After eating every day, there is a step to wash the pot and wash the dishes. When it comes to washing dishes, that detergent is definitely a must! However, is the dish soap that everyone buys in the supermarket really useful?

According to reports, a while ago, Australia’s consumer rights protection group CHOICE made aDishwashing detergent evaluation!

CHOICE tested dozens of detergents on the Australian market, but the test results were shocking.Some detergents are even worse than tap water!

When doing this evaluation, the CHOICE testers stained the plate with rice milk, meat sauce and egg yolk the night before. Then on the next day, use these dozens of different detergents to clean, each product will be tested 8 times, and finally get an average cleaning index, so as to make a conclusion.

CHOICE spokesperson Stefanie Menezes said that the results showed thatThere are 7 kinds of detergents on the market, the effect is worse than water!

Menezes also said that usually many customers use dish soap to find that it will make the dishes very slippery, thereby cleaning the dirt on the dishes, but this does not represent the cleaning power of washing!

The test shows thatThe cleanliness test score of tap water is 40%!

This means that as long as the detergent scores less than 40%,

Then use them to wash, it is better to wash with water!

Among them, the brand Earth Choice won the "Prize"!TOP 1 which is harder to use than water! The test score is only 28%!

Coles Smart Buy's dishwashing liquid followed closely behind, with a test score of 29%!

The third place from the bottom is Coles Super Strength with a score of 35%!

The other 4 difficult-to-use products are:

Blast Ultra Plus Concentrate, the test score is 37%!

Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Antibacterial, the test score is 39%!

Orange Power Dishwash Concentrate, the test score is 39%!

Unamat, the test score is 39%!

In addition to this wiping test, CHOICE also performed a detergent foam test: until the foam dissolves, count the number of dishes cleaned during this time.

Combining the above two methods, the detergent products on the Australian market,The most outstanding one is Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Ultimate! The test score is as high as 80%!

The second and third places are:

Kin Kin naturals Eco, 75% of the test score!

Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Advanced, 70% test score!

Other than that,There are 22 kinds of detergent participated in the evaluation,The rankings are sorted by scores, and the editor has sorted them out for you:

4th person:Woolworths Select Shine Super Concentrate Antibacterial, test score 68%!

5th person:Tandil Original Super Strength scored 67% on the test!

6th person:Woolworths Select Shine Super Concentrate, score 66%!

7th person:Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate, test score 66%!

8th person:Woolworths Homebrand scored 64% on the test!

9th person:Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Antibacterial, test score 60%!

10th person:Palmolive Fusion Clean with Baking soda and lime, the test score is 60%!

11th person:Euca Concentrate, 56% test score!

12th person:Green Action, test score 56%!

13th person:Home Recipe 1, 55% test score!

14th person:Koala Eco All natural, with a test score of 52%!

15th person:Palmolive Divine Blends, the test score is 51%!

16th person:Little Innoscents Botanical scored 49% in the test!

17th person:Tandil Ultra, 49% test score!

18th person:ecostore, test score 46%!

19th person:Palmolive Ultra Concentrate, test score 45%!

20th person:Ecover Washing Up Liquid, score 44%!

21th person:Sunlight, the test scored 43%!

22th person:Fairy Platinum, 42% test score!

23th person:Home Recipe 2, 41% test score!

24th person:Coles Ultra Concentrate with baking soda, test score 40%!

25th person:Herbon, test score 40%!

Justin Dowel, general manager of Natures Organics, where Earth Choice is located, said,Compared with washing dishes with dish soap, tap water is physically impossible to clean grease more effectively!So it is ridiculous that water is more effective than detergent! So they do not recognize CHOICE's test method!

However, no matter how the argument is made, the test result is already very clear. You can consider how to choose!

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