Time: January 2018, 1 Author: Gu Fan Location: Melbourne, Australia

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games swimming venue "Water Cube", because its design has left a permanent memory for the world, it is unprecedented in history. The design team of "Water Cube" was designed by the Australian PTW Design Company, and its inspiration Coming from blisters, creative designs were screened out through competitions, and they were formed through repeated discussions by experts. This can be said to be the ingenious combination of inspiration and professionalism that can produce such a great building.

As a result, some jewelers have also begun to incorporate such designs into jewellery. For example, a jewellery designer in Guangdong has designed jewellery with the concept of water cube, which is beautiful in shape.

With its unique historical origin and moving stories, Yuhua Gems can also create designs with a story as the main line. For example, the "Psychic Jade" of the Dream of Red Mansions depicts the Yuhua gems so beautifully, and this has been verified by various experts, then we don't need to stay here anymore, and we can use creative designs to highlight the Yuhua gems. The meaning of "Dream of Red Mansions" is presented in a more exaggerated art. This way, history will not fade away with the passage of time, because not everyone knows the masterpiece "A Dream of Red Mansions" very well, especially if you want the world to understand this masterpiece, you need a very clever way. As a very good medium for spreading Chinese culture, Yuhua Gems should give us enough creative space. Since the "Dream of Red Mansions" that has been passed down through the ages can be born, why not have a representative design?

Ancient literati can let Yuhua gems express their love for the landscape, and various popular verses are born from this, but how can the world also appreciate the verses that only the Chinese understand? This requires a fuss on Yuhua gem design. I have also been engaged in management in Fortune 500 companies, and what I feel most impressed is that Eastern management is implicit and Western management is direct. Orientals place emotions on poetry and verses, hiding emotions in verses, and intoxicating themselves; Westerners express emotions directly, logically and meticulously. The combination of beautiful Eastern legends and Western creativity will be an unparalleled picture waiting for us to paint.

Chinese element jewelry designed by Cartier