The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) announced that from today (February 2) to Sunday (February 23), you can adopt a puppy, kitten, rabbit paper, or guinea pig for only A$2 Go home (there are ponies in other states, but not in Victoria).

The scope of this activity includes RSPCA in all regions of Australia except Western Australia and Tasmania. The normal adoption procedure remains unchanged. All adopted animals will be vaccinated and sterilized.

RSPCA was established in London, England in 1842. It is the oldest and most well-known animal welfare organization in the world. RSPCA is not only an animal protection organization, but also sells abandoned pets. When RSPCA receives lost or abandoned animals, they will temporarily adopt these animals, vaccinate them and neuter them, and then sell them to caring adopters at low prices.

Compared to spending directly at the pet shopThousands of dollarsBuy small animals, you only at RSPCASpend 200 yuan to 400 yuan adoption fee, You can get back a healthy pet. RSPCA has already covered all the expenses for you, such as:

Sterilization from $91

Implant chip $39

Vaccines start at $83

Pet hospital check $65

The rest includes dental ($250), X-ray ($500), and even surgery costs (over $1000)

So in Australia, people have always advocatedUse adoption instead of buying and selling!

RSPCA Victoria’s official Facebook posted some photos of the animals to be adopted. Looking at these cute and poor children, I can’t help feeling distressed: how much they want a warm home!

However, although the monetary cost of adoption is very low, and the price of adoption in this event is as low as $29, the original intention was never for"Low price clearance", Because the money and energy you spend subsequently on raising pets is definitely not a substitute for the hundreds of dollars saved in adoption fees. I hope everyone will think carefully so that these little animals have the opportunity to be accepted by more caring people into a warm home .

As these netizens call for, don’t buy a responsibility you can’t afford because of impulse and greed for freshness:

"Please do not buy pets at a low price and then abandon them. Pets are also life. We have two dogs, and this will be their permanent home. One of them was abandoned by the previous owner (and this owner Now I have another pet), and the other is a stray dog ​​we picked up on the side of the road."

"Don't buy small animals home just because they are cheap. They are all lives, and shouldn't be thrown away when you don't want or feel'inconvenient'. Keeping pets is responsible for their life."

"This makes me very uneasy. Why sell animals to people who buy them just because they are cheap? I hope these little animals will have a good home."

I sincerely hope that everyone who intends to adopt animals will consider carefully, because what you want to take home is not an "item" worth $29, but a life equal to our human beings. In addition to economic ability, they need more It is your love, patience and sense of responsibility.

Adapted from "RSPCA"


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