Time: January 2018, 1 Author: Gu Fan Location: Melbourne, Australia

For any kind of jewellery to be spread for a long time, it must be a combination of cultural elements and creative inspiration. If a work does not have culture and creativity to inject a distinctive soul into jewelry, no matter how good the material is and how fine the work is, it is only a handicraft, not a work of art. Throughout the world’s major well-known brands, all jewellery is designed to not only reflect the cultural connotation, but also highlight the design style. Of course, the price will be expensive.

Tasaki Peplum Chandelier Luxury Collection Necklace

Western culture

Jewelry is so popular in the Western world, the reason is that it has a lot to do with Western culture. Influenced by culture, Westerners like things with bright colors, so they have a soft spot for brightly colored gems, while jade with relatively bleak colors is not very popular in the West.

Eastern culture

Jade is the opposite of jewelry. Due to the influence of Chinese culture, Orientals pursue gentleness and elegance, and pay attention to the golden mean. In the eyes of many Orientals, various colored gemstones are too bright and sharp in color, too cold in texture and not warm enough, so Orientals I love jade, such as jade, Hetian jade, Yuhua gemstone, etc., but he is indifferent to jewelry.

The world is diversified and the oriental culture is rising

We can clearly feel that Western culture has been continuously diversified, and Eastern culture is constantly being accepted by Western countries. Confucius Institutes, global learning Chinese, and the Chinese style in various fashion weeks are all notable signs of the rise of Eastern culture.

Chinese style in fashion week

The development of inlay technology

To integrate oriental jade culture and western jewelry culture, the best carrier is inlay. The development of inlay craftsmanship has not only made up for the traditional heaviness of China, but also enabled the perfect combination of western elements with emerald, in line with the individual needs of consumers. Various inlays that combine diamonds, gold, gems and Chinese gems are now Gradually enter the global jewelry market.

Cartier's Chinese element jewelry

Emerald inlaid ring

With the development of time, I believe that jewellery and jade with "Chinese elements" will definitely become the backbone of market development.