Sydney Christmas TourPlay location/Christmas lighting/Mall discountsThe event is coming! Don’t miss out on Christmas in Sydney!

1.Bondi Beach Bikini Christmas

For people in the southern hemisphere, such a bikini Christmas party is not too cool.
On Christmas Day, thousands of handsome men and women who are good at playing will gather at Bondi Beach for a Christmas carnival together!
Here is a "golden snowman" made of sand, is it full of cuteness, no matter how big the sun is, it will never melt away!
On the beach, in the water, handsome guys and beauties are wearing sexy bikinis, wearing cute Christmas hats, or taking selfies, or playing around. Although there are no snowflakes, but such a cool summer Christmas, do you want to experience it too ?
December 12-24, let us march towards Bondi!

2.Martin Place lights up the Christmas tree

For 46 years, the popular Sydney Martin Place Christmas Tree has been the most eye-catching decoration for festive celebrations. Every Christmas, the Christmas tree on Martin Place is lit up with the cheers and witnesses of everyone.

The height of the Christmas tree is 21 meters, with a total of 60,000 colored lights, 300 decorative balls with a diameter of half a meter, and a 1.5-meter seven-pointed star emitting a bright light on the top of the tree.
When people pass by Martin Place, they can interact with the Christmas tree and let their holiday messages appear on the branches and leaves. The GPO Dessert Bar next to the Christmas tree also prepares mouth-watering Italian ice cream, desserts and cakes for diners every day until Christmas Eve.
In the entire Sydney area, as long as this Christmas tree is lit, it means that the Christmas and New Year carnival has begun!

3.Town Hall Christmas Light Show

The colorful light show in Town Hall is an annual wonderful light show. It will be officially lit on December 12. Want to experience the cool light art? Want to take more beautiful photos and post on FB?

Just come here!

The Town Hall Light Show will last until Christmas Day. When walking on the brightly lit street, does it feel brighter?
In addition, there are nearly 80,000 dazzling lights on the colorful Avenue of Stars in the shopping area of ​​Pitt St. The effect is amazing!

4.Darling Harbour Crazy Cruise Party

If you want to spend a different Christmas Eve in Australia, then go and join the largest Christmas Eve crazy cruise party in Sydney!
More than 850 people will gather on an ultra-luxury glass cruise ship with a 360-degree view of Sydney Harbour. Red wine, champagne, delicious buffet, beautiful women in sexy evening dresses. And the best DJ in Sydney! This night is destined to burst!
Time: December 12th, 24pm-7pm Location: King Street Wharf 10, Darling Harbour

Ticket price: from $89/person


5.Moon Park Santa Claus accompanies you on the carousel

Luna Park can be said to be the most fairytale place in Sydney.
From December 12st to December 1th, Grandpa Christmas will be waiting for you to take a photo with him in Luna Park and take a carousel with you.

6.QVB Swarovski Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming, QVB has prepared a huge Swarovski crystal Christmas tree for everyone.
It is 24 meters high through an entire QVB, with more than 82,000 pieces, dazzling Swarovski crystals and 65,000 lights.
It's so cool.
There is a 2.2-meter-wide crystal gold-plated star on the top of the Christmas tree. No matter from any angle, this Christmas tree is particularly eye-catching.

7.St. Mary's Church Sound and Light Exhibition

During Christmas, St. Mary’s Church will stage a superb light show.
Many fantasy animations with shocking sound effects are definitely worth coming to take pictures and punch in.
Don't miss this beautiful cathedral.

Christmas lighting strategy:

Every year in Sydney, there are so many communities that create infinitely representative Christmas decorations with infinite creativity and Christmas mood. These decorations are full of infinite appeal during the day, but when the lights are bright at night, you can be the best I completely feel the warm holiday brought by these Christmas decorations.

Next, join us to see the most worth visiting Sydney Christmas decorations this year!

Sydney Road, Hornsy Heights

Sydney Road in Hornsby Heights has one of the best Christmas decorations in Sydney.

Almost every one of the nearly 50 households on Sydney Road will carry out a thorough Christmas renovation of their home, and there are many Santa Claus and Christmas elves singing and dancing outside the transparent neon. The streets next to Sydney Road also remain windy, making the Christmas atmosphere in the whole area one of the strongest in Sydney!

Richards Close, Berowra

The Christmas decorations here are the most stunning in the area. Every year, more families will participate in the "Christmas cross-dressing", in addition to the wonderful Christmas decorations, parties and community activities that the entire community will participate in are held. Under the overflowing Christmas atmosphere, visitors from outside the community can also come here to experience the festive atmosphere.

