After so many birthdays, participated in various festivals, I must have received such a copyUniversal gift: chocolate!Including every time as long as one holiday, you can always see a variety of chocolate promotions:

Valentine's Day,Give chocolate.Anniversary,Give chocolate.birthday party,Give chocolate.Christmas,Give chocolate...

Even come to visit,You can still give chocolates.

To know,Imported chocolate has now become a souvenir for various occasions and festivals.Some brands of chocolate are positioned as high-end, to some extent they are "luxury".

There are so many foreign chocolates, not all chocolates can be called "premium".Some of the most famous chocolate brands are often from Europe, such as Switzerland and Belgium. Why is that?

First of all, cocoa beans are the predecessor of all chocolates. All chocolates need to use the cocoa powder ground from it and the cocoa butter extracted from it.The cacao tree is very picky about the growing environment. It mainly grows in some tropical areas (South America and West Africa) at 10 degrees north and south latitudes. Switzerland and Belgium do not have such conditions.

but! Switzerland and Belgium have made historic progress in promoting the development of chocolate.The Swiss invented the world's first milk chocolate by inventing the mixing technology, including later the famous "Swiss Triangle Chocolate" that everyone loves to eat.

Subsequently, Switzerland expanded its production scale and exported a large number of chocolates to all parts of the world. With the promotion of the Swiss, the production and consumption of chocolate worldwide have skyrocketed since the end of the 19th century, and various innovative chocolate flavors have emerged in an endless stream. At that time, the level of love far exceeded coffee and tea.Switzerland not only led the chocolate craze, but also became a chocolate kingdom.

Belgium has always been famous for its exquisite chocolate craftsmanship. The popular sandwich chocolates, sauce chocolates, truffle chocolates... are all invented by Belgians.Belgians are also quite skilled in the preparation methods of different forms of chocolate, which is difficult to surpass.

This is the raw material of chocolate,Cocoa beans. It doesn't have any sweetness in itself, and it will not make people fat and addictive post-production processing.

Common types of chocolate

Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate

The most common chocolate flavor is also the most popular one.This chocolate has a relatively low cocoa content. The lower the cocoa content, the sweeter the chocolate, and generally speaking, the easier it is to grow fat.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate also has different classifications according to the cocoa content, which also includes high-purity dark chocolate.dark chocolateThe color is generally darker rather than black. The sweetness is lower than that of ordinary chocolate, and the cocoa content is relatively high, but it is also healthier by comparison.

White Chocolate

The sweetest chocolate, white chocolate is completely freeCocoa powder, chocolate containing only cocoa butter,It is milky white because it is made from natural edible oils obtained from cocoa beans. In other words, cocoa butter is a fat product that is squeezed out and separated in the process of making cocoa. Strictly speaking, white chocolate is not chocolate.

Flavored Chocolate Flavored Chocolate

As the name suggests, a variety of flavors are added to the chocolate to make chocolates of different flavors.Common flavors are: matcha, mint, rum... exotic flavors are: pepper, shiitake mushroom, cinnamon, cucumber, cheese...

Nut &Cereal Chocolate Nut & Cereal Chocolate

Peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, oatmeal, biscuits...all can be combined with chocolate,The taste is not against the harmony. This chocolate is also the favorite of countless foodies.

Fruit Chocolate Fruit Chocolate

Almond chocolate with a little dried fruit,The taste is almost improved by another level.

Liquor Chocolate

A few bonbons are usually enough. If you eat too much, you will not only get tired, but may also be drunk?Many are made with spirits. Common wine hearts: whiskey, rum, red wine, mojito...

Chocolate Truffle

Although it is called truffle chocolate, there is no truffle in it, but it looks like a truffle.It is made with a special low-melting chocolate method, coated with a layer of chocolate powder.

After talking for a long time, do you look greedy, then follow the editor to have a lookAustralian boutique chocolate shop.

Mörk Chocolate

The hot chocolate drink in this store is definitely the "treasure of the town shop". There are four flavors of hot chocolate, from the basic mixed hot chocolate (50% cocoa powder) to the "dark hot chocolate" (85% cocoa powder).You can choose your own taste. Of course, when drinking hot cakes, the marshmallows in the catering are definitely the finishing touch, which will upgrade your warmth.

Address: 150 Errol St, North Melbourne


This is a shop specializing in chocolate."Xocolat"l stands for "chocolate" in Aztec. The owner also puts his love for chocolate shops into his own products, and currently has three branches in Melbourne.The passenger flow is constant. It is no exaggeration to say that every chocolate in this store is worth trying.


Cacao Lab

The storefront is quite literary and heartwarming, and you will be attracted inexplicably just by passing by. People who have been there say it is cost-effective and tastes good.Mainly all kinds of handmade chocolates, macarons and other pastries. In addition, the handmade chocolates in this shop have also won awards.

