How to describe the weather today?

Well, the official website of The Age handed over an answer with a full score: the first position in the headline, 4 articles all describe today's "hot"

Please don't be exposed to the sun as much as possible, and it is best not to go out!

After two consecutive days of 40° increase, Melbourne this week seems to be unfriendly to everyone.

Starting from 40° in the evening yesterday, Melbourne's lowest temperature last night dropped to 26°, and today's temperature will surpass yesterday. At 9 o'clock this morning, it was already over 30°!

Why is it so hot today?

Because the Bureau of Meteorology said:

The cold air in these two days was less than expected. . . .

However, tomorrow there will be more than 50% probability of rain and the temperature will drop slightly.

In such hot weather, everyone must take measures to avoid the heat.

In the high temperature yesterday, 6 people in Victoria have been admitted to hospital because of the high temperature.

Today is hotter than yesterday, so you need to pay more attention to staying hydrated.

In fact, the worst is the players who participated in the Australian Open.

At the beginning of the Australian Open, many people are okay to see your king up close.

However, those who watched the game yesterday will find that the runners are exhausted from running.

Gasping ceaselessly, looks about to faint.

Actually not tired,It's hot...

What would it be like to run wild under the 40+ degree sun?

During the break, the contestants quickly apply ice cubes and ice water to cold compresses.

How can such weather be normal?

Exercising vigorously under high temperature can be described as mental and physical suffering for the players.

The ground temperature of the stadium is as high as69 degrees! This is simply playing with life!

A friend sent a wire report from the front saying:

"I'm almost heating up..."

"The direct sunlight makes it hard to see the game!"

"It's the same with or without sunscreen in this kind of ghost weather. I went home with two colors on my body."

When asked if it would be suspended if it is so hot, the organizer replied this:

"The players prepare for this, they come early to acclimatise to our weather, they know Melbourne can be 18 degrees or 38 degrees,"

These players should have prepared for our weather. They know that Melbourne is the kind of city that will be 18° in one second and 38° in the next.

As the hottest day in two years, please take measures to avoid the heat.

Prepare more ice-cream drinks at home and turn on the air conditioner. It's really not working, please go to an air-conditioned place~

News compiled from "The Age"


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