Many people may not know.

Not long ago, Victorian prisons have provided prisoners with a "benefit":

As long as you behave well, you can enjoy a separate sex time. You can invite your partner to the prison to share a separate room and time with you, and free condoms are provided.

For such conditions, many Australian netizens said they could not understand:

"Should you provide them with oysters and champagne before they enter the room? There are soft music, yes, there are condoms, and the taxpayer will pay for you."

"The strange question is, why are there rewards for good behavior instead of increasing jail time for bad behavior?"

"What the justice system is doing? Criminals should be punished, not rewarded. Breaking the law comes at a price. Come on state elections."

If you see this, you think Australia’s prison welfare is too good, then you can read past reports to understand the normal prison system treatment in Australia:

Female reporters visit Australian prisons, can blow air conditioning, exercise, and keep pets! The Australian people are shocked!

The luxury Australian prison spent 1 million taxpayers to build: single rooms, heating, gyms, tennis can eat snacks! Live better than international students!

In fact, the conditions in many prisons in Australia can be rated as 3 star hotels:

There are swimming pools, tennis courts, footy courts, gym, and two-four-person suites.

The prisoners in it only need to report at a fixed point, and they can move around freely during the rest of the time, and they eat differently every day, and they can also eat steak and fish steak every week.

So, maybe this is really far from the prison in everyone's impression.

One point that many Australian netizens often argue is:

Do you go to prision as a punishment, or to be punished

Is it a punitive measure to let prisoners go to jail, or to accept punishment?

So, why should these prisoners be provided with such good conditions?

One of them is:

The purpose of imprisonment is to allow them to reform and reintegrate into society, not to punish them blindly.

In an Australian prison, if the person serving the sentence has a family and children, you can get a lot of preferential treatment. This will allow you to maintain a good relationship with your family during your sentence, and will not let your wife get apart. In this way, after you are released from prison, if you have the support of your family, the probability of you committing another crime will be greatly reduced.

And the measure that good behavior can have sex is also the purpose.

And, if you want to enjoy this benefit,It is necessary to prove that you and your partner were already in a relationship before you went to prison.

However, currently only prisons in VIC and ACT have such benefits.

Seeing this, do you think the prison environment in Australia is very humane?

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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