Address: Driver Lane, Melbourne


This brand must be familiar to many people. In the past, everyone would give Ferrero as a gift, but with the improvement of the economy, more and more people would choose to give Godiva chocolates.As for how popular this chocolate is-since 1968, Godiva has become a chocolate brand for the royal family of Belgium, known as the "most expensive chocolate" and "Rolls Royce in chocolate". Including many celebrities who are loyal fans of this chocolate shop...

Address: 287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia

The Ministry of Chocolate

This chocolate shop focuses on "Mind", each chocolate is made with its own exclusive technology, and then sells a novel feeling.From chocolate eggs to chocolate slabs, every bite you eat has a strong feeling, the quality is guaranteed, the materials are high-quality, and you are not confused at all.

Address: 1361 High St, Malvern

Pana Chocolate

The simple, generous and recyclable packaging has become the most obvious sign of this store. Many people may have seen this chocolate because it is sold in stores in Australia, Europe, and the United States.Its adherence to the principle of hand-made pure natural organic chocolate makes it stand out from many competitors. Not only did “Vegetarian Chocolate” have been launched, this shop once had a popular white chocolate cheesecake Pana Pop that was so hot.

Address: 491 Church St, Richmond


Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth have this store, including many supermarkets also have chocolate products in this store, which shows that the strength is also quite powerful.This store can be said to be a leader in chocolate brands. If you want to give chocolate souvenirs, this store is the first choice for many people. There are not only chocolate gift boxes, but also physical stores in many places (such as Chadston). Why not sit down and have a glass of iced chocolate.


Monsieur Truffe

Hei Qiao loyal fans can see here. Although this shop looks shameless, its chocolates will surely conquer you with strength.All fine cocoa beans are selected, even if the black chocolate concentration is as high as 75%, the taste is not that bitter.

Address: Monsieur Truffe factory and store, 351 Lygon St, East Brunswick

Cioccolato Lombardo

Attica, Melbourne’s most delicious high-end restaurant, must be heard by everyone.If the chef at Attica has a special liking for the chocolate in this store and puts the chocolate products in this store on his menu, would you like to give it a try?Professionals say yes, it must be really good.

Address: In Prahran Market 163 Commercial Rd, South Yarra

Gânache Chocolate

This store has won many awards for its own chocolate products. It has also opened two branches in Melbourne. One is in the CBD and the other is in South Yarra. For the choice of address, it is also more enthusiastic about the population and high consumption area. .Recommend their cinnamon hot chocolate. Of course, there are also a variety of chocolate choices such as gift packs, gift boxes, and single purchases, which are suitable for souvenirs.

Address: 250 Toorak Rd, South Yarra

245 Collins St, Melbourne

Chokolait Hub

According to the fact that the raw materials of this store are all from Belgium, we know that the quality is extraordinary.The address is Emporium. When you’re tired of shopping, you might as well come here to find a cup of hot chocolate that suits your taste, and enjoy a quiet afternoon tea. The chocolate series products are diverse, sweet but not greasy.

Address: The Emporium Store 342 Level 3 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Hash Specialty Coffee

A must-visit hot shop in Melbourne,Although the combination of marshmallows and Reqiao store makes people feel very sweet at first glance, but for the beauty and novelty, you can't help but take a look.

Address: 113 Hardware Street, CBD, Melbourne, VIC

Hahndorf's Fine Chocolates

This shop has more than 40 kinds of chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, flavored chocolate, dark chocolate...Basically all types of chocolate can be bought in this store, including the chili-flavored chocolate that "sounds weird and tastes good".

Address: 99 Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn East


Not only is the name of this store close to the people, but the price is also very close to the people. The seemingly simple packaging, in fact, a lot of work has been done in color matching.Their chocolate candies are colorful, and they are definitely the favorite of children and girls.

Address: 6 Degraves St, Melbourne VIC3000

Haigh's Chocolates

This shop is Australia’s oldest family-owned chocolate maker. The raw materials used are carefully selected. There are as many as 200+ types of chocolate. Its almond chocolate is a must-see. Everyone who has eaten it says it is good.Of course, their chocolate also sells holiday gift boxes.

Address: 26 Collins Street, VIC, 3000

East Elevation

The owner of this shop is an avid chocolate lover, you can ask him if you want to know more about chocolate.There are many kinds of cocoa beans in this store. According to different cocoa beans, different flavors of chocolate are made. In addition, you can also take a chocolate making course here and do it yourself for your loved one.

Address: 351 Lygon St Brunswick East

Zero Gradi

The owner was originally a well-known chef in the pizza industry. After two years, he specialized in ice cream making and then chose to open his own shop.There are 18 flavors of chocolate, even the "faucet" is filled with chocolate, so you can eat enough at a time.

Address: 93-97 Lygon Street, Brunswick East 3057

New year year,Everyone must be like chocolatesweet!


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