The most thrilling event in 17 years! The young boy was harassed by ghost kids for 4 months. When everyone thought he was hyping, he posted a photo...

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Crashing ghosts, many people have heard of this matter, but have never seen...because Crashing ghosts hit the Internet celebrities, and they have never talked about it...

Today, I’m going to bring you a ghost sharing that has been popular for more than half a year in 2017...

The protagonist is ADAM ELLIS, an illustrator from New York.↓↓↓

He wrote on his Twitter:

"I swear, for several nights, my cat will squat by the door of my house and gaze out of the door in the wee hours of the morning, and meow; and I will dream of a small cat almost every night.Sitting on the chair in my room, the most frightening thing is that he has no head yet!He looked at me quietly there, then climbed down from the chair, and walked towards my bed step by step, but I couldn't move! "

According to what he said, what he wrote did not have any exaggeration or eye-catching elements, but actually happened.Every day, he insists on uploading the latest share toon…

In order to make everyone more immersive, we start with the background of the protagonist, and at the end, a reminder, do not enter if you are timid... After writing, I feel like I will have a nightmare for a long time~~

Adam is a mess inThe illustrator on the Internet often uploads some drawings designed by his own comic characters on the Internet,

His painting style is bright and simple, and he likes to spoof characters in classic fairy tales, such as the following:

In addition to illustration spoof comic characters, he is also very interested in fashion design.

In daily life, he likes to wear clothes designed by himself,

And when he put these things onAfter the sale, the sales volume is considerable.

It can be said that he is an example of a very successful foreign online shop!

Life is very happy for Adam, no need to go to work, no need to work XNUMX to XNUMX, usually make a comic that he likes, design some clothes to make money.

However, I really didn’t expect that the legendary ghost collision event actually happened to him...

Now he is worried and frightened every day, living in panic and fear, but he can do nothing...

Let's take a look at the experience of hitting ghosts recorded by my brother...

High-energy below, please do not continue reading for the faint-hearted!

. . .

. .



On this day, Adam’s twitter began to post his own experience during this time:

I have nightmares every day and get pressed by ghosts.

It is true that this ghost kid wants to kill himself!

Adam posted that he had been having the same dream for many days.

This dream is very scary. The child with half of his head will not only sit on the rocking chair in his room and stare at him quietly, but also try to climb onto his bed.

But he couldn’t move because of the ghost press,

Only when the ghost child was close at hand, did he wake up suddenly!


At first, Adam also thought that he might be a little nervous, maybe it was because of watching too many horror movies.

But another dream he had began to make him feel creepy and restless...


This time, he met a girl in a library. The girl walked straight to him, with a weird smile, and asked:

"You must have met my dear David?"

The little brother asked in his dream, "Who are you talking about?"

The girl ignored the little brother's question, and then went on to say:

"Dear David is dead, so he can only show up at midnight. If you call him'Dear David', he will answer two questions for you."

At the end of Adam’s dream, the mysterious girl faintly added a sentence:

"However, you had better not have more than three questions, otherwise, dear David will kill you."

Adam, who was suddenly awakened from his dream, was scared into a cold sweat while sitting on the bed. He touched his pajamas and found that he was soaked in sweat.

Then he saw the green rocking chair where the ghost kid was sitting in his dream,

I feel very panic...

Sure enough, in the next few nights, the ghost kid still appeared in Adam's dream...


In the dream, the kid still sat on the rocking chair, staring at the little brother.

Adam plucked up the courage and spoke tentatively:

"Dear David, how did you die?"

What frightened the little brother was that the ghost child in the dream really answered his question just like the girl said:

"I died in an accident in the store."

Adam, who was on the verge of collapse, became stiff.Asked:

"Dear David, what happened in the store?"

The ghost child murmured:

"A shelf was pushed down and hit me on the head."

Curiosity triumphed over fear, Adam asked again.

"Dear David, who pushed the shelf to you?"

This time, the ghost kid stopped talking, and Adam suddenly remembered what the girl in his dream had said to him.

"Ask more than three questions,

Dear David will kill you! "

Adam, who was awakened from his dream again, was scared to sleepless night...

Adam, who woke up from his dream the next day, quickly went online, searching for previous casualties in stores in New York.

But no matter how he finds it,

都没有发现有有叫做大卫的小News that died in the store...

He also tried some homonyms related to the name of David, such as Daniel, Dylan, Devon... but he didn't have a clue...

"Dear David" is like a secret hidden in the dark, without the slightest trace.

Maybe it would be fine to move, Adam thought. It happened that a tenant upstairs had moved away, so he immediately contacted him to move.

