March is the highest month of the year in Melbourne! Carnivals, fashion weeks, international sports events... various large-scale events throughout the year in other countries, Melbourne in March will let you experience it all~

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival

Date: 3.1-3.18

Location: Royal Exhibition Building & Carlton Gardens

The biggest fashion show in Melbourne every year is VAMFF. The two-week fashion show will present a feast of vision and creativity to all fashion lovers. Australian local designers such as Alice McCall, Dion Lee, Scanlan Theodore, who are internationally renowned, will all make their appearances. You want to know The latest Australian fashion trends are here!


Yoga in the Sky

Date: 3.3-3.10

Location: The Rooftop at QT, 133 Russel St VIC3000

Melburnians’ love for yoga is beyond imagination. They can stretch their bodies and spirits almost wherever possible, whether it’s the seaside or the roof. On the first two Saturdays of March, on the roof of the designer creative hotel QT Melbourne in the CBD, Bender, a yoga brand from Los Angeles, will lead everyone in the busy urban life to find a rare tranquility.

Tickets: $ 39


Brunswick Music Festival

Date: 3.4-3.18

Location: Sydney Rd, between Union & Victoria St

Brunswick Music Festival is now in its 30th year! This is the oldest music festival in the city of Melbourne. Anyone who loves music should not miss this happy super party: Alter Jazz, Banana Lightning, Emilee South, The CB3... You will enjoy all of them here. Isn’t it tempting to perform various bands/singers? ? ?


Moomba Festival 2018

Date: 3.9-3.12

Location: Alexandra Gardens and Birrarung Marr

Need more introduction? The largest community carnival in Australia, I will meet you again on this Labour Day holiday! This is a paradise where everyone from toddlers to the elderly can have fun, eating, drinking, and having fun. The Birdman Rally and the fireworks displayed every night are the most not-to-miss climaxes of the carnival. This holiday is not destined to let You used it to sleep at home!


Marvel Avengers STATION

Date: 3.15-4.22

Location: The Paddock, Federation Square VIC3000

The Avengers appear in Federation Square. Are Melbourne's Marvel fans ready? ! In this interactive experience station for Marvel fans around the world, you can personally experience the "daily life" of your favorite superhero. This is the first experiential smart scene in the world that interacts with the scene through the exclusive iPod built-in app. Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and other reunion teams will all appear in your mind. The opportunity for superheroes to get in touch with each other is unique!

Ticket price: adults $35-$42, children $23-$28


Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Date: 3.16-3.25

Location: Around Melbourne, VIC3000

The foodie capital Melbourne has a variety of food festivals from the beginning to the end of the year, but none of them is bigger and more attractive than the Food & Wine Festival in the CBD and the Yarra River, because it is gathered here. The most and most well-known food stalls and wine brands, as well as the beautiful scenery of the river and the wonderful performances of street artists, really live up to the reputation of the world's most livable city!


Wine and Cheese Fest

Date: 3.17

Location: 5 Blackwood St, North Melbourne VIC3051

Cheese is power!If you are with its best partner wine, it is simply the best in the world!The Wine & Cheese Fest, which has been held for the sixth year, is of course not just a food festival for eating, drinking and drinking. It is also a class to give you a comprehensive understanding of cheese and wine, so that you can learn to taste these two kinds of food through proper matching Delicious.Ticket price: starting at $12.5


Meatstock Festival

Date: 3.17-3.18

Location: Melbourne Showgrounds, Asot Vale VIC 3032

Also on this weekend, carnivores can be fully satisfied. No matter how healthy and healthy we are, we occasionally want to indulge. Let’s choose the day of indulgence in March. You can find the venue for the “Meat Festival” in the distance along with the smell of barbecue. Just think about it. , The saliva can no longer be contained... Ticket price: from $35


Diamond Dogs

Date: 3.18

Location: Park Hyatt Melbourne, 1 Parliament Square VIC3002

As a major event of VAMFF, this "Dog Show" can be described as eye-catching! The models took catwalks, and these dogs wore the latest models designed for themselves by well-known designers and took a "dogwalk" on the show floor. I wonder what an interesting scene would be? After the show, the clothes worn by dogs will be auctioned off, and the auction proceeds will be donated to Guide Dogs Australia. Ticket price: from $50


Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Date: 3.21-3.25

Location: Royal Exhibition Building & Carlton Gardens

The Melbourne International Garden Show, created by the best gardeners and gardeners in Australia, will have its most splendid appearance at the end of March. During the five-day exhibition, professional planting craftsmen will show you comprehensive planting knowledge and science popularization of flowers and plants on the spot. Walking in a sea of ​​colorful flowers is an activity that everyone expects from this show. It will undoubtedly be the four seasons. The most delicate and perfect epitome of blooming Melbourne. URL:

F1 2018 Australian Grand Prix

Date: 3.22-3.25

Location: Albert Park, Melbourne VIC3000

Are racing fans ready? The Formula One World Championship is about to kick off a new year in Melbourne! The first black driver in F1 history to win the U.S. Grand Prix last season, Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes, Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari, and the world’s top racers will all be With their team debut, Melbourne, which just ended the Australian Open, is about to enter the carnival of sports events again!


Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Date: 3.28-4.22

Location: Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne VIC3000

Sometimes I can’t help being curious: how do Melburnians become so happy and humorous and laugh every day? Probably in this "International Comedy Festival" (randomly translated xp) we can find a trace of answers. For nearly a month, Town Hall will welcome comedians from all over the world, bringing all Melburnians a source of joy for a whole year. Perhaps you will experience it once and you will never say that you don’t understand Australians. That's humorous!



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