Two days ago, Australian resident Kenny experienced a scene that made his scalp numb...

That morning, Kenny, who lives in Sydney, was hanging out on the street. When he walked to a block near home,Suddenly found that the row of big trees in front looks a bit different:

Generally, the trunks of big trees are bare, only covered with a layer of crumpled bark.but,These big trees are covered with small leaves,Even the trunks are densely packed.

What makes Kenny even more incredible is that although the leaves are small, the colors are different, with red and green gradients.It is very eye-catching from a distance.

Kenny has never seen such a "strange tree" before, driven by curiosity,He approached the big trees step by step, wanting to see what happened,But when Kenny walked under the tree, he could see the small leaves of different colors.He turned pale with fright in an instant,Turn and run!

It turns out that these "little leaves" are not real leaves.But live insects!

They were densely packed together on the trunk, leaving almost no gap between them.What’s more disgusting is that these bugs are not static, they keep moving and climbing up, not letting go of any branches.Until the entire tree is surrounded...

This picture makes people get goose bumps all over the place.Intensive phobia is coming!

The scene before him really made Kenny disgusting.However, what made him even more nauseous was that he found that there was more than one big tree that had been captured by the insects, walking down this street.Every tree on the roadside is actually surrounded by bugs!

And in the open space under these trees, there are countless army of insects gathered together, desperately climbing up the trunk,It looks like it won’t be long,The big tree will be completely swallowed by these bugs.

This phenomenon appeared in a whole block of big trees. Kenny felt it was not easy.He immediately called and notified the staff of the environmental department. After a period of on-site inspection, the staff confirmed thatThis is a pest called Lyramorpha,Commonly known as bed bugs!

Don’t look at these bugs are so inconspicuous, itWe are a big worry that makes experts talk about it!

Reproduction fast, strong vitality

This kind of bug has super reproductive ability and can change from a few to a large group in a short time!Not only that, they are also very adaptable to the environment, whether it is in the field or indoors, itWe can always live well in the new environment.

Like a leaf, hard to be found

This bed bug looks too much like a leaf,Although the color of bed bugs is different due to different growth stages, no matter what color these bugs grow, they are very similar to the color of leaves.It is too cunning!

If you don't look carefully, who would have imagined that these "little leaves" on the tree are actually bed bugs!It is estimated that no passerby can discover the clues of this.

Smell bad, affect the environment

Wherever bed bugs go, they will not only leave a serious psychological shadow on those who see them, but also bring bursts of unbearable stench.No exaggeration,That smellsIt's like being in a public toilet!Not to mention that thousands of bed bugs appeared together,I don’t know how the residents of this neighborhood endure the stench of life!

Super lethality

Bed bugs are the biggest headache for experts,It is its amazing lethality.These bugs usually appear in groups and feed on plants and fruits. In order to fill their stomachs and grow and reproduce wildly, they will harm plants and fruits everywhere they go.Leave serious crop pests and diseases!

What's more frightening is that even people can't resist the power of these bugs!Bed bugs contain a highly corrosive venom. When they make a stress response,They will spray out this highly corrosive venom,The range is more than 10 cm!

Once a person's skin is stained with this highly corrosive liquid, it will produce a burning tingling sensation and damage the skin tissue. If you are shot in the eye,It can also cause temporary blindness and even more serious consequences!


Bed bugs besieged an entire block of big trees,Netizens left messages one after another, telling these annoying bugs:

Daily Mail: Residents were stumped after they discovered the stench from trees

Netizen Plover:I live next to this street! I really can't stand the smell! It feels like an open-air toilet is built at the door! I don’t want to go out anymore...

Netizen LILIA2849:These bed bugs really grow super fast. I also found a few of these bed bugs in my backyard a few weeks ago. I didn't care about them at that time, but now they are all together! The last time I went to clean the backyard, I was shocked. Everyone must get rid of the bed bugs immediately!

Netizen Snowletit:I want to say that these bugs are really hidden, you can't find them unless you look closely. Also, if you see bed bugs on a tree, don’t park under this tree. The venom of these bugs is harder to clean than bird droppings.

Netizen DMR2016:I think this number is already terrifying. The government should do something to eliminate them. Otherwise, there will be more and more bed bugs.

The concerns of netizens are not unreasonable, because from the current situation, Australia's bed bugs have been infested and they are still growing and reproducing. There are thousands of bed bugs in this neighborhood that Kenny found, but they are only a very small part of the Australian bed bug army!

Not long ago, some residents of Melbourne found this bug in their yard.They gnawed all the plants in the yard, and blatantly reproduced their offspring,Fortunately, the residents found out early and wiped them out with insecticides, otherwise it won’t be long.There will be a terrible bedbug plague in my backyard.

Many residents also found some bed bugs on the side of the road near their homes. They gathered in groups and moved in one direction. If you don’t observe closely,I would really think that they are just some humble fallen leaves.


It seems that the bug army has already invaded quietly before we knew it.To this end, the experts also gave a few tips,I hope everyone will pay more attention:

➤ Keep away from densely planted places as much as possible outdoors to avoid sudden attacks.If you see these bugs that look like leaves,One word: Run! Don't just come forward and observe!➤ Bed bugs can also live and breed indoors. The summer weather is hot, so you should clean your home more.Spray some insecticides on corners and balconies just in case.

➤ If you are unfortunately sprayed with corrosive venom from this bed bug, please go to the hospital immediately and never wash the wound and venom yourself.Avoid causing secondary injury.

➤ Friends who live in the house, be sure to pay special attention to the trees and plants in your yard. If there is an infestation of bed bugs,You can spray insecticide first, and then ask a professional gardener to come and check the situation.

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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