Maoben’s newly-popular Cafe, which one do you see?

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Say goodbye to the crowded and noisy big-name coffee shops, you need thisCat's new and popular CafeList!Personality, beauty and mystery are complete, mellow and good+The perfect combination of selfie spots. Faced with these niche cafes that have been highly recommended by locals in Mocheng not long after they opened, how long can your coldness last for a few seconds?
01. Small Graces
The heart-warming delicacy of art cafes

Colorful pillows and fresh green plants, a large square wooden table occupying the entire room, and a literary and homely style cafe, full of unrestrained warm atmosphere. Order a cup of mellow coffee or hot chocolate, taste the rich dishes made with fresh ingredients, black sesame ice cream extracted from natural plant sugars, and signature desserts made of rice, coconut milk and tapioca. They are all healthy and delicious for people who lose weight. ! The magazines and books on the shelf can be read at will. Specially prepared brushes and picture books for children to write, write and draw, this weekend, let the children go to the cafe unscrupulously!

Opening hours: 7am-4pm, Mon-Fri / 7.30am-4pm, Sat / 8am-4pm, Sun
Address: 57 Byron St, Footscray VIC 3011
02. Hector's Deli
Eating burger and coffee

On the quiet street corner of Richmond, you meet this simple white space made up of monochromatic brick walls!The sunlight that fills the room and the coffee machine running leisurely, the colorful graffiti on the outer wall and砖,点缀恰到好处的个性与色彩。而这家看似与世无争的咖啡店,最不能错过的竟是六款风味各异的汉堡,由两位曾就职于超人气餐厅Attica的店长精心出品,真材实料、滋味丰富、进店必尝!迷你Size的店内仅有八个座位,不过屋外用餐最值得推荐,无论是活力清晨,还是悠闲午后,都不要辜负明媚的好天光!

Opening hours: 7.30am-3pm, Mon-Sun
Address: 1/94 Bucham St, Richmond VIC 3121
03. Neon Beatniks
Creative cuisine of the Women's Army


Opening hours: 7.30am-3pm, Mon-Fri / 8am-3pm, Sat-Sun
Address: 43 Glenlyon Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056
04. Taiyo Sun

Mini space with 12 seats, simplicity of 10 items,格鲁吉亚风格的小楼内,隐藏着一间恬淡别致的日风咖啡馆。未经粉刷的灰色砖墙与质朴自然的棉质装饰,满满的日式风情无处不在。除了融入墨尔本风味的经典日系美食,超长茶水单是另一个亮点,樱花、松叶等花茶超级上相,氤氲的清香一秒治愈。静坐落地窗旁,沐浴和煦日光,品尝撒入抹茶粉的卡布奇诺和甜豆沙吐司,尽享安逸从容的一人好“食”光!

Opening hours: 7.30am-2.30pm, Mon-Fri / 8.30am-2.30pm, Sat
Address: 394 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North, VIC 3000
Selected by famous chefs and style

Opening hours: 8am-5pm, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat / 9am-5pm, Sun
Address: 163-185 Commercial Rd South Yarra VIC 3141
06. All Are Welcome
Pure flavor without fancy

Some people love cute and sweet cakes, while others are stuck in the traditional flavor of Ou Bao. If you are such a "bread master", come to this friendly cafe. The manager used to be the chief baker of a Michelin three-star restaurant. In the open space at a glance, the golden bread in the glass showcase is the absolute protagonist. In addition to the French classics that can be seen everywhere in Melbourne, it also has Eastern European flavors such as "Czech honey cake". A cup of espresso + soft European buns, come here to find the pure flavor without fancy!

Opening hours: 7am-3pm, Mon-Sat / 8am-3pm, Sun
Address: 190 High St, Northcote VIC 3070
07. ACoffee
I heard that simple is the best

ACoffee, a coffee shop transformed from an old warehouse, is exactly the same style as the Apple Store.From the name of the store, the interior to the drink list, the consistent "frigid wind" continues throughout the coffee making process, without the pursuit of strongInstead, it chooses a light roasting method that fits the appearance. The coffee flavor produced is like the transparent roof in a white building, suddenly bright and light, simple but worthy of aftertaste.

Opening hours: 7am-4pm, Mon-Fri / 8am-4pm, Sat
Address: 30 Sackville St, Collingwood VIC 3066
08. Terror Twilight
The past and present of bars and cafes

Large coffee machine replaces beer faucet, puts in eye-catching green plants, and fades away alcohol的喧闹酒吧,升级为全新暖心牌咖啡馆。Terror Twilight的店名暗黑气质十足,推开门却是截然相反的明亮风格,小清新色调甚至爬上了陈列其中的咖啡豆包装。这里最不缺的就是高颜值的健康美食,除了全天提供的美味brunch和营养果昔,上甚至还有四川腌豆腐这样的美食,小众咖啡馆内的中式, Then come and taste it in Melbourne!

Opening hours: 7am-4pm, Mon-Fri / 7am-5pm, Sat / 8am-5pm, Sun
Address: 13/11-13 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066

You and Melbourne,Only the distance of a cup of coffee~


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