Recently, the Australian Border Force (Australian Border Force)Three Chinese suspects of illegal cigarette smuggling were arrested in Melbourne, And brought out an amount of money involvedA huge criminal gang of cigarette smuggling over 68 Australian dollars!

According to the intelligence obtained in previous operations, the border law enforcement teamMelbourne AirportKey investigationPassengers from Southeast Asia.

During the investigation, the border law enforcement team found outMore than 40Passengers who brought a large number of illegal cigarettes into Australia in their suitcases are worth up toThere are more than 682,500 million illegal cigarettes worth $100, and the total tax evasion is expected to exceed $730,000.

On January 1 (last Friday), the border law enforcement teamDocklands, MelbourneA raid was conducted on a house in, and found107,000 illegal cigarettes, $260,000 in cash, a laptop computer and a lot of luxury goods.

At the scene, a 33-year-old Chinese man was arrested, allegedly one of the leaders of this criminal gang.

He was charged with illegal possession and transportation of tobacco products and will appear in court on May 5 this year.

On January 1 (last Saturday), the border law enforcement teamMelbourne AirportTwo other members of this smuggling gang were arrested--A 54-year-old and a 30-year-old Chinese woman. The two were carried in the suitcase on January 152,000 supportIllegal cigarettes entered Australia and were arrested while trying to leave Melbourne Airport the next day.

A person in charge of the border enforcement team in Victoria said that because the illegal smuggling of cigarettes is very profitable, it is easy to cause some people to take risks.

In the last fiscal year, the border authorities seized a total ofMore than 1.23 million cigarettes and 64 tons of tobacco products.

In Australia, the maximum penalty for tobacco smuggling is10 years imprisonment. In addition, the court can impose the highestA fine of 5 times the total tax evasion.

The border law enforcement team's investigation into this smuggling gang is still ongoing.

I want to remind everyone here that since July 7 last year, the number of tobacco products that Australia allows adult travelers to bring into the country tax-free has been reduced from the previous 1 grams to25 grams (approximately equivalent to 25 cigarettes).

In addition, the latest list of items prohibited and declared for entry into Australia in 2018 is attached. You can refer to it before entering customs!

1.No carry

Dairy products, eggs and egg products

  • All whole eggs, dried eggs and egg powder, and egg products;

  • Egg noodles, or moon cakes containing eggs (salted eggs, processed eggs and preserved eggs), salted duck eggs, salted quail eggs, or preserved eggs made with duck eggs or quail eggs, instant noodles containing eggs, and mayonnaise;

  • Dairy products: Except for dairy products from countries without foot-and-mouth disease, whole and dried products containing more than 10% dairy products are not allowed. Including three-in-one milk coffee, tea and malted milk extract, milk powder and instant cereals containing dairy products;

  • Australia allows infant formula and New Zealand dairy products to be carried with infants.

Non-filled / non-vacuum packaged meat

  • All animal species, including fresh meat, dried meat, frozen meat, cooked meat, smoked meat, bacon, cured meat or packaged meat;

  • Sausages and sausages;

  • Whole salted duck, duck liver, duck stomach, duck intestines, poultry offal, beef strips, beef jerky, beef and pork shreds, pork floss, pork filling mooncakes; and instant noodles containing meat, trotters, or lard Slag

  • Pet food such as fish food or bird food.

Living animals and plants

  • Animals: all mammals, birds, bird eggs and nests, fish, reptiles (turtles), snakes, scorpions, amphibians, crustaceans and insects;

  • Plants: all potted/bare-rooted plants, bamboo, bonsai, cuttings, roots, bulbs, bulbs, rhizomes, stems and other viable plant materials and soil;

  • Cooked, dried, fresh or frozen plantain leaves.

Seeds and nuts

  • Cereals, popcorn, raw nuts, raw chestnuts, fresh peanuts, pine nuts, bird food, fruit and vegetable seeds, unidentified seeds;

  • There are also seeds packaged by certain merchants;

  • Bean decorations, hawthorn, adzuki beans and mung beans.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Remember! All fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables cannot be brought into the country. For example, ginger, apples, persimmons, oranges, herbs or fresh bamboo shoots.

Weapons and ammunition

and also! Various weapons and ammunition are also not allowed to be brought into the country.

Including the seemingly harmless nunchakus, I still remember that Jay Chou went to Sydney for a concert in 2015. All the nunchakus used for the performance were confiscated by customs on the spot at the airport. It was terrible...

2.Need to declare


  • Cooked and raw food and cooking ingredients;

  • Dried fish, salted fish, fresh fish and seafood, such as scallops, shark fin, squid and fish maw;

  • Dried fruits and vegetables, including Hericium erinaceus, dried longan, dried litchi, dried tangerine peel, dried plum, dried ginseng;

  • Noodles and rice;

  • Packaged meals include food and soup on board;

  • Seasoning herbs and spices, such as anise, cinnamon, cloves, etc.;

  • Remember to declare snacks, including ginkgo, peanuts, fried watermelon seeds, pork floss, or biscuits, cakes and candies. Among them, if it is pork-containing almond cake, pork-containing chicken biscuits and sausage-containing pastries, they cannot be brought;

  • Tea, coffee and other milk-containing beverages, such as three-in-one coffee, tea and malted milk;

  • Tea and spices containing citrus ingredients.

