If you pay a little attention recently, you will find that there are some more big speakers in the center of Melbourne:

According to reports, in response to the Boukre St-like terrorist attacks in the past, the Victorian police have installed 65 high-decibel speakers in the Melbourne CBD, and next year this number will reach 90!

The police will happenEmergencyOn occasions, use this speaker to remind people nearby.

In addition, the police said they would conduct a drill at the end of the year!

By then, everyone will know what these loudspeakers will specifically broadcast during emergencies, and let everyone know that this technology exists around them.

The state government stated that some specific broadcast content may be:Let people in a specific area move to a specific area, or leave a specific area, or move to the nearest building.

While waiting for the exercise, most of the broadcast content will be broadcast online by the police, while some content may also be recorded and broadcast.

The installation of these high-decibel loudspeakers is part of the upgrade of Melbourne's urban security system. These devices will make people safer and get information in the first time when a dangerous situation occurs.

In addition to this big speaker, the number of cameras in Melbourne's CBD will increase next year, and you will even receive SMS reminders of dangerous situations in specific areas.

Finally, the exercise time for this big speaker will probably be on or after December 12. If you are in the city by then and suddenly hear an "emergency reminder", please don't panic!

The official use of these speakers will be next year.

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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