helicopter has been flying over the Melbourne CBD. What is going on?"

"Does anyone know what happened on the corner of Elizabeth and Bourke St? The helicopter was hovering over. The police are also here. It's better to stay away from that area."

"The police helicopter flew over the CBD for 45 minutes, right?"

There are also various passers-by on social media @ the police and the media, providing various clues, such as, "Come on, he is running upstairs to me now" and so on... They also broadcast the arrests live!

If anyone knows the relevant leads or has seen a suspicious person, please call the Victorian Police immediately on 1800333000.

Everyone who is active in the City, please pay attention to the surrounding safety and keep your belongings with you! Avoid activities around the scene of the arrest!

News compiled from "7News, Herald Sun"


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