In recent years, more and more people have come to study in Australia. Even if the immigration policy continues to tighten, it still cannot stop the enthusiasm of international students.

According to data from the Australian Department of Education, as of October 2017, the number of international students in Australia has reached 10, a year-on-year increase of 606,780%.

However, the degree of higher education is limited after all, and the competition is therefore more intense. As a result, some international students made a crooked idea-fraud in order to enter their ideal school.

Serious fraud by international students

According to Australian media, fraud mainly includesFalsify academic certificates, tamper with transcripts, provide false sick leave materialsWait to meet the admission criteria or get an extension of the exam.

This phenomenon isNSWIt is particularly prominent, after all, there are many high-quality universities there. It is reported that among the major universities in Sydney,Material fraud has become the only main reason why international students are suspended or expelled!

According to the FOI information retrieved, in the past 3 years, the University of New South Wales has expelled 54 international students, most of whom are studyingBusiness, Engineering and Lawcourse. Some of them also combined with intermediaries to provide false high school and college transcripts.

In addition to UNSW, five international students from Macquarie University were expelled this year because of forged transcripts and other documents.

"Some of the false documents that caused the student to be expelled or suspended are related to the admission application, including transcripts and exam certificates," said a spokesperson for the school.

As for the University of Sydney, as early as this year’s final exam, the Australian media revealed that 65 students from the school had forged or illegally purchased a doctor’s certificate as a voucher for the purpose of applying for Special Consideration and were suspended or illegally purchased a doctor’s certificate. Expelled!

Some UTS students were caught forging documents, but most of them falsified attendance records to avoid mandatory internships.

All parties respond

For academic materials, there is no uniform standard and requirement worldwide, and verification is not so easy. This provides room for counterfeiters to operate, thus deceiving the admissions department.

But if caught out, the consequences will be serious. A UNSW spokesperson said, “A few years ago, UNSW launched a comprehensive review system to identify individual fraudulent documents. Once discovered, fraudulent students will beExpelled immediately. "

In addition to strictly investigating fraudulent admissions applications, colleges and universities are also further reforming their procedures for Special Consideration applications. For example, the University of Sydney has set up a department to review Special Consideration applications, conduct random checks on the submitted doctor's certificate, call back doctors, and investigate the authenticity of the certificate.

Although the media exposed NSW this time, it does not mean that there is no fraud in other states. The Federal Government and the Ministry of Education have ordered higher education supervisory agenciesEnact new laws to severely punish student fraud

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Education said, “As for any academic misconduct by international students, the admission institution must take it seriously. This is the first and most important thing.”

"The government also requires the Higher Education Standards Panel to formulate corresponding measures to maintain the academic integrity of Australian higher education, includingLegislation to address fraud and fraud. "

All in all, government agencies and schools are becoming more and more familiar with the routines used by students to take advantage of loopholes, and the review will be more and more stringent in the future.

Serious consequences of fraud

When applying for a visa, most international students still need to use the materials when applying for the school, and the Australian Immigration Bureau is also very strict against fraud.

The new 11 clause, which took effect for a period of time on November 18 this year, extended the retroactive period for artificial leave for visa applications to 4020 years! It can be said that once it is found to be fraudulent, it will basically have nothing to do with the Australian visa.

Although it has only been implemented for 17 days, this extremely severe policy was rejected due to opposition from the Green Party and the Labor Party, butThe consequences of fraud still exist

According to the pre-reform regulations:

  • If the applicant commits fraud in the visa application or the visa held in the 12 months before the application, then the applicant does not meet the requirements of Article 4020 and mustWait 12 monthsIt can be resubmitted later.
  • If the visa is refused due to violation of clause 4020, then 3The Internal Immigration Bureau will not approve any visa submitted by it that is subject to Section 4020.
  • If the applicant is rejected due to the authenticity of his identity, then the applicant and all sub-applicants in the rejected application will 10All visa applications submitted within the 4020 that are subject to clause XNUMX may be rejected and cannot be exempted
  • Even if the fraud in the visa application was not done by oneself, but happened without knowing it, it still can’t go away.

To take a step back, even if the fake materials used in the school application are not used in the visa application, as long as it is verified by the school, whether it is a short-term expulsion (one or two semester suspension) or a permanent expulsion, it may cause a long study gap. This will cause international students to violate the visa terms and lead toVisas were cancelled or even deported.

In short, no matter what policies the Australian government will introduce in the future to combat fraud, severe punishment will definitely exist. As the saying goes, if you can hide it for a while, you can't hide it for a lifetime. Even if you get a PR, your visa will still be cancelled due to fraud.

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