"If you move away, you may not be tortured again."

Maybe the move was really effective. The first two months were calm, without ghost children, nightmares, and nothing.

Just when the little brother secretly rejoiced in his wise decision,Even more weird things happened to him again!


On the same day, the younger brother said on Twitter:

In the few nights when the cat was abnormal, he always had a strange feeling. When he tiptoedly looked at the situation outside through the cat's eyes, in the darkness, it was obvious that something was moving.

Adam, who was terribly scared, gritted his teeth and opened the door, then turned on all the lights in the hallway, but there was nothing, but the cat he raised began to behave very abnormally. The cat's fur was erected and made an attack!

So Adam said,"I think my dear David has found me."

From that day on, it was very strange for Adam to have a cat. These two cats gathered at the door at 12 o'clock on time every night, staring at the crack of the door, meowing non-stop.

And not just barking, the two cats will sniff around the crack of the door, as if something is right there.

At this point, the little brother once again thought of the fear of being dominated by ghost children.

However, this time he didn't dare to push the door open as before. He decided to observe it with cat eyes first, and shoot it with his mobile phone.

But nothing weird was seen from the cat's eye.

In the end, Adam decided to open the door and check what was it that made the two cats so abnormal.

After opening it, the outside looks the same as usual, there is nothing strange... But when Adam looked at the two photos carefully, he wrote in the post:

"I seem to have seen something strange. There should be something in the first photo! Where the railing and shelf cross? Something is hidden in the blind corner of the stairs."

"I don't know if my cat's eyes are dirty, but I have a feeling that something must have been at my door just now."

And that night, the sight of his house stayed in front of his house, and did not leave all night...

Adam, who was shrouded in fear, naturally did not dare to close his eyes...

The same thing continued the next day. His two cats still stood by the door, sniffing, and barking constantly...

If this continued, Adam might collapse first, so he checked some methods of exorcism on the Internet. According to the introduction, he went to the supermarket to buy a bag of salt and sprinkled it on his door.

In addition to the basic salt, he also bought sage, exorcism stone, psychic board and so on...

Because it is said that these things can exorcise demons, that is, the legendary evil spirits retreat.

I hope these things can make the ghost child no longer haunt him, and clean himself...

Maybe these things have really worked, and the little brother's life has returned to calm these days.



Then I took a selfie with PO:

As a result, this photo raised another question,

Yifa was discovered by sharp-eyed netizens again the strangeness of this photo.

At first glance, there seems to be no problem, right

Let's get closer:

Maybe you still don’t see clearly,

So let’s briefly describe...

On the glass behind the little brother, there is a ghost of a child! Let’s take a closer look, is there a human figure, eyes, nose, and mouth? The scariest thing is that the ghost kid’s head is only half! Isn't this just "Dear David"!

However, although the onlookers were very scared, Adam did not take these as a thing. In order to prepare for the trip, he happily bought a Polaroid, which is convenient for taking pictures during the trip...


As a result, this Polaroid made many netizens who thought that the little brother was just a hype think that they might be wrong with the little brother——

He really hit a ghost!

I just started Polaroid, so I naturally need to adjust the effect.

The younger brother began to photograph his home furnishings,

In order to commemorate the experience of this time, I also took a special picture of the green rocking chair..

That's right, the chair where "Dear David" first appeared...

But this happiness only lasted for a few seconds, which is the legendary handsome but only 3 seconds

When he took the Polaroid to the corridor outside his room to shoot, the picture became like this! Total darkness!

Maybe the photo paper in the camera is jammed, or something else is wrong?

After taking out the photo paper, I found that the photo paper is fine, and the camera is fine ↓

Maybe it was Adam who accidentally covered the camera with his hand while taking pictures? But that's not right, when the little brother covered the camera with his hand, the effect that was taken is completely different from the previous one, it is definitely not completely black!

The photo on the left is the photo taken by the brother after covering the camera with his hand, and the photo taken before on the right...

At this moment... the little brother recalled the time dominated by "Dear David"... but he didn't believe in evil, picked up the Polaroid and quickly returned to the room, and then took pictures from the room outside.

When the photo was washed out, it scared him to kneel again!

Outside the bedroom door in the photo, it is too dark to see a trace of light! Like a black hole that swallows everything...

And the effect of his shooting with his mobile phone at the same time is this: the lights are on in the corridor outside the door! Very bright!

Adam, who was so scared to cry and started to tweet for help immediately!

I went to the supermarket and bought a large bundle of sage. After it burned, I began to smoke everywhere in my room. I wanted to drive away evil spirits, so please leave "David"...

