The Victorian version of "Disneyland" opens next week! The results of the $5000 million transformation will make your blood spurt!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
This is the most fun park in Victoria!

At a cost of 5000 million Australian dollars, after months of intensive upgrades,Gumbuya Park, located in the southeast of Victoria, is finally about to unveil its new look!And this park known as the Victorian version of "Disneyland" has a new name that is domineering and leaky.Gumbuya World!

 The park will officially open to visitors on December 12.

So, what has become of the park after the "facelift"? The editor will give you a brief introduction.

The entire park accounts forLand area of ​​166 hectares, including 7 theme areas, more than 50 amusement projects, Is a setWater park, resort, wild zoo, large conference centerAs a whole "world-class" tourist attraction.

1. Huge safari park

This is one of the characteristics of Gumbuya Park,In the past, more than 300 kinds of animals including dingoes, fur-nosed wombats, koalas, emu and various birds lived here, but after the transformation, more wild animals will be attracted to settle here.

Big friends and children can get in touch with cute animals here.

2. Family area suitable for the whole family

4 in the family zoneCinema D, ropes course, roller coaster, jumping machine, disco rideVarious recreational facilities. Visitors can enjoy the thrill, excitement, and rapid heartbeat here.

3. The coolest water park

The water park has the highest water slide in Australia.It just happens that summer is here, and everyone can come here to skate to your heart's content! Tourists can alsoTake a lazy spring river ride on an inflatable boat, or you can feel the fun of "Walking with Dinosaurs".

4. Jungle Resort

Don’t worry if you want to spend the night here, Jungle huts, campsites, hotels, motels, function centers and other supporting facilities are all available, Can provide various conveniences for overnight tourists.

In fact, speaking of Gumbuya Park, it has a long history.It is an hour's drive from Melbourne city centre.

It used to be a farm in the past, and later it was built into a wild zoo, which opened in 1978. In the early 80s, some amusement facilities were added and transformed into a park.

Golden Pheasant at the doorIt is its most striking symbol.

However, due to the old facilities and the vicissitudes of life in recent years, it can no longer attract everyone's interest and can only rely on discounts to maintain business.

Last year, Jayco Caravans founder Gerry Ryan and founder Wal Pisciotta bought the park for A$465 million and announced a major renovation of the park, turning it into a veritable "Melbourne Tour". Music field".

Next week, on December 12, the transformed park will officially open, and it will be available on the official website from now on bought a ticket. (Only accept online ticket purchase)

Park address:2705 ​​Princes Hwy, Tynong North, Victoria 3813

Opening hours: 10am-6pm

The editor is now full of expectations!

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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