Soon, the Australian Employment Department released a latest employment forecast report,Forecast the employment prospects of various industries and occupations in Australia in the next 5 years.

The report shows that by 2022, Australia will948,400 new jobs. Including4 industries will become the main force of employment growth, Respectively:

  • Healthcare and social services
  • Career, scientific and technical services
  • achitechive
  • Education and training industry

In general, the newly created jobs in these four major industries accounted for61.5%!

1. Health Care and Social Assistance

This industry has been one of the industries with the most new jobs since the 90s. With the aging of the Australian population, the demand for childcare and home care services increases. It will maintain this in the future. momentum.

By 2022, this industry will250,500 new jobs, Accounting for the total number of job creation25.1%.

2. Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (Professional, Scientific and Technical Services)

In the next 5 years, this industry will126,400 new jobs, Of the total12.7%, Is also the second major force of employment growth.

among them,Computer system design and related service areasEmployment growth is particularly strong and is expected to54,200New jobs.

In addition,Architecture, engineering and technology,as well asLegal and accounting servicesThe development will also be very rapid and is expected to increase separately26,600 and 18,500employment position.

3. Construction industry (Construction)

In the next 5 years, this industry will120,700 new jobs created, Of the total12.1%. The employment growth rate in the residential construction sector will no longer be as fast as in the past five years, and more employment growth will come from the infrastructure construction sector.

4. Education and Training Industry (Education and Training)

In the next 5 years, this industry will116,200 new jobs created, Of the total11.6%.

The development of this industry is mainly due to the increase in population, the continuous development of the international education field, and the growing demand for adult and community education.

In addition,

  • Accommodation and Food Services (Accommodation and Food Services),
  • Public Administration and Safety (Public Administration and Safety),
  • Retail Trade (Retail Trade),
  • Transportation, Postal and Warehousing (Transport, Postal and Warehousing)

These industries will also create many job opportunities in the future.

However, there is an increase and a decrease. In the next 5 years,

  • Manufacturing (Manufacturing)
  • Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services (Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services)
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing)

These industries are the only three industries where jobs will decrease.

In addition to large industries, everyone may be more concerned about the future development of their career.

According to the information on the official website of the Australian Government, the four occupations with the most new jobs in the future will be:

  • Registered nurse
  • Elderly and disabled carers
  • accounting
  • electrician

And the future development prospects of these careers are also very good:

Registered nurse:

Average weekly salary$ 1,480(Before tax);

future development:Very strong.

Elderly and disabled carers:

Average weekly salary$ 900(Before tax);

future development:Very strong.


Average weekly salary$ 1,400(Before tax);

future development:Strong.


Average weekly salary$ 1,400(Before tax);

future development:Strong.

Therefore, those who plan to study in Australia, studying nursing and accounting are all good choices.

Everyone, what major did you study, or what kind of work do you do now? What are the future development prospects?


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