onJust now, at lunch time,A venomous tiger snake was found next to Southern Cross Railway Station in Melbourne's CBD, which caused Melbourne's busiest transportation hub to be temporarily closed.

The specific location of the viper isOn Collins Avenue and Spencer AvenueAt the junction,

The snake catcher has been urgently called to the scene.

The Melbourne Council sent a message to warn everyone to stay away from the area as much as possible. The police have maintained order at the scene.

And this scenario is by no means an exception this week,Just recently, especially in the past two weeks, the snakes in Melbourne have been out frequently!

Yesterday’s news--

As soon as the Australian media news came out,26 people watched the video and left more than 4000 comments, The content is like this:

"I found one in my backyard last night. One of my dogs is dead. The remaining dogs are dying. Thank you Stewy, the snake catcher."

"When I was fishing, my 5-year-old son was sitting on the bank of the river. A super big tiger snake came from the grass and spit out a letter to his son, and finally left. I'm really glad that my son was calm at the time. Will definitely attack him."

According to the snake catcher, it is theBusiest time, Almost able to pick up one day8 phones.

Professional snake catcher Stewart Gap and his pet snake

And these snakes not only appearedIn the suburbs, even every corner of the CBD has:

such asCBD edgeCarltonMany snakes appeared. Therefore, friends who live in City and the surrounding area cannot relax their vigilance at all!

evenIn the carThere may also be snakes:


Snakes will appear in every corner of the house, such asBehind the sofa:






Because nowSummer is almost over, so food for snakes is getting harder and harder, so they have to appear in human settlements for food.

At the same time, the rebuilding of the Melbourne railway line and the excavation of the CBD subway construction have also made many animals homeless, causing the rat and snake disasters to be particularly serious from last year to this year.

Every year in Australia900Into the hospital because of a snake bite.

And Melbourne is also a very dangerous area, such asTiger Snake (Tiger Snake)Red Belly, Are common snakes here, andA snake catcher can catch 300-400 snakes in Melbourne a year, 99% of them are venomous, deadly.

Just this month, there was news that Chinese tourists stepped on weeds while traveling on the Great Ocean Road and were bitten by a poisonous tiger snake.

If you live in an area where they are common, you should be careful:

Coordinates: Mt Dandenong, Ferntree Gully, Monbulk

White-lipped snake, small-eyed snake, eastern tiger snake, eastern brown snake

Coordinate: Mornington Peninsula

White-lipped snake, eastern tiger snake, eastern brown snake, copper-headed viper

坐标:Dandenong, Narre Warren,Noble Park, Doveton, Rowville, Keysborough, Emerald

White-lipped snake, small-eyed snake, eastern tiger snake, eastern brown snake, copper-headed viper

White-lipped snake

Coordinates: Williamstown, Werribee all the way to Point Cook

Eastern Tiger Snake, Eastern Brown Snake

Coordinates: Sunshine

Eastern Tiger Snake, Eastern Brown Snake

Coordinates: Epping, Greenvale, Mill Park, Campbellfield, Preston, Coburg, Mickelham

Small whip snake, small eye snake, eastern tiger snake, eastern brown snake, copper-headed viper, red-bellied black back snake

Eastern Tiger Snake

Coordinates: Diamond Creek, Wattle Glen, Doreen, Mernda, Kinglake, Saint Andrews, South Morang, Whittlesea, Greensborough, Wollert, Ivanhoe, Heidelberg, Fairfield, Northcote, Research, Collingwood, Park Orchards

Small whip snake, small eye snake, eastern tiger snake, eastern brown snake, copper-headed viper, red-bellied black back snake

Coordinates: Broadmeadows, Tullamarine, St Albans, Taylors Lakes, Maribyrnong

Small whip snake, eastern tiger snake, eastern brown snake, copper-headed viper

Small eye snake

So what if you really see a snake at home?

  • Back slowly and away from the snake;
  • Observe the behavior of the snake from a safe distance;
  • Call snake catchers to let them catch snakes;
  • Follow the instructions of the snake catcher to pay attention to the behavior of the snake;
  • When the snake catcher arrives at the scene, tell them the exact location of the snake;

Eastern Brown Snake

What if I am bitten by a snake unfortunately?

  • Stay away from the area where the snake is;
  • Control your breathing and don’t panic;
  • Dial 000;
  • Lie flat on the ground, don't move;
  • Bandage the wound to slow down the spread of venom;
  • Fix the bandaged part with a splint;
  • Write down the time of being bitten, the time of bandaging and the part of being bitten;
  • Wait patiently for the arrival of ambulance personnel;
  • Don't try to catch snakes or rinse with water;
  • Call a snake catcher;

Therefore, when you see a snake in your home, don’t panic or act rashly. Keep a safe distance from the snake.Contact the snake catcher.

Don't try to be a warrior, rememberVictorians cannot kill snakes themselves, An expert must be called.

You can call the Council in your district first, Because some district governments haveProvide free snake catching serviceOf, such asWynham CityThere is provision, mainly for Werribee and other areas in the southwest. People who live here can call9742 0777Call a snake catcher.

If the committee cannot help, you can also Google by yourself, and you can find many organizations and contact information for snake catchers.

These snake hunters are7/24Stand by, so whenever you find a snake, you can contact them immediately!

News compiled from "7 News"


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