The government's bidding intention is completedM80Road upgrade

With the state government's solicitation of letters of intent for the final renovation part, the M80 ring road upgrade project has reached an important milestone.

The upgrade project includes a four-kilometer section between Sydney Road and Edgars Road, and a two-kilometer section between Plenty Road and Greensborough Highway. Add additional lanes in both directions, widen the access roads, and build a dedicated exit lane from Sydney Road to Edgars Road. By installing overhead electronic signs, the highway management system will also provide drivers with real-time information. In April 2016, the Australian government announced that it would support Victoria’s total investment of 4 billion yuan in supporting infrastructure and will invest another 30 million US dollars to complete the construction of the M3.5 ring road. The M80 road upgrade with an investment of 22 billion yuan includes the final part of the project of 5 million yuan. The construction process will support 80 jobs. During the construction process, any necessary lane closures will be restricted to off-peak hours.

The renovation project will start at the end of 2018 and be completed at the end of 2021. For more information about the project, please log on to

RichmondHigh school renovation is progressing smoothly and enrolling students on time

The remodeled Richmond High School will be open to students in the first semester of 2018.

Victorian Education Minister James Merlino and State Planning Minister Richard Wynne recently visited the Richmond High School campus on Gleadell Street with an investment of 4300 million yuan. The school located in the central area of ​​Richmond will have two campuses, and the Griffith Street campus will have four floors, including learning and staff facilities, as well as outdoor spaces for learning, gathering and playing. The campus on Gleadell Street includes general teaching spaces, four competition-standard tennis courts (one indoor), new showers and toilets, canteens and administrative areas. The campus will enroll 7 students in grades 12-7. The first batch of 2018th grade students will enter the Gleadell Street campus in the first semester of 2019, and the Griffith Street campus will open in the first semester of 7, welcoming the second batch of 8th grade students and 25th grade students. The renovation of Richmond High School is part of the Labor Party’s budget for the past three years to invest XNUMX billion yuan to renovate schools, upgrade facilities and build new schools.

The plan has completed the upgrade of more than XNUMX schools and built XNUMX new schools, creating nearly XNUMX construction jobs.

Victorian fresh produce supplies Australian Open Grand Slam

The celebrity chefs of the stadium will use fresh Victorian produce to showcase their world-class culinary skills at this year's Australian Open stadium restaurant.

The Australian Open Chef Series brings together national and internationally renowned chefs, using the best Victorian produce to create a unique dining experience for the audience. The restaurant at the Open last year consumed 2017 tons of beef, 2 cups of coffee, 8 ice creams and XNUMX sushi. The organizers also distributed nearly XNUMX fruits to children on the stadium. The XNUMX Australian Open attracted XNUMX fans to watch the event, created about XNUMX jobs and generated XNUMX million yuan in economic benefits.

For Australian Open information or information about purchasing tickets, please visit

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