useLeftovers entertain customers, kitchens are dim and dirty, food is contaminated... Some restaurants in Victoria can be described as "fancy to death". According to "The Age", throughout Victoria,Melbourne CBD has become the area with the most sanitary substandard restaurants.

According to data from City of Melbourne, although the CBD has a large number of restaurants and a rich nightlife, many restaurants have violated the food hygiene regulations, and only five restaurants have violated eight.

In the CBD area, Chinatown hasTwo Chinese restaurantsNamed.

One is located atCity Orchids Gardens (兰苑酒家) at 119 Little Bourke Street.

This restaurant is famous for serving unlimited dumplings on Monday, but it was fined the most in 2017, up to$ 354,504!

It is reported that Lanyuan Restaurant has violated three provisions of the Food Act (The Food Act). The main problems are that they did not clean up the residence to avoid pests, accumulated excessive food residues, and the environment was dirty and oily.

On Google, some netizens posted this evaluation:

"The service attitude is very good, very basic Asian cuisine. We planned to eat something fast, but they gave us food poisoning the next day."

"The service is terrible. The main course came before the appetizers, and my girlfriend's order was 15 minutes before it was served. Everyone else finished. It was the worst restaurant I've ever been to."

Another Chinese restaurant is locatedEmpress of China at 115 Little Bourke St, The fine exceeded$ 26000!

When the health inspector of City of Melbourne went to Empress of China in September 2016, he found that the food and beverage utensils in the store were very unhygienic.

In addition, the temperature monitoring device in the store cannot accurately measure the temperature of the food, and the hand washing equipment is not easy to use.

Many customers gave bad reviews after eating. A guest named Eva Cornelisse gave Empress of China a star on Google Review and commented:

"I found a disgusting curl in the food. Obviously it's not mine or anyone on our table, because it really looks like pubic hair."

I have to say that these restaurants just sound disgusting. in factThe Victorian Government’s Food Convictions Register (Food Convictions Register)There are listed restaurants that do not meet hygiene standards in various regions of Victoria.

In the CBD, in addition to the above two Chinese restaurants, these restaurants have also been listed on this website because of their lack of hygiene standards:

Other areas include:


Glen Waverley:

Noble Park:


If you want to know more restaurants that do not meet the standard, you can go to the following website to check:

According to this website, there were 2017 restaurants in Victoria that did not meet the hygienic standards in 23, but according to the spokesperson of the Victorian Government’s Food Safety Division Graeme Walker, this number may actually be even higher.

2016-2017整个财政年裡,City of Melbourne总共接到7起上诉,但是2017-2018财政年,目前已经有5起上诉了。

So here comes the question, if someone is really unlucky,What should I do if something goes wrong? You can refer to the following reporting methods.

First of all, you have to know which Melbourne council manages your restaurant (79 in Victoria). If you don’t know, you can go to the following website:

For example, here we can enter the address of Empress of China: 115 Little Bourke, Melbourne, and after searching, we get information about the Melbourne City Council that manages it:

Then, you can call and tell the staff to find the health inspection department, and ask them to transfer you to the relevant department.

Later, you report the restaurant to the staff and tell them how the restaurant violates the law.

But I still hope that everyone will never use this website. So don't go to the restaurants mentioned above for dinner in the near future!

News compiled from "The Age"


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