The Australian Immigration Service issued a notice on its official website yesterday,About what everyone is super concerned aboutMore details on the employer sponsored visa finallyThe bottom line!

The immigration said,Employers who are now qualified for guarantee,Can directly sponsor TSS visa applicants.

butIt must be noted that:

If the 457 visa nomination and visa application are submitted before the implementation of the TSS visa, then everything will be handled according to the old rules.If you only submit a 457 visa nomination application and plan to submit the corresponding visa application after the implementation of the TSS visa,ThenNomination application for this visa,Will be void!

March 2 this yearWill submit 457 nomination and visa application togetherThe last days.

In addition, in order to ensure that employers give priority to hiring qualified Australians,"Labor Market Test" for TSS visa,Will be stricter.

When applying for a TSS visa,Employers need to make choices about the employee’s employment period:

Employment period of short-term visa (for those who have not qualified for the green card):1 year or 2 years

Employment period for medium and long-term visa (for those with green card):

1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 4 years

At the same time, once the employer's application for guarantee qualification is approved, the batch will last for 5 years. Start-up companies can also enjoy this kind of treatment, and they can quickly renew after expiration. From March this year, the Immigration Bureau will give priority to processing applications for sponsored job nomination submitted by an accredited sponsor.

Transitional 457 visa


A transition period,Several important time points!

During the transition period, the Immigration Bureau has made some explanations on the review standards of employer sponsored visas, but they are not complete. Some details are not mentioned. Because this is the part that everyone is most concerned about, it is very necessary to give an explanation to the immigration office here.Complete induction :

1. 2017/4/18Previously signed457 persons
This type of 457 is the safest,The pre-reform standard applies to the permanent residence after two years:

  • The occupational requirements remain unchanged, provided that they have been working for the same position with the same employer;
  • The age requirement remains the same, still under 50 years old;
  • The work experience requirements remain the same, with a 457 working experience for 2 years.

but,Two things will change:

  • The IELTS requirement is increased to 4 6;
  • The wage level requirements will be increased.
2.2017/4/18Submit the application before and get signed later457 persons
There are two situations in this category:

  • The nominated occupation is on the list of medium and long-term occupations (MLTSSL):

The 457 approved in this case lasts for 4 years, and the transfer to permanent residence after 2 years is the same as the first category above.

  • Nominated occupation on the short-term occupation list (STSOL):

The 457 approved under this situation has a period of 2 years. The Immigration Bureau did not make any special instructions for this category. However, according to the analysis of the transitional period policy of the Immigration Bureau, like the 4-year 457, you can apply for permanent residence and the treatment is the same.

The problem here is that after satisfying 2 years of work experience, there is definitely not much time left for a 457 visa, and it is necessary to submit a permanent residence application in a very short time; or, it is necessary to apply for a transitional visa. The details may not be revealed until March 2018.

3.2017/4/18After submitting an application, 457 people who are signed
This category can still be transferred to permanent residence,But the standard has improved:

  • 3 years of work experience;
  • The new salary standard (currently $53,900, the new standard TSMIT was introduced in March 2018);
  • Younger than 45 years old;
  • IELTS 4 out of 6.

have to be aware of is:

  • In this category, if the approved 457 is 4 years, and the requirement is met for 3 years of working, the application for transfer to permanent residence is required.
  • If the approved 2 is 457 years, it obviously does not meet the requirements of 3 years of work experience and cannot apply for permanent residence.
  • As for whether the two-year 2 can apply for a two-year extension to a TSS visa after the introduction of TSS, it will not be known until March 457. Judging from the published TSS visa instructions, the 2-year TSS visa (STSOL) can be extended once (2018 years), but it cannot be applied for permanent residence.
  • There is also a situation in this category. If you reach 457 years of age during the 45 period, you will not be able to apply for permanent residence, and you need to consider other visa categories.
457 replacement TSS visa
The instructions from the Immigration Bureau are summarized as follows:TSS visa requirements:

  • At least 2 years of relevant work experience;
  • Mandatory employer labor market test (certificate of recruiting locals);
  • Minimum industry salary standard;
  • The employer pays the Australian Skills Training Fund;
  • A certificate of no criminal record is required.