Borgnis Street, Davidson

Davidson’s Borgnis Street can be said to be the “star community” of the Christmas season every year. In addition to the stunning Christmas costumes that every family will decorate, the community will also invite several ice cream trucks and hold barbecue parties, inviting residents and visitors from the entire community to have fun together !

Cambage Court, Davidson

Cambage Court is definitely the "shinyest" neighborhood in Sydney during the Christmas season. In addition to community residents, visitors can also come and explore the wonderful Christmas exhibition composed of more than 10 Christmas lights. In addition, the community will also use this opportunity to raise money, and all the money raised will be used to donate to major charities in Australia.

Prince Albert Avenue, Mosman

Prince Albert Avenue in Mosman has not only a variety of luxury houses, but also a variety of luxury houses that have undergone a "Christmas make-up" during the Christmas season! At night, the mansions decorated with rich Christmas lights look full of Christmas atmosphere.

The Avenues, Wiloughby

The Avenues in Wiloughby is definitely the best place for a night stroll during the Christmas season! In addition to the wonderful lighting, local residents and visitors can also participate in the symphony held by the community or purchase at the Christmas market. In addition to Christmas, the Halloween decorations here can also be said to be a must in Sydney!

Chauvel Street& Cutler Parade, North Ryde

Like The Avenues, the best way to enjoy it here is to stroll at night. The Christmas costumes of every family here will always be upgraded to another level on the basis of the previous year, so it often attracts countless visitors to stop here.

How can there be less shopping at Christmas?

The following editor will introduce to you the business hours of major shopping malls in Sydney. Please check the discount strategy and business hours online in advance, plan your itinerary, and get ready to go!

Westfield shopping center opening hours

December 12-18, 20:9am – 30pm

December 12, 21:9am – 30pm

December 12, 22:9am – 30pm

December 12, 23:9am – 30pm

December 12, 24am – 10 pm

Not open on Christmas Day

Boxing Day, Sydney branch 7am – 9pm

12am – 27pm on December 10

In addition to boxing day, there are also different brands in Westfield in the neighboring days. Some brands have the same discount as boxing day. You can buy in advance~

Want to learn more about the event? Please log in to the official website

Every year, David Jones of the City is the main point for everyone to line up. It will be open at 100 o'clock in the morning on boxing day. Last year the top 50 can also receive a $XNUMX shopping voucher!

And there are Chloe, ARMANI, Jimmy Choo, Valentino, D&G, marc jacobs, TOD, Celine, Victoria Beckham, BALLY and some bags can get up to 4% off!

David Jones shopping mall opening hours


December 12nd 23am-8pm

February 12th 24am – 7pm

Not open on Christmas Day

Want to learn more about the event? Please log in to the official website

Although the brand is slightly worse than David Jones, there are fewer people! And many big designer brands such as Kenzo, McQueen, Alex Perry, etc., as well as various cosmetic counters, will have an annual super discount!

Myer shopping center business hours

Myer’s business hours have also been extended during Christmas.


Open until 23pm on the 9rd, open until 24pm on the 6th

Not open on Christmas Day

Boxing Day, Sydney CBD shopping mall 5am – 9pm

February 12th 27am – 8pm

Want to learn more about the event? Please log in to the official website

DFO business hours:


December 12, 21am-10pm

December 12, 24am-10pm

Not open on Christmas Day, December 12



DFO South Wharf:20 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006

DFO Moorabbin:250 Centre Dandenong Rd, Moorabbin Airport VIC 3194

DFO Essendon:100 Bulla Rd, Essendon Fields VIC 3041

Want to learn more about the event? Please log in to the official website

UGG, Swarovski, Pandora, MK, Furla... there will be discounts! One-stop shopping! There is also Victoria Basement, which sells a variety of exquisite tableware, and there will be even greater discounts on the day, which is very suitable for shopping for household products and many miscellaneous practical items!

QVB business hours:

11 – 12 December

9am - 7pm

December 13

9am - 9pm

December 14

9am - 10pm

December 15

9am - 9pm

16 – 17 December

9am - 7pm

18 – 19 December

8am - 7pm

December 20

8am - 9pm

December 21

8am - 10pm

December 22

8am - 9pm

December 23

8am - 6pm

Christmas Eve, 24 December

9am - 5pm

Christmas Day, 25 December


December 26-27

9am - 6pm

December 28

9am - 9pm

29 – 30 December

9am - 6pm

December 31

10am - 5pm

New Year's Day, 1 January


For more details, please visit the official website:

In another week,Everyone can enlarge the fake,Enjoy the annual happy hour,Are you ready to reward you for a hard year?

I hope you all get ready for a good mood,Welcome to the exciting Christmas carnival!


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