Attention Victorian car owners:Don't play with your phone while driving, it will be a big trouble if you are photographed!

According to reports, a kind of using the most advanced technology in the world,Can clearly capture whether the owner is using a mobile phone while drivingThe equipment has been tested in Victoria.

This kind of equipment looks a bit like a traffic light, it combines an advanced camera with professional computer software,Even on high-speed road sections, very clear images can be captured.By analyzing these images, it is possible to detect whether the car owner is using a mobile phone while driving.

In August this year, the Victorian government tested this equipment on some road sections, and the results were shocking!

  • During the test at Eastern Freeway, it was taken in just 5 hoursMore than 270 peopleCar owners who use mobile phones while driving.
  • In the CityLink test,More than 9 in 1000 hoursThe owners were all photographed using mobile phones,Equivalent to one every 30 seconds!
  • Some drivers even send messages with their mobile phones in both hands, regardless of the steering wheel!

The head of a Sydney company responsible for the development of this technology said,This result is only the tip of the iceberg, and the actual situation is much more serious.

"Although you will be fined for playing on your mobile phone while driving, many people feel that they will not be photographed, so they are unscrupulous."

"Only when people are afraid that they will be photographed playing mobile phones, will they change their behavior, otherwise fines will not have much deterrent effect. This is the meaning of this technology."

But VicRoads said,There is no plan to officially introduce this technology yet, Because before that, a thorough analysis must be conducted, including the capabilities and limitations of the system, whether the relevant laws need to be revised, and so on.

According to statistics, an important cause of serious traffic accidents is that drivers are distracted while driving, such as playing with mobile phones.When driving, if you leave the road for more than 2 seconds, the risk of a traffic accident will double!

Victoria also provides strict regulations on the conditions under which mobile phones can be used while driving, as follows:

  • Trainees, drivers with P1 and P2 licensesIt is strictly forbidden to use mobile phones while driving, regardless of the purpose——Whether it is hand-held or fixed, including when the vehicle is at a standstill. (But not including the situation where the vehicle is parked in a certain place)
  • Drivers with a Full License can make calls or use the music playing function of the mobile phone while driving, but the premise is:The mobile phone must be fixed to a special bracket, and the bracket must also be fixed to the car.Never put the phone on your lap, or let the phone touch any other part of the body. Do not touch or use your mobile phone when waiting for red lights and traffic jams.
  • In addition, when the mobile phone is fixed to the bracket and the bracket is also fixed to the car, the driver can use the GPS/navigation function of the mobile phone, but other functions-including video calling, texting, emailing, etc.- Both are strictly prohibited. So the self-portrait in the book above is forgotten.
  • All drivers who use mobile phones illegally or use other devices (DVDs, tablets, etc.) with movie playback functions while driving will beA fine of $466 and 4 points deducted.

I also remind all drivers and friends to try not to use mobile phones when driving. If you have to use your mobile phone in an emergency, you must first find a safe location and pull over and park. This is not only for yourself, but also for others. Safety.

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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