After the New Year's Day fireworks, the lively crowd rendered the festive atmosphere to the highest point.All kinds of activities in Melbourne are coming together, it's just to be picky.In this kind of atmosphere, I’m sorry I’m sorry, the editor compiled the most complete and interesting activities for everyone, taking advantage of the holiday, bring friends and family one by one.Happy new year!

Open-air cinema

New Year's Day in the southern hemisphere is also summer. There is nothing better than sitting on the carpet with friends unruly, enjoying a picnic, watching a wonderful movie, and enjoying the beauty of Melbourne. !

In the summer, the sun and the evening breeze that have been reluctant to set have added a very romantic atmosphere to this. Maybe you can still see the beautiful sunset in Melbourne, that feelsIt's as if you are already in the movie!

Melbourne has ushered in an open-air movie festival at this perfect time. It is truly a capital of art.The editor below has selected several open-air movie venues for everyone. At the beginning of this new year, hurry up and set out with your loved ones!

Moonlight Cinema Moonlight Cinema

One of Melbourne's most prestigious open-air cinemas is located in the beautiful botanical garden. At this time, countless locals come here to experience a romantic evening.Advanced projection equipment,Great movie blockbuster,Take away the hot fan,Laid-back atmosphere,Everything is perfect here!

In addition to sitting comfortably on a recliner or on a picnic mat, Moonlight outdoor cinema also provides this kind of thing that makes people want to lie down.Lazy people in bed!

Imagine lying on a bed of lazy people, surrounded by the fragrance of flowers, lush green everywhere you look, and you can enjoy wonderful movies.It's so pleasant!

You can bring the snacks and meals you prepare for a special picnic!Moreover, alcohol is not forbidden here, and I don’t want to have a few drinks with friends.If you find it too troublesome to carry food, don't worry, there are all kinds of food trucks selling all kinds of food and wine!

Address:Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne

time:2018 month 4 day before

Rooftop Cinema Rooftop Cinema

Melbourne’s coolest open-air cinema is not one of them! It is located on the roof of Melbourne CBD, surrounded by tall buildings, and it only opens after 9pm, allowing you to enjoyMelbourne's splendid intercity line!Sitting in a comfortable folding chair, blowing the cool breeze from the high altitude of Melbourne, watching a thrilling blockbuster, is there anything more to cool off than this! Of course if you feel cold, there isThe blanket is always ready for you!

There are many kinds of movies shown in rooftop cinemas, from romantic comedies, action movies to sci-fi masterpieces, andAll of them are classic box office champions!

Other than that,There is also a bar on the rooftop cinema where you can choose to have a drink. Of course, popcorn and French fries, which are essential for watching movies, are also available!


time:2018 month 3 day before

Booking URL:

Barefoot Cinema Barefoot open-air cinema

Watching an outdoor movie by the sea!Barefoot open-air cinema chose to be next to Melbourne's beautiful coastline. Hearing the name, it must be a free-spirited party!Point Nepean National Park is located on the Mornington Peninsula.With beautiful natural scenery, the stretch of coastline has all the rich marine activities you can imagine.You won’t get tired of playing all day long!

After a tiring day of playing, I came to the huge screen to sit on a grass floor and watch a comedy movie suitable for all ages.

Let the sea breeze dry the sea water on your body, drink beer while chewing popcorn, and even sing and dance with the locals.This is too summer!

Address:Point Nepean National Park

time:2018 month 1 day before

Booking URL:

Night market carnival

Melbourne’s summer days are extraordinarily long, and it’s often light at 9 o’clock in the evening. Of course, this long day can’t be wasted, so Melburnians who love to eat in literature and art think of it.The night market carnival!

South Melbourne night market

The classic South Melbourne night market is back! Don't underestimate it, it has many years of history and it is definitely famous in Melbourne!Hilarious live band,Street food limited to summer,The unique small objects of the artist,Here, you can eat, buy, and enjoy!

The seafood here is very fresh and there are many kinds of snacks here.Especially the Atypic chocolate and Sicilian pistachio cannoli here, even without them, the summer night in Melbourne is incomplete!Don't try to miss a lot!

The live music is even more outstanding. The Nan'an Night Market has selected musicians from all over the world to present live performances with different styles.

Moreover, Nan'an Night Market is also a paradise for artists and craftsmen, they all bring their own elaborate and unique works:Retro clothes,Exquisite jewelry,An artist’s unique tattoo,Taoyitao must have what you want~

Address:South Melbourne Market

time:2018年1月4日起 5:30pm – 9:30pm


Night market at Queen Victoria Market

We believe that everyone is familiar with Wei Ma Night Market. This year is the XNUMXth year she has been with us. of course,The Wei Ma Night Market, which has returned this year, is a newly upgraded version.At night, Wei Ma swayed her enthusiasm without hesitation.The night market will bring together more than 60 different street food stalls and bars around the world, and there will be more than 130 stalls selling different handicrafts, household goods and daily commodities.

