In the past few days, the Australian media has been dominated by a female student from the University of Sydney, all of them...

Do you remember that there was a sensation in Australia last year?

There was a female student from the University of Sydney who was exploded by exploiting a bank loophole and madly overdrawn 460 million Australian dollars.Then buy limited edition handbags and jewelry, live in a penthouse apartment, and live a luxurious life that everyone envy in Sydney!As a result, the bank finally discovered this loophole, called her to the police and arrested her, and also accused her of illegal profit and fraud.

结果A year has passed,The judge declared:All the allegations against this girlUndo all!

Let us first review this twists and turns of the "shocking case":

The girl's name is Jiaxin Lee (Jiaxin Lee transliteration), a Malaysian Chinese, who was studying chemical engineering at the University of Sydney.According to her own account, on one day in July 2014, she suddenly discovered that her Westpac savings card could be withdrawn indefinitely. But here comes the point:She didn’t admit that she knew it was a bug in the bank.She thought it was her parents who kept giving herself money...

After successfully overdrawing several times, Li Jiaxin began to believe that this is indeed a magical bank card with "inexhaustible and inexhaustible".So she began to spend money boldly and confidently, and from then on lived a luxurious life of white wealth.

The first thing she did was to move out of the old apartment and rent a luxurious penthouse with two bedrooms and two halls, invincible sea view and City View.

The rent is $780 a week.

Then, with this bank card that would always spit out money, Li Jiaxin walked into those luxury shops in Sydney’s Pitt St, QVB without hesitation, and experienced it.crazy shoppingThe thrill.

All kinds of handbags from Hermes, Dior, Chanel, YSL...A Hermès platinum bag is 15 Australian dollars!

Various Chanel, Dior, Cartier jewelry:

Li Jiaxin’s favorite is probably Dior, because,One day she lost 22 Australian dollars in a Dior store in Sydney.

Never underestimate a woman's purchasing power!

This girl is less than 11 months old,Burned 460 million Australian dollars in deposits.

Take a look at the list of Li Jiaxin's prodigal:



With so many famous brand jewelry and cosmetics, Li Jiaxin suddenly became the super white and rich beauty in everyone's mind. Everyone also has a lot of guesses about this girl who spends a lot of money and never worry about no money: her family must be rich...


But, sooner or later I will have to pay it back. After 11 months, Westpac finally discovered this abnormal account.

In March 2015, this account spent 3 million Australian dollars

In April 2015, this account spent another 4 million Australian dollars

Westpac Bank was shocked after discovering this big bug!

Westpac quickly contacted Li Jiaxin and asked her to explain the ins and outs of the huge sum of 460 million. Li Jiaxin immediately denied the use of bank loopholes to overdraw huge sums of money.

"I thought it was the money my parents gave me"

Seeing that Li Jiaxin did not intend to return the money, Westpac called the police and forcibly frozen all Li Jiaxin's personal bank accounts. And started investigating the whole thing.

Westpac found:

In fact, this loophole existed in 2012.

Set up Li Jiaxin’s savings card account somehowUnlimited withdrawal permissions.

After investigation, Li Jiaxin started using this loophole to spend a lot of money in July 2014.Already spent $4 653 333! Among them, nearly 150 million of deposits were scattered among Li Jiaxin's personal accounts, and all other money was turned into bags and jewelry, or was spent on food, drinks and entertainment.

Li Jiaxin also realized that something was wrong, so he planned to escape back to Malaysia and escaped investigation by the Australian police. She may not know it yet, but she has already been targeted by the Australian police.

In May 2016, Li Jiaxin was arrested at Sydney Airport.She was preparing to fly back to Malaysia by plane.

Next, the police went to her luxury apartment in Rhodes and seized all the designer bags and jewelry in the apartment. And waiting for Li Jiaxin may be a lawsuit.

Although Li Jiaxin was released on bail by her boyfriend,But the lawsuit can't go away,I don't know how it will be punished.

However, the facts are not as serious as everyone thought, because during the trial, there was a voice that was recognized by the judge:

"It's the bank who made the mistake first"

"The money was lent to her by the bank"

"She didn't break the law"

It is these points of view that made the judge waver in this case.Because whether Li Jiaxin knew the loophole or not, it was indeed the bank's own mistake that allowed Li Jiaxin to withdraw money continuously.

Therefore, this case has been unresolved and very tangled.

The real reversal of the matter occurred after the judgment of another case:

In December last year, an Australian man also found a bug in a bank ATM machine, allowing unlimited cash withdrawal. Then,He took 210 million Australian dollars without hesitation.

Then I turned around and used the money to buy an Aston Martin luxury sports car, limited edition jerseys, limited edition CDs, etc...

Then he was arrested for fraud.

The point is that he was acquitted soon.

same,The court believed that he was not deceiving the bank at all, and all withdrawal records were recorded. The bank itself had a problem and allowed him to withdraw money in this way.Therefore, this cannot be regarded as a fraud by this gentleman and was acquitted.

Li Jiaxin’s case is of the same nature, and because of this case as a reference, for Li Jiaxin, there is no illegal act.All of her withdrawal records are in the bank's records, and the bank has its own problems.

In the end, all the charges against Li Jiaxin were cancelled, and the money that could be recovered was confiscated, and those who could not be recovered were stopped.

In short, she can return to Malaysia with peace of mind.

From getting rich overnight, to being imprisoned, to being acquitted, Li Jiaxin has experienced various ups and downs in the past three years.Nowadays, she doesn’t know how to deal with the luxury goods she bought with bank money, but the most likely thing is to be auctioned off to cover the bank’s losses...

Although she is safe and sound now, all this experience is also a severe lesson for her.You cannot take ill-gotten wealth, and you will have to pay it back sooner or later.

However, what everyone is most concerned about is the court trial:

Banks should bear the consequences for their mistakes.

Now, these few judgments of the NSW court fully show everyone:Whoever makes a mistake bears the consequences, fair!

News compiled from "Daily Telegraph, 9 News, Daily Mail"


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