The heat in Melbourne caught people off guard, and the heat that lasted for a few days almost made everyone unable to get out.

Don't be afraid, I always have a good way. If you can't get everyone out even after shopping, then delicious ice cream will definitely be fine.

The editor helped you organize the cbd ice cream map, and quickly collect it and plan shopping routes along the ice cream map.

Popstic ice cream

Trendy alcoholic popsicles

The store made a very caring map, popstic is at the junction of federation square and yarra river.

Ever since I saw cool popsicles in various shapes on the Instagram of American bloggers, I have been looking for this kind of handmade popsicles. Unexpectedly, Melbourne really has.

This is a pop-up store. I haven’t decided how long it will open. The main business isgelato and popsicle.

There is this kind of likePeach-like love

There are also shapes for various festivals, likeEaster bunny type.

I think the coolest part of popstic is not popsicles of various shapes. The coolest and coolest thing is that in addition to ordinary flavors, there are alsoCocktail popsicleCan choose.

This cocktail-style popsicle really satisfies the ultimate fantasy of summer. Sun, beach, ice cream and alcohol. It's perfect.

 Address:Popstic Ice Cream Pty Ltd, Vaults 1-9 Federation Wharf, Federation Square


The global chain soft serve ice cream brand Milkcow that started from the pop up store must be familiar to everyone, theirThe appearance is always too high.

Recently came outWatermelon ice cream, Anytime a shot is a net celebrity that is visual sense. And the editor personally tested it and thought it tasted pretty good, as soon as I entered the store, I could smell the tangy watermelon. The ice cream also has a sour watermelon flavor. With ice cream and watermelon, it’s no problem to relieve the heat in midsummer!

In addition to watermelon ice cream, his family also has a lot of milky flavorsFancy soft serve,They are both delicious and beautiful. Chopped Oreos, hazelnuts, rich milk ice cream, plus a cotton candy umbrella, really cute.

There are also basic ice cream cones. You can choose the cone color and the topping of the ice cream by yourself, and you can take beautiful photos of various colors. I like the drip-proof inserts under the cones the most. It's really sweet, and I'm never afraid to eat a cone dripping.

 Address:287 swanston st

Kyo Teahouse

Matcha ice cream comparable to Kyoto

kyoteahouse’s matcha ice cream is the only shop in my mind that meets the quality of matcha ice cream.

For the selection of ice cream, the matcha shop in Kyoto is very professional. There are different concentrations of matcha for everyone to choose from, such as mild, regular, strong and extra strong.

If you like tea with a strong taste, you can choose strong. Friends of the editor are allergic to the caffeine in green tea, so they often order mild. It is said that the taste is stillVery rich.

They also have a variety of Japanese new low cups to choose from. The mochi and red bean paste are also very delicious.

The coolest thing is that there are not only traditional cones to choose from, but also availableCroissant breadCome as a cone for ice cream. Kosong is a standard crunchy product. The cold ice cream is dipped in bread with one bite. It tastes really good.

 Address:Lower ground, Emporium


The ice cream car that took the championship

7 Apple is a gold award ice cream brand that has won food competitions for several years. The main store is in st Kilda, which is not so convenient to eat. However, 7 Apple drove a small ice cream truck in the emporium in the center of cbd in order to satisfy everyone's ice cream appetite.

Full of ice creamTricycle, Satisfying everyone's romantic European plot.

In addition, the clerk who digs for ice cream are all handsome little brothers and sisters, and they are neatly dressed in bow ties with a European accent. Every time I buy it, I feel that no matter what flavor of ice cream you hand me, I want to eat it in one bite.

But let’s get back to business, their most prized ice cream flavor issatled caramal. The mouth is supple and the ratio of salty and caramel is perfect. It completely broke the editor's preconceptions about salted caramal.

Address:lebel 3, emporium (next to Kikki.k)

Dex2rosenitrogen Gelato

An ice cream shop in a small alley, a good place for late night sweets

I discovered this ice cream shop on my way home from a drunk Friday night. Their business hours are until 11 pm. How rare it is to find a sweet shop that has nothing to do with alcohol on Friday night.

This ice cream is also cooler than the other, thisApple PieThe ice cream is called not your nana's apple pie gelato, and it’s wrapped outsideToasted marshmallow.

There are also many very special mille-layer cakes. This is the first time I have eaten the milk-tea-flavored mille-layer cakes. It is accompanied by caramel popcorn and caramel ice cream. Although it is full of calories, the editor Also want to shout and let me get fat!

This fairy-like ice cream dumpling is called Dragon breath. Will smoke while eating.

In addition to ice cream, there are muffins and small desserts to choose from.

Address:377-379Little Bourke St

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