Summer: The sky is here, there are more people going to the beach, and all kinds of ferocious animals are waiting for the opportunity to move!

In the evening of last Friday, atKewarra Beach, a famous beach in Cairns, QueenslandAt the same time, when many people were enjoying the beauty of the seaside while taking a leisurely stroll, suddenly, a behemoth swam over the sea not far away.

This guy swam closer and closer, and finally swam out of the sea and onto the beach.

Everyone took a closer look and found out, Oh My God!

It turned out to be a ferocious crocodile!

And it wasOnly a few meters away from tourists!

Even if you accidentally get a bite!

A tourist present at the time said that the crocodile is longAround 1.5m-2m. After it came out of the water, it had been lying on the beach with its big mouth open and staying on the beach for about half an hour before leaving.

It is said that this crocodile may be tired from swimming in the water, so he went to the beach to rest. Because it appeared at Trinity Beach about 12 kilometers south of this sandy beach at noon, and then it swam all the way north to Kewarra Beach.

Its appearance caused Trinity Beach to temporarily close for 4 hours.

However, in Tuao, a country where poisonous insects and beasts are rampant, it is nothing new to find crocodiles on the beach.

In the past 12 days, crocodiles have been spotted in Machans Beach, Palm Cove, Port Douglas, Daintree and other places in Queensland.

On November 11, surveillance cameras also captured one in Port of TownsvilleA big crocodile 4 meters long!

However, although the crocodile is fierce, the sturdy Tu-Ao people are not afraid at all.

I still remember that in October last year, a female man in the Northern Territory was walking along the river with her pet dog. By accident, she came across a crocodile swimming towards the shore. Ordinary people must be frightened to panic when seeing this situation, but the female man did not change her face and her heart beat.He picked up a slipper and slapped it forcefully at the crocodile.

The crocodile in the water probably knew that the man on the shore was not easy to mess with, so he ran away dingy...

In other words, the people of Tuao and Australia were so sturdy, they were probably forced out. You know, in this country where snakes, insects, rats and ants are rampant, you may encounter scary animals anytime and anywhere.

Go to the mailbox to get a letter and found one! whole! nest! Spider.

Driving on the road, a kangaroo suddenly jumped out.

I went out to catch a fish and saw a big shark.

Even bats, animals that have only been seen on TV before, can become widespread in Australia!

Recently, the small town of Charters Towers in northern Queensland was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of bats.The place visible to the naked eye is densely packed with bats everywhere, and the sky almost turns black, making the scene quite frightening.

If you see a crowded phobia, you have to commit...

I have lived in Tuao for a few years. I don’t know if I have grown in other areas, but I can definitely develop my courage. Otherwise, you won’t survive even one episode...

News compiled from "7 news, Daily Mail"


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