Date: January 2018, 1 Author: Gu Fan Location: Melbourne, Australia

Yuhua gemstone originated from China. It has been a literati and poet's love of landscape since the Northern and Southern Dynasties. There are countless poems about Yuhua gemstone. The most famous is the depiction of this psychic treasure in "A Dream of Red Mansions": this jade "It's as big as a bird's egg, bright like a bright cloud, lustrous like a crisp, five-color pattern wrapped around it. Jia Baoyu was born with this precious jade, so it was named "Jia Baoyu".

Coincidentally, Song DynastyDu Wan"Yunlin Stone Book" contains: "There are gravel in the river water of Jiangning Mansion, so called snails, where there are five colors...the texture of the cocoon is transparent, and it is warm and moist."

Former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai also collected many Yuhua gems.

These legends undoubtedly add to the strong mystery of Yuhua Gem. Modern people enjoy Yuhua Gem, mainly based on its original pattern appreciation, and the part that can better reflect its value is that it is designed according to the original pattern to be more ornamental. The value pattern allows people all over the world to share this gift from nature to mankind.

Yuhua gemstone carving

Regarding the design of Yuhua gemstones, Australian gem experts put forward several suggestions: For rough stones, they can be polished and polished to show clearer patterns; another possibility is to cut them into pieces, because the patterns presented on each layer will vary. Different; it is also possible to ingeniously carve gemstones to make works that meet the appreciation of people from all over the world, and this is the best way to enhance the value of Yuhua gemstones. In this way, it not only carried out cultural exchanges with the world, but also added new elements to the world gem industry and investment market, which is the best of both worlds.

Yuhua gemstone chalcedony pendant necklace designed by Shi Weiyu

Throughout the world’s well-known brands, sapphire, ruby, jade, jade, emerald, quartz, agate, onyx, chalcedony, jasper, malachite and other gems from all over the world have occupied half of the jewelry and accessories design. , Gems and diamonds complement each other, coupled with the unique skills of each designer, the design of jewelry into a unique style, it can be said to be truly amazing.


Jade bracelet designed by Cartier

     Jade ring designed by Cartier

Of course, its price is high, and it has far exceeded the value of gems and diamonds. The combination of natural gems and human wisdom has increasingly become the mainstream of today's jewelry design.

A representative agate pendant necklace designed by Cartier