TSS is divided into two categories,In addition to the above common requirements,The respective requirements are as follows:

2 years TSS:

  • IELTS 5 points, no less than 4.5 in each item;
  • You can renew a 2-year TSS in China, but you cannot apply for permanent residence.

4 years TSS:

  • IELTS not less than 5 points in each item;
  • You can apply for renewal or transfer to permanent residence after working for 3 years.

After the New Deal in March 2018, the requirements for employer sponsored visas (immigrants) will be raised again. In addition to the applicant's work experience, English, age, etc., the Immigration Bureau also puts forward more requirements on the sponsor's sponsorship qualifications.

The latest employment list is updated on January 1 + effective!
After half a year of review, discussion, and re-review, in April 2017, the employer who was ruthlessly weight-loss sponsored the job list.Will be on September 1 this yearOfficially updated and effective!

The Immigration Bureau once again emphasized:

This list aims to truthfully reflect the real status of the Australian labor market, adhere to the principle of "Australian work first", improve the quality of skilled immigration, and contribute to the Australian economy...

In the current list, popular professional positions that Australian students often choose, such as accounting and IT, are still listed. But some other positions are not so lucky, such as retail buyer positions where many people work:

Shoemaker position:

Translation and travel agency managers were also excluded from the occupation list:

Just last November,The Australian Employment Department drew up a list,Named the occupations recommended to be removed:

Proposed occupations:

In addition,A confirmed message:

The profession of pilot will be added to the new profession list!

Wait until March,Immigration Bureau will release againThe list of employer sponsored occupations continues to be updated.

The list will affectEmploying burdens in one step: 186 visa, 187 visa andTSS visa.

But the Immigration Bureau is now letting go, and there will be more changes by then.

Incomplete material? Visa application is rejected directly!
From January 1 this year,For those who did not submit complete documents when applying for a visa,The immigration bureau will be completely impatient...

If your visa application is submitted two days laterDid not make up the materials...

You might anger the immigration office, directlyRefused!

However, if you are waiting for the medical examination or the issuance of the certificate of no criminal record, the Immigration Bureau will still open it online...

About same-sex marriage spouse immigration
From December 2017, 12, the immigration of same-sex marriage spouses officially began. The other half can apply for a visa in a "spouse relationship", not just the previous "de facto relationship".

Let’s talk about Australian employer sponsored immigration
Over the past ten years, employer-sponsored immigrants have firmly occupied the top spot in Australia’s skilled immigrant quota.The most familiar visa is 457!457 to 186/187 employer sponsored immigration has become a major way to obtain permanent residence in Australia.As the Australian mining boom subsides, the government is facing pressure to find new economic growth points, protect local labor, and improve employment levels. Accordingly, the Immigration Bureau has begun to consider reforms to this visa system.

On April 2017, 4,Australian employer sponsored immigration policy is a big earthquake!

this day,A lot of small partners "deeply hurt"!



According to the latest information released by the Immigration Bureau, in June 2017 before the implementation of the New Deal, the number of 6 and 186 visa applications for employer-sponsored immigrants quadrupled from the normal situation; at the same time, the number of visa applications issued for 187 in the first quarter of the 2017-18 fiscal year A significant year-on-year decline.

ObviouslyPeople's reform of the employer sponsored visa systemFull of doubts,AndImproved visa conditions objectively makeThe difficulty for employers to guarantee immigration has increased,The rate of visa refusal has increased!

ButThe long-term shortage of labor in the Australian economy cannot easily be changed. Skilled immigration (including employer-sponsored immigration) will continue to be an important immigration policy for the Australian government to ensure labor market demand for a long time in the future, whether it is 457 or in the future With TSS, the road for employers to guarantee immigration is still open.

However, as more and more applicants are applying, the situation of rising application conditions will inevitably continue. Therefore, for those who meet the immigration requirements or are planning the immigration path, we must remember that the policy is changing day by day and is volatile.

In this immigration climate,Precaution is the way to respond.

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