Brother started to smoke at home...

First smoked in the room...

Then go to the corridor to smoke...

The green rocking chair that "Dear David" likes, my brother smoked it for half an hour...

During that time, the little brother Miao still stayed at the door on time every night.

Staring at the door and smelling everywhere,

As if there is really something outside the door...

His friends were crazy to persuade him to move earlier, but Adam felt that since "Dear David" could find him again after he moved for the first time, the move seemed meaningless...


Okay, since I don’t move, the supernatural events surrounding Adam will naturally not disappear easily... Shortly after bruising appeared on his body,I often receive calls at night without the calling number...

I originally thought it was a sales call, but it was a MLM call, at mostFraud has been ignored.

However, such calls are coming in one after another every day, and they do not mean to stop.

Things like disturbing dreams are really annoying. In the end, the little brother can't bear it anymore and is ready to curse this disturbing person.

However, what he didn't expect was that no one was speaking on the other end of the phone, only a special static sound appeared, sometimes mixed with faint breathing.

Adam's heartbeat speeded up immediately, and he quickly held his breath, trying to listen carefully to the voice on the phone. However, there was no sound on the phone soon. Just when he was about to hang up, there was a very light voice on the other end of the phone: "Hello", and then it was disconnected.


This "Hello" is not the inquiring tone of ordinary phone calls.It’s the tone that naturally rises when you say hello...

According to Adam, this is a very soft statement, and it takes a lot of effort to hear it. With such a weird call, he naturally thought of "Dear David".

Could it be that this ghost kid is slowly walking from his dream to the world he lives in, pinching him, and calling him anonymously?

It was another sleepless night. Adam spent a long night in front of the TV. He said: "I was too scared to go to bed. I feel like I'm going crazy!"

Recently, my brother finally decided to go to Japan to avoid it after three weeks. He is going to Japan on holiday, relax. If "Dear David" has the ability to follow Japan, then he really won't be recruited...

Before leaving, he bought a pet monitor for his cats, which was able to recognize the various movements of the pets at home.

In this way, even if he is far away in Japan, he can stare at the two fat cats remotely.

According to Adam, this pet monitor can be connected to Wi-Fi, so that you can view your own movements at any time.

More reliable, if there is any sound in the room or the movement of an object is detected, the detector will send a reminder to the mobile phone through the app.

Well, it sounds like you know that something will happen again...

Sure enough, Adam installed the device just two days ago. When he went out to test the function, his mobile phone received the message from the monitor that the movement of the object was detected.

Adam thought it was meowI was caught by the monitor and happily prepared to land in and greet the cats remotely.

But his,凝固在了他打开app的瞬间…镜头裡,一根猫毛都没有!

The object captured by the lens moves the lens. It is a picture of his room. The two cats are not in the lens.

Adam watched it over and over again, and thought there was something wrong with the monitor, until he watched it the third time...

It's the green chair where the ghost kid sits again! It actually moved on its own!

The legendary windless automatic...

Obviously, it feels like an invisible person is sitting on it and shaking!

It was like a wave of real hammers that hit Adam's heart, as well as the majority of netizens!

After Adam went home, he found that the tortoise shell that he had bought before had fallen from the bookshelf to the ground!

And he was so scared that he didn't dare to turn on the surveillance to view the subsequent movie...

In the days that followed, the little brother and the ghost kid battled wits...


Brother said that recently I always feel that the ceiling is a little noisy because of the abnormal noise of the ceiling. Brother said that he wants to check it...

It's this small window, there is always the sound of walking and rolling...

Brother just stabbed bravely like this...

A mysterious object fell from the ceiling.

The mysterious object that fell was a shoe

The landlord also came, and they found a glass ball in this small space...


This is not the climax of things, the most terrifying thing happened in December...


In December, the little brother released a wave of more terrifying

After being calm for a while, the ghost kid appeared again!

Because he wanted to catch him, Adam installed a monitor in the house...

As you can see from the screenshot of the movie, the little brother is sleeping quietly.

Then, the ghost kid really appeared this time, standing on the little brother’s sofa...

Then he walked to the side of the little brother...

Let's zoom in and see...

Then, the last shot of the ghost kid in the monitor looks like this...

Just watching him quietly in his sleep...





The latest news from my brother was on December 12th↓

He said that he would go home for a holiday... Thank you for your concern.

Adam has stopped updating...

In the words of a netizen, her opinion on this is -

"I don't even dare to look at those photos..."

I don’t know how you feel after reading it?


Said this was the most terrifying incident of 2017,There should be no objection...


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