Let’s talk about your pet. Is it a cute dog, a lazy cat, a silly rabbit, or a smart parrot? Anyway, they are all cute and harmless little animals, but in this land of Australia, a Melbourne girl likes to raise different pets:crocodile!Also raised 5 at once! Eat and live together, have a good heart!

This heroine is named Vicki Lowing, who lives in the West End of Melbourne. Most people don't dare to visit her house. Even if they go, they are cautious. They are afraid that if she is unhappy, she will die on the spot and there will be no bones left...

Because she is in the bedroomRaised 5 reptiles that can eat human flesh--crocodile!

Her fate with the crocodile has to be talked about 20 years ago:

Her young girl Johnnie (the crocodile below) was abandoned at the door of her house. When she saw the little guy, the maternal love in her heart was aroused... She couldn't bear to watch the little guy suffer outside. thenDecided to adopt it.

Since then, she has been out of control and she has raisedA few snakes,9 lizards,2 turtles,5 birds~~~

These "cute" animals have become her "children", and her daily routine isTake care of 33 different animals, All these little animals were picked up by her. They were all homeless before, and if they weren't taken care of by her, they might all die now.

Although these crocodiles would make a noise at two or three in the morning to wake her up, just to get a meal.

Although raising them is actually very energy intensive.

Although they still have some special requirements.

Although they stained her home.

But she's so sweet, and when the two freshwater crocodiles Jovian and Johnnie come from time to timeWhen sleeping with her, she felt that this was simply the happiest thing in the world...

Of course, there are times when it is bad. Once a saltwater crocodile Jilfia did not control her nature and ate the chicken raised by Lowing in the backyard!

Lowing broke out and scolded the saltwater crocodile severely, but afterwards she feltA little regret, Because Jilfia only complied with its nature after all, such scolding may make it very sad and confused. After all, it has done nothing wrong, right!

With so many weird pets, of course many people point to her, but she said:

"I also know that many people think they are disgusting and don't like them! But I treat them all as my children, after all, they are all lives."

But her biggest problem now is that she has retired. Although she has a lot of time to take care of her "children", she still has some financial difficulties. She intends to seek help from netizens.

One more thing to note is:

When talking to 5 crocodiles,Don’t look into their eyes,Otherwise it is very likelyWas eaten...

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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