Recently, Caleb Maraku, a 19-year-old New Zealand citizen,Assaulted a 19-year-old in NSW,The incident that caused him to fall into a coma continued to ferment.Nearly 5 Australians petitioned,Deport this New Zealand man!

Minister of the Interior of AustraliaPeter Dutton finally said: "Arrest Caleb Maraku and deport him!Australia has zero tolerance for foreign violent criminals! If you attack an Australian citizen, you will be deported! "

New Zealand citizen deported by the Minister of the Interior

Recently, Australian Minister of the Interior Peter Dutton decided:New Zealand man Caleb Maraku arrested.Forced deportation! The Australian focus interview "A Current Affair" immediately followed up the report.

according toDomestic affairsMinister's will, In the early hours of last Friday morning, the Australian Border Force conducted aRaids.

Under the cover of darkness, they came to Maraku's residence on the Gold Coast.

Arrest him and take it directly to the airport,Forced deportation

Facing the camera, thisForeigners look disdainful. He kept scolding:"Get out!"

"Look at these dogs!

Take so much money to take me away from my home! "

"The media just like to make up stories,You dogs!"

What exactly is itCauseCaused this New Zealander to beEviction by name?

New Zealand citizens beat Australians, laughed and took selfies out of court

Things have to start fromLast NovemberSpeaking.

In the early morning of November 2017, 11, some netizens filmed such a "thriller" scene near Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast:19 year old NSW teenagerTaliesin O'MearaBesieged by 3 people.

Among them, 19-year-old New Zealander Caleb MarakuBeat the victim with one punch.

DirectSpread on the ground,Unconscious.

victimCracked teeth, head injury, multiple bruises on the body, Was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.

O'Meara never thought that such a violent incident would happen to herself.

He aggrieved: "I don't know these peopleSo, I don’t want to say anything to them, but the court will let them get the punishment they deserve. "

However, the incident did not progress as everyone thought.

In January 2017, Maraku was accused ofIntentional assault causing physical injury to othersMaraku pleaded guilty in court, and the judge finally pronounced: sentenced to Maraku12 months probation! And pay the victimA $361 medical bill.

This means that Maraku simplyNo need to serve a sentence in prison

When walking out of court, Maraku behavedVery happy

etc.Greet the reporter with a big laugh,communicate with,

Try to take selfies with reportersTo celebrate that he can walk out of court.

The court’s decision, Maraku’s laughLike a sharp knife, it stabbed the heart of the victim and his family.

The mother of the victim O'Meara wrote in a letter:

I hope Maraku doesn't have to see someone who beat up your child and walk out of the court with a big smile; you also don't appreciate the pain of the perpetrator who is indifferent to the life and death of others.

"The whole lawsuit is a joke

I want him to know,The man he hit on the street was a man with a mother, The mother will do her best to protect her children, I hope he, who is also the father, can experience it! "

Until now, the victim O'Meara in an interview,Still reluctant to recall the situation

"My consciousness is confused, I can't remember many of them..."

Nearly 5 Australians petition: Let Maraku be deported!

The arrogance of the abuser Maraku angered the Australians! A netizen named "Australian Citizen" initiated a petition on Striving to beat Caleb Marakudeport!

Currently, there areNearly 5 Australian netizens signed, Everyone said:

"Why do Australians have to afford his life?"

"let himLeave Australia! ”

Not only that, but Kelly Foley, a professional boxer in Sydney, was very annoyed when he saw Maraku walking out of the court with a laugh in the media.

He took out 1 Australian dollars for appearance fee, and on social mediaAn invitation to a "charity boxing match" was issued to Maraku.

Maraku accepted the challenge without fear and agreed to pay the victim as compensation.

The two also met to play in Brisbane at the end of February.

Foley said: "I willAsk him to reflect as much as possible and think carefully about what he did. "

The Minister of the Interior stepped in: cancel the visa of the abuser and deport.

As the incident escalated and continued to ferment, the Minister of the Interior Peter Dutton stepped in and he orderedCancel Maraku's visa,And deported!

So, the scene at the beginning of the article happened. In the dark, Maraku was arrested in his house and forced to be deported back to New Zealand.

Dutton said,The Australian trial system is "too soft", Too lenient to foreign-born criminals.

Among those who come to Australia, some are guests, they are not Australian citizens,It is difficult to understand that someone has committed such a crime against an Australian citizen!

This is equivalent to being invited to someone’s home as a guest,You will not beat the owner of this house, if you do, you will be turned away

"If you attack Australians,You will be deported! "

It is reported that in the past 3 years, the Australian visas of 3200 foreign criminals have been cancelled.Maraku is a new case

Dutton believes,These offenders do not deserve to be Australian citizens.

"Cancel their visas before they become citizens,Not only can it save the country's welfare expenses, but Australian society will also become safer.Violent foreign criminals in Australiazero tolerance."

This is not the first time an internal chief has issued an expulsion

In fact, Maraku is not the first New Zealander to be deported by the Australian Minister of the Interior Dutton.

As early as August 2017, the Minister of the Interior ordered theProvocatively assaulted Brisbane teenager Cole MillerCause his deathThe criminal Daniel Maxwell returned to New Zealand!

On January 2016, 1, the victim Miller and his friend Nick Pace met Maxwell and others on their way home from the Chinatown mall in Brisbane.

Maxwell provoked and beat Miller. In the chaos, Miller was attacked by Armstrong Renata from behind and fell to the ground immediately, losing consciousness.

Two days after the incident, Miller died in the hospital.

Miller's death,Dealt a huge blow to his father

What’s even more irritating is that Armstrong Renata was sentenced to 7 years in prison, while Maxwell, a New Zealand man who provoked the incident, was only sentenced18 months probation

After understanding the specific situation, the Minister of the Interior Dutton immediately contacted the Queensland Police and the Border Defense Department.Re-detention of Maxwell, Directly onImplement repatriation

For Dutton's decisive decision, the victim's father was very moved. He called Dutton and thanked him.

After Dutton listened to it, he felt emotional...

It is reported that Australia has laws that if sentenced to one year or more of imprisonment, foreign criminals will be deported!

Dutton rightly said: "We willProtect the safety of Australians! ”

The deportation order issued by the Australian Minister of the Interior Dutton has received widespread support from Australians and shows that Australians have zero tolerance for foreign violent criminals. I wonder what you think about this expulsion order?

News compiled from "Current Affair"


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