Yesterday afternoon, a deliberate car accident occurred at the entrance of the Flinders train station in the transport hub of Melbourne's city center. An Afghan man drove a car and hit a crowd of people crossing the street, causing 19 people to be injured and 4 people dying.

The police claimed that this person was deliberately causing the accident, but there is currently no evidence that he was connected with terrorists.

At about 4:40 this Thursday, a car crashed into a person outside the Flinders Street train station in Melbourne's CBD. According to multiple media reports, 19 people were injured in the incident, including a child.

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Victoria Police Commissioner Shane Patton said that an Afghan man drove a white Suzuki Vitara SUV into the crowd. At present, the man has been arrested by the police. Although the police believed that the man deliberately drove into someone, butThere is no evidence that this matter is related to terrorism.

At the time of the incident, a reader was there. He told reporters afterwards that what he was most worried about finally happened.

"I just passed that intersection and bought a cup of coffee at 7-11 at the intersection and prepared to take the tram. As soon as I got on the tram, I heard a loud noise, and then the crowd panicked. When I got out of the car, I found something went wrong." Called.

"In fact, I thought that intersection was dangerous a long time ago because it was a T-shaped intersection. Pedestrians can walk in the entire rectangular area, so there will be a lot of people there. IMHO, that intersection is the place most likely to be targeted by criminals. "He told reporters.

"I've always been worried about crossing that intersection, but it really happened today."

After the incident, the police acted immediately, knocking the suspected driver to the ground and arresting him.

According to the police, the arrested driver was an immigrant from Afghanistan. The police stated that the man had a history of drug abuse and mental illness. Patton said: "As far as we know, the man is receiving treatment for mental illness."

Another man at the scene was also arrested

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Victoria Police spokesman Russell Barrett said that the injuries of several injured people were very serious, including a preschooler. It is reported that the child's head was severely injured in the accident.

An eyewitness named Cameron Von Borstel said that he heard a loud noise during the incident and thought it was a car hitting a tram. "I walked to the street and found that several people were lying on the ground, and the passers-by came to help."

Yes, in the whole incident, the most shocking and moving thing is probably the quality that the Melbourneans showed in the first time.

After the incident, many people did not choose to escape, but went up to help the wounded as soon as possible. The scene was very moving.

Even if the SUV at this time is still in heavy smoke, there is an unknown danger at any time!

At the scene, a group of people gathered around each injured person, assisting the police and doctors to provide first aid as much as possible.

There are also many people who helped women and children evacuate immediately after the incident.

They are most in need of protection during terrorist attacks!

After the incident, a police officer who was resting came forward!

He was not in a rotating state, he could have chosen to watch, but under the call of duty, he resolutely rushed up, risked his life to fight the perpetrator, and arrested him!

He was injured in many places, but he became an out-and-out hero.

Of course, there are still many people whose actions after the incident are equally touching:

Many people took the initiative to call the police and actively cooperated with the police to testify;

Many people volunteer to help channel traffic;

Many people take the initiative to tell relatives and friends not to go to this area...

Here, I want to say, you are all heroes!

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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said: "This is a very terrible incident. This is a cowardly act." Andrews also said that Victoria's security threat level will not be raised as a result, and people can still enjoy their holidays.

The following is the full text of the governor's speech:

"What happened in Flinders Street today was an act of evil.

What happened on Flinders St was an evil deed.

This was an attack on innocent bystanders – people finishing their Christmas shopping, heading home from work, unwinding for the year.

This is an attack on innocent passers-by. People have just finished their Christmas shopping or come home from get off work, looking forward to the end of the year.

They did not deserve this. Our city did not deserve this.

They should not be troubled by this evil, and our city is no different.

Christmas should be a time of celebration, spent with loved ones.

Christmas is a time of celebration, and it should be spent with loved ones.

Instead, for many Victorian families, it will now be a permanent reminder of the day their lives changed forever.

However, this incident has forever changed the lives of many Victorian families and they will always remember this day.

To the victims and their families, we extend our support and our love.

We extend our support and love to the victims and their relatives and friends.

And to those heroes – our first responders, and those who rushed to the aid of others – we extend our deepest thanks

And for those who came forward the first time, and those who stepped forward to help, we would like to express our deep gratitude.

Anyone affected can contact the Victims Support Helpline on 1800 819 817.

All those who need help can call the victim support hotline, 1800 819 817

Tonight, Victorians stand strong, and we stand together

Tonight, all Victorians will work together. "

Australian Prime Minister Tan Bao said in a statement that this was a “shocking incident” and hoped that the injured would recover soon. Tan Bao also promised that the federal government and Victorian security agencies will conduct a thorough investigation of the matter.

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Although there is currently no evidence that this incident is related to terrorism, Australia does face a terrorist threat, and this incident also fully shows that terrorists do not need weapons, as long as they have a car, they can cause a lot of casualties.

This year, this kind of thing happened twice,Both times caused heavy casualties and panic,Perhaps, some places should be changed.

Finally, Governor Andrews said very well and would like to encourage everyone:

"We have to be strong, we have to continue on as a community... come in, go to the carols, go to the cricket,"

"We will be strong and our community will be as always. We will continue to celebrate Christmas and enjoy cricket"

Yes, no matter the planAttackerWhoever it is will fail,Because we know himTheyDespicable purpose-Trapped us in panic.

What we have to do is adequate security precautions, face life with smileThis is for himTheyThe best fight back.

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