Yesterday, a number of Australian media posted an alert that a deadly infectious disease reappeared in Melbourne, and the place where it appeared was Melbourne Airport with a lot of people!

"The Age" (The Age) "Herald Sun" (Herald Sun) used"Extremely contagious" "virus panic"Other words describe this event.

According to the above media reports,The Victorian Department of Health issued a warning on January 1 that the virus outbreak was recurring in Melbourne.

The warning stated that a severely infectious measles patient arrived in Melbourne on this flight segment and was quickly admitted to the hospital for treatment after landing in Melbourne. Passengers who have recently taken a Melbourne-Dubai flight and have arrived at Melbourne Airport on or after January 1, especially those who have stayed in the international baggage collection area, should check their health immediately if they show up Any suspected symptoms of measles should contact medical staff immediately!

The details are as follows


After arriving at Tullamarine Airport, he stayed for a while at the International Baggage Claim

The patient stayed in Tullamarine for a total of three hours

The Victorian Health Department stated that because measles isHighly Infectious DiseaseAnd canSpread easily through the air, So the susceptible crowd at the airport that day may have been recruited.

In addition,The incubation period of measles is generally 1-2 weeks, So if you areStayed at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport during the aforementioned time period and developed measles symptoms between January 1-17, You should contact the medical staff immediately to find out.

The clinical symptoms of measles are as follows:

Measles is highly contagious. It is generally transmitted through direct contact and air. It first infects the respiratory tract and then spreads to the whole body. It can survive in the environment for up to two hours. The first sign of measles is usually a high fever, which usually starts about 10 minutes after exposure to the virus. By 12 days, a high fever can last for 4 to 7 days. Early symptoms include runny nose, cough, conjunctival congestion, tearing, and small white spots on the buccal mucosa


(A measles patient)

About measles, you should also know the following

Most measles-related deaths are caused by measles complications. Complications often occur in children under 5 years of age and adults over 20 years of age. The most serious complications include blindness, encephalitis (infection that causes brain swelling), severe diarrhea and the resulting dehydration, ear infections, and severe respiratory infections (such as pneumonia). Severe measles is common in young children with poor nutritional status, especially those with vitamin A deficiency, or those with weakened immune systems due to HIV/AIDS and other diseases. In people with severe malnutrition and lack of adequate health care, the mortality rate of measles patients can be as high as 10%. Women who develop infections during pregnancy are also at risk of serious complications, miscarriage or premature delivery. Patients with measles will gain lifelong immunity after recovery.

Young children who have not been vaccinated have the highest risk of measles, and the risk of complications (including death) is also the highest. Pregnant women who have not been vaccinated are also at risk. But anyone who is not immunized (that is, a person who has not been vaccinated or has not developed immunity) can be infected.

According to the World Health Organization, routine measles vaccination for children is the main public health strategy for reducing measles deaths. The measles vaccine, which has been used for more than 50 years, is safe, effective and cheap. The cost of vaccination against measles per child is approximately $1.

At the beginning of September last year, a measles epidemic occurred in Melbourne. The patient had arrived in many areas of Melbourne by train on the day of the AFL finals, causing the virus to spread. Many people subsequently fell ill. The state government also issued a warning.

I would like to remind you once again, if you or your relatives have flew back to Melbourne from Dubai on or around January 1, or were at Melbourne Airport on January 11, and you are between January 1-11 If you experience measles symptoms, please notify the medical staff immediately!

News compiled from "Herald Sun, The Age"


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