I have to admit that Australia is a rich and colorful world. After many people came to Australia, they opened the door to a new world. Because here you can easily get a variety of experiences, and today the editor will tell you:How to obtain these keys to open the door to a new world!

Diving card

How beautiful the ocean world is, shouldn't it be said?

And how top Australia’s marine world is in the world, it doesn’t need to be described anymore. A single Great Barrier Reef, which is unique in the world, can beat many diving spots.

In the rich and colorful world of Tuao and Australia, besides universities, there are many different kinds of documents to take the test, and they are not like eachprofessional certificateIt took months or even years to review, and I got a lot of certificates just playing around. So in Australia, if you can't dive, you will lose a lot of fun!

So, how to get a diving qualification in Australia?

ways of registration: There is no fixed location. Most places in Melbourne that offer diving programs offer diving courses. Just ask.

网站 : PADI.com

Cost: $399-$1199 range, depending on the course you choose

There are several organizations that are recognized to issue diving certificates around the world, and PADI is currently popular.PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)The Professional Diving Instructor Association has a history of more than 40 years and is the largest in the world. It issues more than one million certificates every year and uses at least 26 types of teaching materials.Including Chinese.

For beginners, if you first get an Open Water diving certificate, you can already have fun! First, complete the online course on the PADI official website (of course you can also choose to study offline, but you must find a PADI-certified institution), watch some videos to understand basic diving knowledge and safety instructions.

After completing the theory course, you can go into the water!

The first day ispool session,At the beginning of the swimming pool, I was abused by the coach and swam for 20 back and forth. Later, I will teach you all kinds of skills to learn on the seabed, as well as various gestures expressed on the seabed, how to load and unload equipment, solve the water ingress of the mask, and how to solve the ear Pressure issues, etc. Except for soaking in the water all day, everything else is quite easy.

Next dayReally into the seaAh, I didn't go very deep at the beginning. I went to the beach to review the skills I learned the day before, and then I slowly entered the deep sea to see all kinds of beautiful fish.

Third day meetingDive deeper,Many fishes are swimming around with you, and seeing the ancient cannon sinking on the bottom of the sea, I just cried happily. I think after I get the certificate, I will run to the bottom of the sea without problems.

After you have received three days of training, you can ask the coach to sign for online certification.Two weeks laterIn the mailbox, you will receive a diving certificate with a big head ID photo, and you can launch Finding Nemo by yourself in the future.

Skydiving Pass

After watching the ocean just now, it is natural to explore the sky now.

How beautiful the scenery of Australia is, sometimes you don't feel it when you are in it, but when you look down from the sky, you will be shocked. What's more, coupled with the thrill of weightlessness in free fall, this experience will definitely make you unforgettable for a lifetime!

ways of registration: This is the official website of Melbourne's APF Skydiving Club. You can easily choose different courses by entering the official website.

网站 : http://www.commandoskydivers.com.au/home.aspx

Cost: $359-$595 range, depending on the choice of courses. First of all, to be clear, you can also complete skydiving without a skydiving certificate. But it can only complete the tandem skydiving accompanied by the coach.

There are basically two types of skydiving:

  • One is sports, which is to jump out of the cabin alone or with a partner after obtaining a skydiving license, without the need of a coach;
  • The other is tandem (tandem), which can also be called experience skydiving. As long as you are "tied" with the coach, um, then you only need to free fall, and the coach will do everything for you.

There are six levels of the Australian skydiving certificate: A, B, C, D, E, and F. These are basically the proof of the number of skydiving and the accuracy of landing; in addition to this, there are also the starcrest multiplayer certification, the NightRW crest night jumping certification, CRW crest parachute shape certification, Free fly crest certification, Wingsuit crest wings certification.

It’s just that if you generally want to play by yourself, the A certificate is enough.

Melbourne’s A-certificate individual skydiving course is two days in total. On the first day, a coach will take you to learn a variety of written knowledge in the classroom. At the end, you will be asked to take a multiple-choice test based on the content of your study.

The next day, I went to jump with real ammunition. Once you complete the required actions the next day, you can get an A card.

However, at present, the skydiving license of various countries is not universal, so you can only play in Tuao when you get this.

Hunting license

To many male friends, guns are like cinnabar moles in their hearts. In Australia, you can have the opportunity to pick up a real gun and enjoy the fun of hunting.

Note: I said hereNo, no, noA gun license, but a hunting license for entertainment!

ways of registration: Take VIC as an example, first go to Game Council to register, make an appointment and a specific forest. Some forests are only open at certain times throughout the year. After returning from hunting in the forest, you still need to submit a report to the Game Council to make an appointment for the next hunting trip. Note: When you make an appointment, you must also specify which category of Game Licences to apply for.

网站 : http://www.gma.vic.gov.au/

Cost: $54.40-$244.80 range, depending on the choice of hunting license!

Private jet driving license

ways of registration: Googling "Melbourne PPL course", you can find a lot of flying school content. There are more than XNUMX flight training schools in Moorabbin Airport next to Clayton. You can get the details of the courses by logging on to the websites of these companies.

网站 : http://www.melbourneflighttraining.com.au/

Cost:About $20000, it will be different according to different schools

Come, come, local tyrants come and learn. Then take me to fly! If you are really interested in flying a private jet. You can try to take the Private Pilot Licence, a private jet license.

The full-time training lasts 3 months, and the part-time training lasts 6 months. The flight time is at least 40 hours, and various prescribed flight routes must be completed during these 40 hours.

Once you get this driver's license, you can drive your private jet to any place in Australia, and you can take at least 5 people!

Drone driving license

I can’t afford to drive the private jet mentioned above. It’s also good to take a drone to drive it. From "proposal artifact", "all-rounder", "courier assistant"... So these titles all show the wide range of applications of drones. Therefore, the current drone is also regarded as the "hottest" entrepreneurial project.

ways of registration: Google"Remote Pilot Training courses"You can find many drone pilot training institutions.


Cost: About $5000 for commercial certificates, about $2700 for civilian use

If you just fly by yourself for entertainment, choose Remote Pilot Certificate or UAV Controller Certificate. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, you need UAV Operator Certificate (UOC).

Barista Certificate

When I came to Melbourne, I found that there were coffee shops all over the street. Drinking coffee can't make a difference? The coffee shop doesn’t know what to order? Coffee, flat white or cappuccino?

Looking at the barista's handsome garland, apart from a sigh, is there an urge to try it personally? You know, this is a city known as the best coffee in the world. The best way to integrate into Melbourne is not only to walk to the corner coffee shop, but also to buy a bag of coffee beans, go home and fill yourself with a cup of aromatic coffee, and smell the cultural atmosphere of this city. By the way, I can earn some living expenses, which is also very good!

ways of registration: Many TAFE will provideBarista Course, remember that this must be the barista license


Cost: $800 four weeks course (internship opportunities are also provided, so don’t worry about experience issues)

Coffee shops value work experience very much, and most of the coffee shop recruitment notices will indicate that they hire experienced baristas. Therefore, if the training institution found can provide internship opportunities, it is very necessary to accumulate certain experience. From now on, if you want to get a second job, it will be easy.

It is definitely a great thing to have more interesting experiences in Australia! What's more, these certificates are not difficult to obtain, so what are you waiting for, go and report your name! !


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