Today, the editor brings you a guide for a day trip to Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges!

Here are five great Brunch restaurants and three orchards where you can pick strawberries and blueberries:

Olinda Tea House

Olinda Tea House is an internet celebrity restaurant decorated in a Japanese style.

He also drafted a Chinese name called "Dujuan Villa".

Just by hearing the name, it is a shop with a very elegant environment.

And the cuisine taste of the dinner is also very Chinese,

Variety of delicious dishesGuaranteed to satisfy your stomach.

Here you can also sit down and have a cup of tea and chat,

Taste some delicate and delicious desserts.

After a full meal, you can go to the backyard of the restaurant,

Take a leisurely stroll around the chic courtyard to relax~

Address: 86A Olinda-Monbulk Road, Olinda VIC 3788 Tel: 03 9751 0556

Business hours: Closed on Tuesday, Monday to Sunday 10:30am-9pm

Miss Marple's Tearoom

Miss Marples's Tearoom is also a restaurant full of gourmet desserts!

His desserts are really amazing!

Let's relax with a cup of ice cream in summer!

Address: 382 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, Sassafras, Melbourne Tel: 03 9755 1610

Business hours: Monday to Friday 11am-4pm

Saturday & Sunday 11am-4:30pm

Oakridge Wines Cellar

Door & Restaurant

Oakridge Restaurant is located in the center of Yarra Valley

Looking at the endless scenery at the foot of the mountain,

The beautiful environment here can definitelyMake you feel 10 times better when you eat!

The wine here is also very famous~

Food and wine are perfect!

Address: 864 Maroondah Highway, Yarra Glen, Melbourne Tel: 03 9738 9900

Business Hours: Closed on Tuesday & Wednesday

Monday to Sunday 10am-5pm

Evolve Fair Food Store

Evolve Fair Food Store is a very warm and lovely store!

If you like desserts, you must try it~

Address: 68 Monbulk Road, Belgrave, Melbourne Tel: 03 9754 1437

Business Hours: Closed on Monday & Tuesday

Wednesday to Sunday 9 am-4pm

After the meal, you are ready to set off for the orchard! Although the cherry picking season has passed, those who have not yet gone to the orchard to pick fruit should not worry!

January and February at the beginning of the year are exactlyStrawberryAnd variousA good season for fresh berries to ripen~

Blue Hills Berries & Cherries

If you have a soft spot for plum fruit,

Come to Blue Hills to enjoy the impact of various flavors of fruits~

A variety of berries are grown in this orchard:

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberriesAre here waiting for you~

Blue Hills Orchard is located at the foot of Dandenong Mountain.

The picturesque scenery is perfect for a picnic!

Address: 27 Parker Rd & 30 Chapman Rd, Silvan 3795 Tel: 03 9737 9400

Opening hours: 9am-5pm every day in January

February to April Tuesday-Sunday 9am-5pm

Rayner's Orchard

Rayner's Orchard grows hundreds of fruits,

Different fruits ripen throughout the year,

In the parkMore than 400 fruit treesLet you pick the fun together!

Here you can pick peaches, nectarines, citrus, apricots, plums, kiwi, guava, pomegranate...

Apart from picking, you can feel the real farm work here.

The fun of learning to make canned fruits!

You can have another cup of coffee after labor experience,

Finally, bring home a bottle of jam or canned food~

Address: 60 Schoolhouse Rd, Woori Yallock Tel: 03 5964 7654

夏季开放时间: 8:30am-5pm  春秋冬季节开放时间:9am-4pm

Jay's Berries

Jay's Berries is a charming berry estate.

Dozens of different plums grow in this pretty Jay's Berries manor.

Freshly picked berries can't stop when they are soft,

There are many other than strawberriesFresh vegetables can also be picked in the manor!

After eating fruit, bring some vegetables home,

The perfect end to a happy weekend~

Address: 140 Wandin Creek Road Wandin East VIC 3139 Tel: 03 5964 4451

Opening hours: January to March, Monday to Sunday 8:30am-5pm (except for Saturdays not open)

Tips before departure

  • Australia summerStrong UV, Most of the picking gardens are open to the sun. Must do wellSun protection and summer work. You can choose to apply sunscreen, wear a hat or wear sunscreen clothing and other sun protection measures!
  • It is recommended to wear comfortable and light-heeled shoes to facilitate walking when picking.Try to wear long pantsTo prevent mosquito bites.
  • It is not recommended to pick it after the rain, Because the fruit is soaked in rain water will affect the taste.

Tips when picking

  • Choosing fruits is a big task, and you should choose according to different types of fruits. Generally speaking, it is necessary to choose fresh fruits,Bright color,Uniform sizeIf there is no rotten fruit or cracked fruit, the color should be more consistent.
  • Don't pull the branches hard to pick fruits from high places. The fruit trees are relatively thin. To prevent the branches from breaking and your injury, you mustDon't climb treesIt usually takes 5 years to recover from broken branches.
  • The correct way to pick is to grasp the bottom or stem of the fruit and gently pull it down. PleaseDon’t grab several at once, This will damage trees, branches and young shoots.
  • Suggestions during pickingBring a bottle of water, The weather is hot, it is easy to get thirsty during the picking process, and it can also be used to relieve heat.
  • When picking fruits, please pick according to your actual situation,Do not waste!

I wish everyone an unforgettable weekend at Yarra Valley & Dandenong Mt~

Eating, drinking, having fun and picking the fruits is the perfect and pleasant holiday!


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