Recently, a mother in Australia received a list of stationery prepared by the school for the back-to-school season. I was shocked!This is simply a dizzying list!

According to the "Daily Mail" report, this lengthy list contains 22 items, which not only have specific color and brand requirements, but also directly stipulate that a certain product must be purchased.

The list includes solid glue, pencils, compasses, protractors, rulers, markers and other stationery.

We can see thatThe requirements for stationery in this school are almost harsh!

Such as glue:

The school’s requirement is "A4 PVC 2D 25MM ASST" and it cannot be black!

The calculator is SLD-200N Pocket 8 Digit;

The folder must be A4 PVC ASSTD;

Even the compasses are marked "Micador Safety 325"!

Only one pen is not enough, there must be blue, red, black and 0.4mm!

The pencil also has the Staedtler brand.

The mother who received the list complained on Facebook--

"I can’t watch it! It’s not the first time I have received something like this.5rd yearUp! "

"I'm going crazy looking for these stationery in Officeworks!"

"Why do my 10-year-old children have to have such a requirement for markers? Where are the Micador Safety compasses? What is Micador?"

The mother also said that last year’s stationery was enough350 Australian dollars!

Not only this mother, but many parents in Australia are also facing such a list of sky-high price stationery, such as a mother Jane in Sydney.

Jane's 8-year-old child is attending Catholic school, and the school has asked,Every child in the new school year has to have a 500 AUD latest iPad

The school’s explanation is that only the latest iPad can use the software that the teacher uses in the classroom.

In other words, this iPad must be completely owned by the child and cannot be shared with parents or siblings, because the child can use it at all times in school.

Jane feels worried: "I safely support the penetration of technology into learning, but my concern is not just buying a new iPad... butGive this iPad to an 8-year-old boySooner or later, it will definitely break, and then I have to buy a new one. "

The price of the iPad plus the price of other stationery,The total price is almost thousands of Australian dollarsNow!

The same situation is happening in New Zealand. Parents there have to prepare tissue boxes, emergency supplies, ID cards, earphones, USB, mouse, and even pay for the common items in the classroom.

With rising prices, thousands of children can only seek help from non-profit organizations like The Smith Family.


"When I was young, I only had a pen and a folder with some paper in it. I think I ended up fine."

"To be honest, I don't think 8 year olds need or should have iPads"

"My daughter's school provided a list with prices. I only need to pay online, and the school will give the children the stationery at the beginning of school. I don't need to shop and only paid $84. Fortunately!"

"When I was studying... many years ago... If you catch anything like a calculator, you will die. You need to solve those math problems yourself."

"Haha, the list is not crazy, just standard pens, etc. Do you think the teacher will buy it for you? You don’t have to buy that brand, they are just the best among them. If you buy another brand, the school won’t stop it. If you use the .ipad, it’s more troublesome because the government is implementing science and technology courses, but the school can’t afford to buy so many iPads, so they ask parents to buy them. But I know they have a solution, just buy the cheapest one. "

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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