How can you have a perfect and money-saving trip this Christmas holiday? Choose a flight guide within Australia!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Christmas holiday is coming soon

With such a beautiful sunshine, do you want to take your luggage and go for a walk-and-go trip?

The editor is a little bit ready to move!

Most people traveling in Australia would chooseMachineOrSelf-driving tour,

Self-driving tourThere are generally two types:

A kindIt is the plane that flies over and rents a car locally for self-driving, which can reduce long-distance driving and ease the fatigue of the journey.

anotherIt means driving to any place by car, flexible time and unlimited luggage weight.

However, most people still choose to travel by air, which is convenient after all!

So the question is, which airline is more economical to choose?

The editor concluded that the most frequently used large airlines in Australia areFour:

  • Jetstar
  • Tigerair
  • Virqin
  • Qantas

Well, the editor below will compare these four companies, and will add some TripAdvisor reviews for your reference!


Jetstar is aAustralia Low Cost AirlineThe company, most international students or people who travel to Australia will choose this airline.

This ticket can be said to be the cheapest flight in Australia, but because the ticket is cheap, only one is allowed7kgOf hand luggage,No checked baggage,And on the planeDoes not provide any free meals and water,You can only pay for meals and water. (But secretly telling you that you can swipe your card on the plane)

If you have too much luggage, of course the airline will think of it too!

Checked baggage weight and charges from Melbourne to Sydney

Fortunately, checked luggage is not expensive, I remember when I went to Tasmania20kg luggage seems to be $19.

Anyway, everyone is average20kg luggage $20aboutYou can do it!

But this is the price of checked baggage when booking!

Like I bought the ticket, I suddenly remembered that I had to add luggage, and then I bought it on the website$27/20kgNow!

Go to the airport counter to buy more expensive:

Also, some people have a fluke mentality and feel that they don’t know if they carry a bag that exceeds 7kg. That is wrong! ! !

You underestimated the seriousness of Australian airports...

If you’re lucky, of course you’ll get by, if you’re not lucky... hehe

Have a preciseDigital scaleWaiting for you right where you check-in!

My bag has been weighed. Fortunately, it is not overweight, but some people are not so lucky. After being overweight, they can only pay the bill obediently.

At that time, I bought luggage tickets at the airportMore than ten knives/kg!

I forgot the exact amount, anyway, she said that she was almost in time for a ticket...

(Reviews from TripAdvisor


Tiger Airways is a low-cost airline in Singapore.

The basic requirements are actually the same as Jetstar.Hand luggage 7kg unchecked luggage,Free meals and water are not provided on the plane.

The same is the checked baggage weight and charges from Melbourne to Sydney, so it seems that the price is not much different from Jetstar.

Of course there will be occasionallyDigital scaleIt's called hand luggage, it's probably common to low-cost airlines!

(Reviews from TripAdvisor


When I was searching for information, I suddenly discovered that Virgin Atlantic also claimed to be Australia's low-cost airline? !

But to be honest, compared with the two low-cost airlines mentioned above, it has almost no advantage in price...

But its advantage is that the ticket includes a23kg of checked luggage,Moreover, free meals are provided on the plane, which seems okay, but to be honest, I usually fly within one or two hours within Australia, and meals on the plane may not be a necessity.

By the way, virqin can select seats online for free, and the two companies beforeextra $5 for seat selectionOh!

I would also like to remind you that it’s also not allowed for one suitcase to exceed23kg shareOh!

(Reviews from TripAdvisor


Qantas is a very good airline in Australia.

The price is also quite good. It is suitable for the passengers who have money and pursue comfort and enjoyment, but not suitable for those of us who save [email protected]@

However, it also contains23kg free luggageOh! If it exceeds23kg,Please refer to the picture below:

(Reviews from TripAdvisor


What if you don’t have money, but you really want to have a relationship with this airline?

It's not without a chance, just go to Jetstar! Because Jetstar is a subsidiary of Qantas, XD

By the way, when I searched, I suddenly found out that qantas didn’t forget to advertise itself when jumping to the page.Here are four reasons to choose Qantas:

Provide a few belowChristmas + New Year's DayAirfare quotes for popular cities during holidays

(Only departing from Melbourne)

For reference























Specific time and flight elsewhere

Please refer to the official website of each airline


Last friendly reminder:

Look carefully when buying low-cost airline tickets!

Some tickets are not allowed to be refunded...


I hope everyone can have a perfect Christmas holiday with the people they want to accompany!


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