"Australian University Graduates Report" is released, let’s see which majors are easy to find a job

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The latest "Australian University Graduates Report" is released. It turns out that it is easier to find a job if universities choose these majors. Did you choose the "right" major?

More and more graduates find jobs


The most popular major vs the most unpopular major

However, there are still 30% of graduates who cannot find a job or can only find part-time jobs.

Research shows that the main reasons why these graduates cannot find jobs are:

There are not many social posts corresponding to the majors studied.

In a nutshell:Unemployment is because this society currently does not need your talents.

So, what major is good for finding a job?

The answer is:medical profession.

Medicine, pharmacy, dentist, rehabilitation treatment:

In 2017, medical, pharmacy, dentist, and rehabilitation professionalsThe highest graduate employment rate, 95.9%, 95.2%, 86.8% and 85.7% of graduates can find full-time jobs!

The more "professional" the subject you choose, the easier it is to find a job. In other words, if your major is very broad, after graduation, you feel that you "can do everything", it is not easy to find a job.What Australian society needs is "professionals", not general talents.

So, what major is the most difficult to find a job?

Creative arts, science and mathematics, communication, psychology:

2017 graduatesLowest full-time employment rateThe profession is:

In creative arts, science and mathematics, communications, and psychology, the employment rates are only 53.2%, 59%, 60.3%, and 60.6%, respectively.

Regional college graduates are easier to find employment

what isRegional university?

Officially, Australia's regional universities (regional universities) include:

Central Queensland University, Australian Federal University, University of Southern Queensland, Southern Cross University, University of New England and Sunshine Coast University are six universities.

None of these are the "Big XNUMX in Australia"!Yes, but the employment rate of graduates is high!

The highest employment rate for taught graduate students

There is also a table mentioned in this report:

It can be seen from the table that the employment situation of teaching-type graduate students is the best, 92.6% of graduates can find a job; compared with research-type graduate students, only 80.4%;Undergraduate students have the lowest: 71.8%.

Of course, in addition to looking at the employment rate, it also depends on wages.

In terms of salary, it is obvious that the median salary of postgraduate by research is the highest, reaching $87,800 a year!

The rate for taught graduate students is $81,000 per year, while that for undergraduate students is only $60,000 per year.

The good news is that these three types of graduatesThe annual salary has increased a lot from previous years.

The wage gap between men and women is shrinking

In addition to looking at the employment rate, the report also shows that female graduates still earned less than males in the whole year last year, probably at $59,000 for females than $60,100 for males, but the gap has narrowed.

The heartbreaking thing is that the higher the level of education, the greater the wage gap between men and women!

For example: a boy and a girl both graduated from undergraduates, and their wage gap is about $3,600 (about 4.4%) less than that of women than men;

And if a boy and a girl both have a graduate degree, the girl will earn $15,000 less than the boy (about 19.7%)!

But there are exceptions!

OnEngineering (engineering)Communication (communications), The median salary of women is the same as that of men, or even higher.

Therefore, women men, might as well consider these two majors.

Graduate satisfaction has declined

Yes, regardless of whether the employment rate has risen or fallen, whether the average annual salary has increased or decreased, whether the wage gap between men and women has widened or narrowed, and graduate satisfaction has declined as always.

So, what exactly are Australian graduates dissatisfied with?

The quality of teaching is more than average (63%) of the students think the teacher is not good at teaching.

The Minister of Education said: You can be an apprentice

Education Minister Birmingham said: "It is important for students to take some time to think carefully before choosing a major, or even before choosing whether to go to university."

"Generally speaking, college graduates are more likely to find high-paying long-term jobs, but being an apprentice is also a good way to get a job." The implication is, don't go to university with the crowd.

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