Everyone knows that Australia has just experienced a wave of super high temperature attacks.borrowWith this wave of high temperatures, the sales of various cold drinks in Australia have also risen sharply!

Speaking of Australia’s most popular cold drink,The following drink is certainly no stranger to everyone!

This smoothie drink can be said to be a must in summer. It is found in the streets of Australia, whether it is a cold drink shop or a fast food restaurant, or even a lively game hall,You can see it.

More importantly, this drink has a variety of flavors, and the price is cheap, you can buy a large cup for one or two dollars! In summer, I always get used to buying a drink when shopping!In the hot weather, drink a sip of smoothie, and the whole person instantly bursts!

However, in a recent report by Australian media,But let all the people who love to drink this kind of beverage be cool behind!

(7 NEWS: Really disturbing facts in your smoothie)

According to media reports, recently many places in Australia have launched a campaign called "Don't Suck", which is jointly promoted by an alliance of 18 health institutions.It's for this smoothie drink!

According to the organizers of the event, this well-known beverage is adding to the physical burden of the family.Eat health!

They did research on this drink, and the results were surprising! This smoothie drink, which can be drunk in a few minutes, has a fat and sugar content that is almost on the table.One drink is equivalent to 20.4 teaspoons of sugar!

According to the World Health Organization guidelines, the amount of sugar required by the human body in a day is about 50 grams, and a teaspoon of sugar has about 6 grams!In other words, after drinking this cup of beverage, it is equivalent to ingesting more than 120 grams of sugar!

After drinking this glass,The amount of sugar required for 4 days is enough...

The following three beverages are in this survey,Frozen beverages with the highest sugar content:

  • 7-11: Cola, Raspberry (Slurpee Cola or Raspberry) 
  • Hungry Jacks: Coke, Frozen Fanta Mango (Frozen Coke or Frozen Fanta Mango)


  • 麦当劳:可乐口味 (Frozen Coke)

In addition to the explosive sugar content, the fat content in the beverage should not be underestimated! The nutritionist said,If you drink such a drink every day this summer, a few kilograms in weight will not be a problem!

Of course, in addition to obesity, everyone is more concerned about the greater impact of excessive sugar and fat on the human body, such as diabetes, kidney disease, stroke, and dental caries.These are inseparable from the sugar and fat of the explosion!

The organizer of the event also issued a poster. A person was holding a cold smoothie with a glass full of fat.It's shocking to see it!

I also want to remind people who love to drink this drink and eat sweets,For everyone's health, we must consume limited amounts of sugar and fat and exercise more.

News compiled from "7 News"


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