Animal products

  • Feathers, bones, horns and ivory. Among them, it must be clean and free of any animal tissues;

  • Leather, finished leather and fur. Note that unless processed, raw leather products including drums and shields cannot be brought into Australia;

  • Wool and animal hair. Even if it is wool, wool yarn or handicrafts, it must be declared;

  • Animal and bird specimens. Some specimens may violate the Endangered Wild Animals and Plants Law, so be careful;

  • Shells, including jewelry and souvenirs. Here is also a reminder! Corals are prohibited by the Endangered Species Act, so they are not allowed to be carried;

  • Bee products need to be declared, such as honey, honeycomb, royal jelly, and beeswax. Among them, pollen is forbidden to carry;

  • Used animal equipment is also required to declare, including veterinary equipment and medicines, tools for shearing or meat industry, saddles and harnesses, and cages for animals and birds;

  • Be careful! Pet food and pet snacks are absolutely prohibited, such as rawhide dog chews and fish food.

Plant material

  • Wooden handicrafts, objects and carvings, including colored or painted objects. note! The bark cannot be brought into the country, otherwise it will be taken away or undergo certain processing;

  • Artifacts, handicrafts and antiques made of plant materials;

  • If it is made of plant materials, palm or leaf mats, bags and other items, you can just declare. However, if it is made of banana plants, it is best not to carry it. It is forbidden;

  • Straw straw products, including straw hats, straw mats and packaging; bamboo, rattan or white rattan baskets and furniture;

  • Fresh flowers can be declared; however, if the flowers are propagated on stems, such as roses, carnations and chrysanthemums, etc.

  • In addition, these can also be declared, including: dried flower petals (potpourri) and coconut shell mixed with spices; items containing or filled with seeds; dried flowers and flower arrangements.

Other items

In addition to the above categories, there are also these items that need to be declared, including:

  • A total of 1 Australian dollars or foreign currency equivalent;

  • Items obtained overseas, or tax-free items purchased in Australia, including gifts, with a total value of more than 900 Australian dollars;

  • More than 2250 ml of alcohol, or 25 grams of tobacco products (approximately equivalent to 25 cigarettes);

  • Goods and samples for commercial/business purposes;

  • Thread made of animal or plant materials for crafts and hobbies;

  • Used sports and camping equipment, such as tents, bicycles, golf and fishing equipment;

  • Footwear/hiking boots contaminated by soil, feces or plant materials;

  • Items included in the heritage, such as artworks, stamps, coins, archaeological objects, minerals and specimens;

  • Defense and strategic materials, but this average person will not carry...

In addition to the items listed above, there is another category of items that countless people care about——traditional Chinese medicine!So here is a separate section for your reference, which containsTraditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine.

3.traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese herbal medicines, medicines, tonics and herbal teas can generally be brought into Australia after declaration, including tangerine peel, chrysanthemum, bark, Ganoderma lucidum and Codonopsis.

However, there are many herbs and traditional medicines that cannot be brought into Australia:

Forbidden Chinese Medicine

  • Antlers, antler, antler essence, deer whip, and donkey-hide gelatin. However, if it is a deer product from New Zealand that is marked with a New Zealand product mark, it can enter the country;

  • Bird's Nest, Cordyceps, Ganoderma lucidum;

  • Toad grease/paste, dried earthworms, dried animal bodies of any kind, purple river carts, dried lizards, duck intestines, duck stomachs, tendons, turtles and oxtails.

All in all, no matter what kind of Chinese medicinal products you are carrying, you must not be lucky, you must declare!

4. Western medicine

Like Chinese medicine, Western medicine also has very strict regulations.

Please Note

  • You cannot bring more cold medicines (you can bring a box, and then declare), and you can bring one or two boxes of anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, aspirin, paracetamol or Australian over-the-counter drugs are generally not required to be declared. But it should be noted that the dosage should not exceed the three-month dosage for ordinary people.

  • If it is a prescription drug, such as hormones and antibiotics, then you have to prepare a beneficial prescription and a doctor's letter to prove that you really need to take such drugs.

  • For injection drugs, it is necessary to apply for permission on the Australian entry online in advance.

Forbidden Western Medicine

  • Mental & narcotic drugs. Special attention should be paid to antitussive and antitussive, sedative and sleeping, antipsychotic drugs, including syrups, sleeping pills and analgesics and antidepressant drugs! Anesthetics such as acetorphine, acetylalfamethylfentanyl, acetomethadol, etc. .

  • Precursor drugs containing ephedrine or morphine. Compound licorice tablets, white plus black, cough water, licorice tablets, Kangtaike, Tylenol, etc. are all drugs containing ephedrine.

5. medicineProduct Tips & FAQ

1. If you are not at ease about the drugs you are carrying or you are afraid of not being clear when you check, you can prepare the English version of the drug inserts in advance, so that you can take out the English inserts when you arrive at the customs inspection, and let the customs more directly Understand the purpose and instructions of the medicine to reduce misunderstandings.

2. Never bring drugs to others, because Australian customs regulations only allow you to bring drugs to yourself.

3. 200% of the "banned drugs" cannot be brought, and if found, a huge fine or even repatriation will be imposed. Don't be lucky!

4. If you don't know whether you need to declare the medicine you bring, it is best not to bring it; or find a replacement.

5. If you can't find anything in this list (although it is unlikely to have), it is better to declare and leave it to the customs for judgment!

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