Australia’s hot summer, you need this guide to ice cream in supermarkets

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

It’s summer now, in such a hot Australia, no matter what you eat, you can sweat instantly, but there is only one way to save you, and that is to make your heart cool and cream!

Among the many ice cream brands in Tuao, which one is the most delicious?

Today’s guide will tell you,Which supermarket ice cream is better?

Golden Gaytime

Don't think about it because of the name of ice cream. Although the name is controversial, the brand status has never been affected. Since 1959,It was once rated as "top 1 ice cream most loved by Asians".Chocolate crispy with peanuts and biscuits, wrapped in toffee and vanilla ice cream, you can bite into it and make it sweet.


"Menglong" ice cream has been taking the high-end aristocratic route and was founded in Sweden in 1989.Its most original and classic flavor is vanilla ice cream covered with a thick chocolate coat. Although there are many similar ice creams, Menglong ice cream is the most delicious and richest in comparison.No chocolate can withstand a low temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius, so it specially invited Callebaut, a well-known Belgian chocolate raw material factory, to develop low-temperature resistant chocolate.

Weis Bar

A local Australian brand, the "antique" ice cream that started in 1936 is also Australia's "national ice cream".Every ice creamIt is two-color and bagged. There is no ice cream stick, and the ratio of fruity milk is 3:1. It has a full-bodied fruity fragrance without lacking milky fragrance and silkiness.The Australian ice cream industry leader with an annual sales volume of 4000 million pieces in the United States, Canada, Singapore, etc., has a wide range of flavors and a wide range of choices, which is Weis ice cream's "most basic respect" to everyone. All ice creams are made with fresh fruits, without added artificial colors or flavors.


It’s the same old ice cream,The main fruit flavor is only available in New Zealand and Australia.Looking at the packaging, you can feel the full summer flavor. Recommended flavors: classic lemon and mango flavors.


In Australia, this ice cream cone is called drumstick (drumstick),The cone of cream ice cream + chocolate sauce is chocolate drumstick, and the cone of chocolate ice cream + chocolate sauce is touble chocolate drumstick. By analogy, there are drumsticks with flavors such as cookie and mint.

Paddle Pop

Compared with ice cream, this ice cream will be more icy. Compared with pure popsicles, it has the softness and sweetness of ice cream.There are so many flavors, there is even a "rainbow flavor", you want to start with this look.

Bubble O'Bill

Seeing this ice cream, is it an instant memory of childhood? The unique "cowboy look" consists of chocolate, strawberry and caramel.If you are careful, you will find a small hole on the top of the "cowboy", which means to be "shot" instead of a piece of it. Warm reminder, the nose is bubble gum~


One price, two flavors.Chocolate crispy on one side, wafer crispy on the otherSkin, one person and half, suitable for sharing. Perhaps the most embarrassing thing is that you want to share, but you are still single...

Streets-Paddle Pop

Is this "little lion" very familiar? I believe that no matter where you are, you started to eat this series of ice cream when you were young.This is Heluxue’s ice cream enterprise product (using the same heart-shaped logo), including Cutie Duo, Magnum, Viennetta, paddle pop... are all of its series products, are they very powerful?

Freddo Party Cake

Who doesn't love making ice cream into cakes? The three-tiered flavor, whether eaten together or alone, is delicious.As the name suggests, this ice cream is suitable for parties and is definitely a fan.


One of the favorite ice creams of Australians, this popsicle can be bought in almost any supermarket.Among them, there are 30% fruit juice and 99% fat-free. Eating more will not cause much trouble to the body. It is quite thirst quenching.

Frosty Fruits

This brand of ice cream is suitable for those who love fruity popsicles.Pineapple, orange, passion fruit... This summer, you can eat tropical fruits all at once. The fruity flavor is rich and refreshing than drinking ice juice.

Snickers Ice Cream Bars

Snickers chocolate is easy to melt in summer, so I recommend you to eat thisThe "Snickers" ice cream that will not melt.It's still a familiar taste and familiar formula, but the taste is completely different.


You can choose a variety of flavors,It’s really cool to eat sweets, but some people say it’s a bit sweet and greasy.A little freshness is missing. In short, it varies from person to person.


The shape of a triangular pyramid makes a group of foodies cute.The local Australian ice cream brand is also their childhood memories, similar to the "Little Banana Memories" born in the 90s.Convenient and easy to carry, tear open, economical price, a total of eight flavors.

Eskimo Pie

An old ice cream brand with a century-old history can be regarded as the originator of ice cream.It has been developed since 1923. Recommend the most classic, the vanilla milk has a super scent, and it tastes good.


Add brownies to ice cream,It not only has the softness and sweetness of brownie chocolate cake, but also has its own milky flavor. Recommend the most popular peanut butter flavor.


Seeing the cool and cool design of this "C"-shaped logo, you may immediately have a good impression of it. After all, products with high appearance will not be too unpalatable.This ice cream became a hit when it went on the market and was very popular.Matcha, coconut, butter and cheese syrup plus corn nut flavors, chocolate cream brownie flavors, any of them can be addictive.



The first recommendation is the taste of chocolate, which is simple and pure, with chocolate particles.Bulla's dairy products reputation in Australia is veryWell, it is a trustworthy brand.



Splits is also owned by Bulla. It is a good choice for foodies who want to lose weight but can't control their mouths. After all, they are small and addictive. In addition to the fruity aroma (lemon, mango, raspberry...), the milky aroma inside is also first-class.


Although the packaging looks a bit "normal", the three-color ice cream is always pleasing, and it is a big brand of ice cream.Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, the most popular flavors, are also cleverly designed.If you like a single taste, you can buy it separately.

Peppa Pig Ice Cream Lollies

The Big Fire Pig Peppa Ice Cream, without any coloring and preservatives, won the "Quality Food Awards" in 2012.Not only children like it, many adults love this ice cream!

Harry Ice Cream

Established in 1994, one of Australia’s most traditional ice cream,They started in a handicraft workshop. As the business got better and better, they finally set up a company to continue to innovate. The biggest feature is the pursuit of quality.

Milo Ice Cream

Everyone is familiar with Milo chocolate powder. Have you tried their chocolate ice cream?This is not just a matter of freezing the heat Qiao, it is also produced and developed after the best preparation of ingredients. I personally feel that the taste is better than the heat Qiao.

a2 milk Ice Cream

Similarly, there is also a2 milk ice cream,Surprises are not surprises, and surprises are not unexpected. If this can be purchased, will it be popular?

In such a hot summer, quickly follow the guide to cool off!

Delicious ice cream is waiting for you in the supermarket~


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