According to Courier Mail, the Queensland Tourism Commission (QTIC) recently appealed to the Bureau of Meteorology,It is forbidden to say the word rain in the weather forecast in the future!

The people in the Meteorological Bureau were dumbfounded, and they were not allowed to say that it was raining. How could they report the weather? The Queensland Tourism Commission also gave a solution especially "witly", and the editor laughed at first glance.

Daniel Gschwind, chief executive of the committee, said: "The Meteorological Bureau’s words are too negative now,Doesn’t fit the image of Queensland Sunshine at all,Want more sunshine! "

"Partly Cloudy"Should be changed to "mainly sunny";

"There may be rain"It should be changed to "it may be sunny";

You can't even mention the word Yu!

"shower"Change to "(After hot weather) help to cool down the weather";

"cloudy day"To be changed to "cool weather";

It is estimated that the weather forecast for Queensland will be like this in the future:

"Let’s take a look at the weather in Queensland.Mainly sunny.May be sunny, Evening meetingHelp cool down the weather. The day after tomorrow the weather was fine, and in the afternoon it turned intoCool weather...''

If this is the case, it is estimated that all viewers will not know what the weather will be like tomorrow after watching the weather forecast...

Even the Queensland Government specifically talked to the Meteorological Bureau at night. The main content of the conversation isLet everyone know,The weather in Queensland today is very good,The weather in Queensland will be more perfect tomorrow!

This proposal was instantly scolded by countless netizens, but the Queensland Tourism Commission was too aggrieved, "We can’t help it.We are also fighting for the Australian tourism industry! "

Committee CEO Daniel Gschwind said,Weather information has too much influence on sudden travel plans such as weekend trips and day trips!

Many people came out to play temporarily, but after reading the weather forecast, they dismissed the idea as soon as they saw rain. It turns out thatWhen the weather forecast is not so good, the hotel occupancy rate and the number of visitors to tourist attractions will indeed drop.

Therefore, we hope that the weather forecast will convey more positive information so that more people can come out to play!

Faced with this off-line proposal, the spokesperson of the Bureau of Meteorology said that such weather forecasting cannot be achieved.But we will improve the radar network to make the weather forecast more accurate, so that tourists can arrange their time more accurately.

After all, it really rains,Can't make tourists come to travel, right...

Netizens leave a message:

Now we are going to "correct the weather"??? This is definitely rubbish advice.
If you see some gray objects floating in the sky, don't be afraid. They contain water. Maybe you don't know it. They are necessary for life.
The Meteorological Bureau has done a good job, allowing people to get accurate information to arrange their itinerary. If it really rains, you must let everyone know. Therefore, the Tourism Industry Commission please concentrate on your travel and return the weather forecast to the weather forecast. Bureau.
Forget it, the Tourism Committee, the water coming down from the sky is called "rain"
Is it April Fool's Day?

News compiled from "Courier Mail"


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