eachIf you go to city this Saturday, you are likely to see such a scene...



All kinds of zombies!

Hordes of zombies!

Zombies are everywhere!The entire city is occupied by zombies!

If you are courageous, get out of here quickly, if you are courageous, stay, become a zombie, and party with everyone!

Because this is Melbourne's annual"Melbourne Zombie Walk"!

This year’s zombie parade isThis Saturday (November 11th)Held,2 p.m., The whole event will kick off. And arrived5 p.m., The highlight of the event-the zombie parade will officially begin.

Thousands of zombie generalsStarting from Federation Square, follow Swanston St until you reach the busiest Bourke St in the CBD.

At that time, the entire CBD will be surrounded by a mighty team of zombies.

You may encounter a zombie with a bloody face when you go shopping in City. It's exciting to think about it! This year's event not only won the support of City of Melbourne & Federation Square, but also invited the famous Kitch Wesche from Australia as the MC of the event.

In addition, DJ SAMRAI

And Motley, a well-known British rap singer, will also come to help.

No matter if you have freestyle or not, you can follow the dynamic music to cheer! Up! Come!

The whole eventNo age limit, Whether you are a child or an elderly person, you can participate and enjoy the fun of carnival together, andfree!

Don’t worry about handicapped parties and lazy people. On the day of the event,The organizer will invite the professional makeup and special effects team from The Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup to give you free makeup. Yes, it is also free!

There is also a tent that provides fake blood. You can get some fake blood on your body to achieve a more realistic effect. As the saying goes, the acting skills are not enough, so fake blood comes to collect.

After the event, there will be a grand carnival party, which is guaranteed to make you happy!

Having said that, don't look at this zombie parade as terrifying and exciting, the starting point behind it is very heartwarming.

The zombie parade started in Queensland in 2006. In 2009, the zombie parade in Brisbane began to cooperate with the Brain Foundation of Australia, hoping to use this formatRaise the whole society's attention to brain diseases and brain injuries, And at the same time raise funds for the foundation to help research on related diseases and help these patients who are like the walking dead get rid of pain as soon as possible.

Therefore,Your participation is not only for entertainment, but also for charity!

In 2011, the number of participants in the zombie parade in Brisbane reached 2.2 and broke the Guinness World Record.

And this year's event in Melbourne is expected to be attended by tens of thousands, making it the biggest anomalous zombie parade in history!

Oh, right,The best dressed award of the day will also receive a special awardTherefore, those who want to participate in the event must dress up carefully.

Winner of the Best Dressed Women in Melbourne Zombie Parade last year

Now recommend for everyone——5 great drag shops in Melbourne

Rose Chong

Rose Chong has been open since 1979, and it can be regarded as an old store with a long history.

The store has 10 gleaming rooms, and the walls of each room are covered with fancy clothes, wigs, hats and accessories. Moreover, all employees have art and design backgrounds, and they can definitely help you with a set of looks you like.

A set of basic clothing starts at $3 for 77 days. You don’t need to clean it yourself when you return it.


218 Gertrude St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

telephone number:

+61 3 9419 6233

Centre Stage

Want to be the most dazzling person at the drag party? You can't go wrong here.

From steampunk to the tail like the male mermaid in the movie "Zoolander", from Captain Ahab in the movie "Moby Dic" to Slave Leia in "Star Wars", you can find the look you want here.

If you don’t want clothing, but just want to be scary, you can also buy a cosmetic bag here for $25, so that you will be scared even after finishing it!


788 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056

telephone number:

+61 418 101 860

Miss Kitty's Costumes

This store is open seven days a week, and the clothing styles in the store are arranged by initials, from A to Z, which is very rich.

Want to be the naughty Belle in Beauty & The Beast or become a bad girl with a Cheshire hat? No Problem!

Boys don’t have to be envious. There are also costumes specially prepared for you, such as Buzz Lightyear, Jon Snow, MC Hammer, and a full set of Sherlock looks.


38 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182

telephone number:

+61 3 9521 1808

Masquerade Costumes

This shop was opened in 1971 and is very old. Their house has a lot of fancy dress party masks.

There are also more than 2 sets of exotic costumes, no matter what the theme of the party, you can find the clothes that suit you here. The staff in the store are also very professional and can definitely help you create a look that satisfies you. And there is also a masquerade match for couples.

Renting a set of clothing starts at $66, and the maximum rental period is 2 days.


238 High St, Kew VIC 3101


+61 3 9853 6101



The Littlest Costume Shop

This shop is actually a studio opened by the owner Mandy behind his house.

There are ready-made clothes or custom-made clothes. From Marie Antoinette to Cyndi Lauper, from Michael Jackso to Steve Irwin, the clothes here have a strong pop culture atmosphere.

The owner’s purpose in opening a store is to rent out her own elaborate clothes to others at low prices, so she prefers to let customers make reservations in advance.


The Studio, Oakover Road, Preston VIC 3072

telephone number:

+61 432 929 090


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