eachWas this hot awake this morning?

Look at this temperature,

Today the highest is 39 degrees!

And the temperature in CBD is already as high as 9 in the morning28 degrees!

Well, I can finally tell from the temperature that it's midsummer in Melbourne.

Although the highest temperature this year has not broken half a month ago42 degreesBut to be honest, does it matter if the temperature is so high that the record is not broken? unimportant!

The important thing is that you have only one feeling:

heat! It's hot!very hot!

By the way, the last time it was 42 degrees, the Hume Freeway was 10 kilometers away from downtown Melbourne.The highway sections are all heated, The point is that it actually melted the previous afternoon,The temperature was only 30 degrees...

This time it’s 39 degrees. I don’t know if it can hold up. Anyway, I just want to live in the refrigerator...

What's more, some places are more than 39 degrees! For example, in the Mildura area of ​​Victoria, the highest temperature will reach today42 degrees! (It feels like everyone is a walking barbecue...)

The most painful is,It will be hotter tomorrow!

Although the highest temperature today is 39 degrees,The lowest temperature is only 17 degrees, Which means that the night is still relatively cool.

But tomorrow the highest temperature in Melbourne will still be 39 degrees,The lowest temperature has reached 25 degrees!

In other words, the heat during the day is upset and irritable for the whole day, and at night it will continue to be so hot that it is difficult to sleep.

The highest temperature in Mildura, Swan Hill and Horsham will continue to rise to 44 degrees tomorrow! (A record-breaking rhythm...)

Therefore, various Victorian departments are ready again:

The health department reminds everyone to drink plenty of water and pay special attention to taking care of the elderly and children.

The Department of Agriculture reminds everyone to take care of their pets and do not leave them in the car.

The fire protection department has also issued a comprehensive fire ban on Mallee, Wimmera and South West regions. The fire risk levels in North Central, Central and North East are also very high.

I think half a month ago when Melbourne set a high temperature record of 42 degrees, nearly 140 places in Victoria were on fire, so this time everyone must not take it lightly. It is hot and windy. Once a fire catches, it will be a disaster.

Fortunately, by Friday afternoon, the hot weather will end.Around 4pm, Cold air will bring coolness, it is said that the temperature will be5 degrees drop within an hour!

The temperature will drop again and again during the weekend, and the maximum temperature will fall back to less than 20 degrees. The highest on Saturday was only 26 degrees,It may rain, so if you go out, you must remember to wear more clothes and bring an umbrella by the way.

This roller coaster-like weather really tests the heart's ability...

However, my friends in Mocun have never seen any strong winds and waves. I think last weekend, the highest temperature in Melbourne in the midsummer was unexpectedlyOnly 14 degrees!

Seamless switching between winter and summer

And last weekend, the temperature dropped from 42 degrees to 17 degrees in one day

Welcome to the world's most livable city, and enjoy Australia's summer treasure!

Oh, yes, just to remind you, there was sharks on St Kilda Beach this morning. The beach was closed for 3 hours in the morning and has been reopened.

But the weather is too hot, you should pay attention to safety when playing on the beach!


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