AndThis year’s Wei Ma Night Market will have a lot of fresh food to joinThere are mysterious Peruvian food, as well as familiar Korean food and American snacks, all in one go!

It seems to make the population drain!

In a gourmet atmosphere, celebrate the New Year with enthusiasm!

Address:Queen Victoria Market

time:Every Wednesday night

St Kilda Twilight market

As we all know, the sunset in St Kilda is one of Melbourne's treasures. St Kilda’s Twilight Night Market, without exaggeration, can be calledMelbourne's most beautiful night market!It's dazzling.Against the backdrop of the neon lights of Luna park at night, the Twilight Market is bustling.Under the palm trees, is a world-class art gathering.

Art works designed by emerging designers, vintage clothing, crafts, hand-designed fashion and jewelry, exotic clothes, or gourmet snacks all over the world.

Eat, drink and have fun!

In addition, there are a variety of colorful stage performances, which can be called Melbourne's firework summer festival!

Address:O'Donnell Gardens, St Kilda

time:2017年12月21日至2018年2月22日每周四 5:00pm – 10:00pm

Mario afternoon tea

There is a place that can not only satisfy the girl's heart of a girl, but also let the men return to their childhood in a second, even the children will love it and linger, that isSuper Mario afternoon tea!

Gold coin cup cakes, toad mushroom macaron, question mark Lamington.Back to childhood in one second!

Everything in the Mario game is vividly combined with desserts such as macarons, lamington and cup cakes. Not only can you have a delicious afternoon tea, but you can also collect gold coins in a nostalgic atmosphere and return to your childhood!

This new year, take your beloved girl to have afternoon tea! Xiaobian Mo can't help knocking on the blackboard.This is definitely a test site to please girlfriends!

Address:The Langham, 1 Southgate Ave, Southbank VIC 3006time: - 

The Monster inflatable obstacle course

The longest, coolest and craziest adult inflatable castle obstacle course in the world is here! The name is also very straightforward-The Monster, which requires everyone to crawl like a beast!

This inflatable track is 270 meters in length and needs to drill through all kinds of incredible obstacles, as many as 30 points!Make sure that you play with disheveled hair and earn from ear to ear.As hearty as a child!

In addition, you can also enjoyThe most mouth-watering street food, cocktails and craft beer! And live DJ combined with extraordinary sound and light performances.Some eat and some watch! It's definitely worth it~

The new year is here, come to this adult beast inflatable castle,Become a child again!

Address:Grand Pavilion @ Melbourne Showgroundstime: - 28

Donut BBQ Boat

Speaking of beer with barbecue, that is definitely the best interpretation of summer in many people's hearts! What are the barbecue places you can think of, on the beach, in the park, on the balcony? These are not the most fashionable gameplay, the most fashionable gameplay isSit on the doughnut and float the barbecue!

At present, a group of rubber boats resembling doughnuts have appeared in Docklands. The middle is equipped with complete barbecue equipment, enough to allow a large group of friends to float on the water, enjoying the lake and mountains while enjoying the barbecue.

It's almost the same treatment as those expensive yachts!

And theseThe inflatable boats are all electric, which is stable and does not make any noise, The most important thing is that you only need to make an appointment in advance, it isIt's free!

And the rental time is very easy and free, except during the day,You can also enjoy the world-class night view of Docklands while grilling at night.

This new year, if you want to barbecue, you must come to this new game!

Address:84 Newquay Promenade, Docklands VIC 3008time:30

Mussel Carnival

Blessed are the foodies!The freshest and fattest mussels are coming to you!

For this Mussel Festival, I preparedMore than 10 tons of fresh mussels,A hundred stalls!

They are all used to cook fresh mussels of different flavors. Whether you like to eat raw or fried, there is always one for you!In addition, there are local specialty beer and wine waiting for you~

Melbourne's Local just loves this place!

Of course, in this carnival atmosphere, music is absolutely an essential element! On the day, various musicians will be invited to bring a lively performance.

Foodies clean up their stomachs and get ready to go!

Address:WG Little Reserve, Portarlington VIC 3223time:13

NGV Triennial

If you like to spend this New Year's Day quietly, this three-year exhibition of NGV is definitely not to be missed! It contains too much creativity and thinking, NGV saidCan broaden your senses and thinking.

Through this exhibition, you can explore and experience cutting-edge technology, architecture, animation, film, painting, painting, fashion, design, tapestries and sculptures,Meet the most creative people in the world, and even understand the past and future of the world.

The exhibition is rich and diverse

It is worth mentioning that the haute couture robe of Chinese women's designer Guo Pei and the 3D printed 15.8-meter-long reclining Buddha designed by the Chinese designer are on display.

Moreover, the Norwegian scent designer will exhibit his specially formulated Melbourne scent in the exhibition.

What is the smell of Melbourne,Aren't you curious?

Address:180 St Kilda Sttime:15


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